Looking For The Best Lock For An Electric Scooter? Check Out Our Guide!


Because foldable electric scooters may be taken anywhere, you no longer need to use a heavy-duty padlock or shackle to secure your scooter. There are plenty of folding e-scooters that collapse in only one click and offer significant benefits over other bulkier motorized vehicles, such as electric bikes, motorcycles, and mopeds. However, in certain situations, folding your scooter and hiding it under your arm may not be straightforward. If that’s the case, here are the most frequent sorts of lock for electric scooters, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

Types of Locks For Electric Scooters

1. Chain Locks

In terms of strength and security, chain locks are superior to cable locks. They’re difficult to remove with basic wire cutters. Obviously, bolt cutters and hacksaws can help you, but they’ll take a long time. Remember to secure your electric scooter to something before putting it in the back of a van.

To prevent pickpockets from snatching your scooter by jamming tools into the chain, keep it high off the ground. If you have an electric scooter with a seat, invest in a durable, hardened chain lock that can be quickly installed in the top box or beneath the seat.

It’s difficult to get around on scooters with large wheels, but they are more long-lasting and will most certainly secure your scooter to a fixed object. Furthermore, because they take time to cut, the likelihood of a thief stealing it is quite low.

2. U-locks

U-locks are named for their distinctive “U” form, which is ideal for looping around bike frames and bike chains, among other things.

They are popular, but they may also be utilized for a range of purposes, such as electric scooters. Attach your electric scooter’s deck to a bike rack or other secure location. Some U-locks have disc locks, chain locks, or cable locks as part of the locking mechanism.

lock for electric scooter

3. Chain Locks

Chimes are superior to cable locks since they are composed of interlinked hardened steel strands. To keep them safe, wrap them in a cloth or plastic to prevent scratches on your electric scooter.

The most appealing feature about this lock is its length and flexibility, which enables it to be linked to a wide range of inextricably linked immovable objects. Some people use the conventional combination lock, while others are more contemporary and utilize an in-built device.

4. Disc Locks

Disc locks, like supermarket carts equipped with anti-theft locking devices that secure the wheels when they go outside of the store parking lot—effectively immobilizing them—can help to prevent your scooter from being stolen. You can’t roll your scooter if you use wheel locks.

Some superior-grade disc locks come with built-in security alarms for additional safety. Of course, securitizing the wheel to prevent your scooter from being used does not ensure that it cannot be lifted and stolen by a potential criminal.

For those who travel with little scooters that can be readily carried, chain locks and U-locks with integrated disc locks may be a superior alternative to stand-alone disc locks.

5. Grip locks

A grip lock is the most effective way to keep your electric scooter safe from theft. They are generally hung from the handlebar of your electric scooter and pull on the brakes, forcing it to stop. Wouldn’t it be strange if a thief dragged an electric scooter down the street? We do think so! However, relying only on this lock is not recommended.

Best Lock For Your Electric Scooter

1. Titanker Bike Lock

A keyway that is compatible with this lock has been designed especially for it and comes with a pair of keys for an extra layer of security. This prevents other purchasers of the same lock from obtaining a key to yours. And it’s super easy to easy too! Simply push the ends of the lock together until you hear a click to secure it around your scooter. It’s simple to lock and unlock your electric scooter using the key.

The 12mm steel cable is flexible enough to slip through tight gaps when securing your scooter, such as in a fence. Its toughness makes it difficult to cut through, and its PVC topcoat protects it from scratches and rust. The 4′ cable allows you to secure multiple scooters together. 

This modern locking bar is equipped with a strengthened mounting bracket for easier transportation. The keyhole’s waterproof, dustproof covering protects it from damage caused by rain or dust. To boost the lock’s longevity, it’s critical to keep the lock hole and keyhole lubricated on a regular basis.

2. Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7 is next on our list. It’s another excellent investment for e-scooter security and for a good reason. This U-lock is capable of surviving assaults from everything, with the exception of power tools in certain instances.

This large U-shaped scooter lock with a 13 mm harden shackle can withstand bolt cutters and deter a substantial proportion of would-be robbers. This might be a one-stop solution for most persons, measuring 7 inches long.

It’s long enough to lock the frame and wheel of most scooters, not to mention the cut-out edge that makes it even more difficult to remove after cutting.

3. NDakter Bike Lock Cable

This coiling cable has a 5-digit resettable combination in 7 brilliant color options. A 5-digit combination lock is more difficult to break than a traditional 4-digit lock, so you can sleep easy knowing your scooter is protected by an additional level of security. You may simply customize the lock to your own code so you are not locked out due to a forgotten code of 5 random digits.

The braided steel wire is coated in PVC to prevent damage. It can handle 2.4KN tension and 7KN shear force, making it resistant to breaking easily. The 4′ x 1.5″ cable also coils on its own, making packing and transportation simple. The device also includes a mounting bracket, allowing you to attach it to other items and make transporting it even simpler.

Because of its length, you may secure multiple scooters if you have a companion you want to ride with. Alternatively, your scooter can be locked to a thick-trunked tree, a railing, and other study objects.

4. SIGTUNA Bike Locks

These days, a decent pair of bolt cutters is more than enough for any determined thief to steal your electric scooter, unless you have the SIGTUNA Bike Lock. It’s a 16 mm hardened steel lock with an anti-cutting locking mechanism that’s sure to keep even expert thieves at bay.

The SIGTUNA Bike Lock comes with a weather-resistant variant that includes a cable lock for full anti-theft protection while gripping the front wheel. You won’t have to worry about storage since the robust mounting bracket allows you to quickly attach your SIGTUNA Bike lock to your scooter frame. SIGTUNA company is a partner of the popular online casino. One of the distinguishing features of the online casino Brazino777 https://educemil.online is its original design in the style of retro. But you will also be pleasantly surprised by the guaranteed payments via convenient payment methods, a wide range of licensed games and a generous, diverse bonus system (welcome package, freespins for answers in quizzes, cashback, lootboxes, etc.). Sign up for Brazino777 casino and experience all of the above at first hand.

5. New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

The New York Fahgettaboudit Mini features the thickest, shortest shackle, making it the most secure option available. It’s also lighter to carry around in your backpack. The shorter shackle will make locking to a variety of parking fixtures more difficult.

6. Via Velo Heavy Duty U Lock

The Via Velo U lock is robust and long-lasting, and it’s suitable for use in all weather. Its basic appearance belies a lot of security. It is corrosion-resistant and weather-proof thanks to a hexagonal PVC cover that shields it from elements such as rain and snow. In the event that you misplace one, you are also given a replacement key. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can endure any attempts to smash it open.

We’ve covered our top choices for locks for your electric scooter. From the different sorts of locks to even our top recommendations, this is our complete guide. Now, all that you need to do is press that Buy option, and voila! Top-tier security for your electric scooter is on the way!