Hoverboard Troubleshooting not Charging

Hoverboard Troubleshooting not Charging

Does your hoverboard refuse to charge? Check out our guide to easily troubleshoot this common issue. 

Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters is fun way to travel. You may want to use your hoverboard as a green mode of transport, a cool way to commute. No matter how you use your personal transportation vehicle one thing is for certain, they are much more fun to ride than to carry. 


This is why it is important to know your battery level before you go for a ride. In addition to knowing the battery level, keeping your charger at hand and knowing how far your hoverboard can travel on a single charge can help prevent unexpected power loss. 

However, sometimes our hoverboards can throw us for a loop when they refuse to charge. In those instances, we need to troubleshoot to determine exactly what could be causing the problem. 

How to Troubleshoot a Hoverboard that won’t Charge

hoverboard not charging

While it is not always the case, many hoverboard chargers have built in indicators to help you troubleshoot. Take a look at your charging cord to see if there is an indicator light.  While this is not always present on all models, it is often there to help with this common hoverboard issue. 

When you plug your charging cord into an outlet the light should turn green. This is to indicate that the charging cord is functioning properly. If your charging cord has a light but it does not turn green that is your indication that your cord is likely the issue. 

If you have plugged your cord into an outlet and it has turned green it is time to plug it into your hoverboard. Once the cord is plugged into your hoverboard the light should turn red. If the light fails to turn from green to red it could indicate an issue with your charging port. Make sure the charging port is clean and try again. 

This could also indicate that the issue is not within the charging or battery. You can check your battery for a charge using a voltmeter. A fully charged battery is between 36 and 42 volts. If the battery is fully charged then your issue likely lies with the motherboard. This is a fix best left to the professionals. However, if your issue is your battery it is much cheaper just to order a new one and swap it out. Here is a quick video demonstrating how to change the battery in your hoverboard. 

If the light turns red and stays red despite being plugged in for the full charging time it could indicate a more complicated issue within the motherboard. Again, for these more complex issues we suggest contacting your hoverboard’s manufacturer for repair options rather than attempting to fix the issue yourself.

Airwalk Hoverboard Troubleshooting

Airwalk Hoverboard Troubleshooting

Check out these common issues and concerns to troubleshoot your Airwalk Hoverboard

Anyone who viewed the 1989 classic Back to the Future Part II was instantly mesmerized by the possibility of Marty McFly’s ‘hoverboard’ which he used to escape from the ‘bad guys’ in the 2015 of the future. 

While hoverboards don’t yet have the technology to actually hover, (they are actually self-balancing scooters) these personal transportation devices have been picking up popularity among kids and adults alike. 

Like all modern technology, there are also hiccups along the way. One of the best ways to minimize these little annoyances is to familiarize yourself with the owner’s manual before actually riding your hoverboard so you are fully aware of how to operate it safely as well as troubleshoot any potential problems. 

When it comes to the Airwalk Hoverboard, troubleshooting information is a little tougher to find. We were able to find an online user manual, and are also relying on standard best practices for troubleshooting hoverboards to help assist. 

Why Does my Airwalk hoverboard keep beeping? 

There are many reasons why your Airwalk hoverboard may be beeping. You may have reached your maximum speed, be facing an incline beyond your hoverboard’s ability (15 degrees), your hoverboard is tilted forward or backward beyond 15 degrees or your hoverboard has a low battery. 

To remedy this, try moving your hoverboard to a smooth, flat surface and check your Airwalk hoverboard’s battery level. 

How do I recalibrate my Airwalk Hoverboard? 

In some cases, you may need to recalibrate your Airwalk hoverboard in order to stop the beeping and flashing lights. 

The method to recalibrate your Airwalk hoverboard is slightly different than the standard procedure: 

  1. Place your hoverboard on a completely flat surface with both sides aligned. 
  2. Press the power button until you hear a single beep and release. 
  3. The front LED lights will flash blue continuously.
  4. After 5 seconds of continuous blue flashing, hold the power button to turn your hoverboard off. 
  5. Turn the hoverboard back on and it should be ready to ride. 

What does it mean when your Airwalk Hoverboard will not turn on? 

If your Airwalk hoverboard will not turn on, there are several possible reasons and it is beneficial to do some troubleshooting to see if it is an easy fix. 

The first possibility is the easiest to address-your hoverboard needs to be charged. Of course most people will try this option first. However, the issue may lie in your hoverboard’s inability to charge. The issue could lie within the charger, portal or battery itself. The included charging cord will change from green to red to indicate the hoverboard has begun to charge. If the cord fails to change colors it may indicate an issue within the charging cord or portal. 

The charging cord changes from red to green to indicate the hoverboard is fully charged. Standard charging time varies between 2 and 4 hours. If the cord fails to turn green after 4 hours, the issue may lie within the battery of the hoverboard. 

Here is a handy video that gives a step by step guide on how to change the battery on your hoverboard.

If your charging cord indicates that your battery is fully charged, the issue could lie in your motherboard. Once you have determined this may be the issue, we suggest taking your hoverboard to a certified repair shop rather than trying to fix the issue yourself. With the Airwalk Hoverboard a solid red LED light indicates when there is an issue with the system. 

Why is my Airwalk Hoverboard not balancing? 

Sometimes the system is not balancing because you have hit something or possibly bumped your unit and upset the calibration. Try turning your hoverboard off completely and back on to reset. If this does not work, recalibrate your hoverboard by following the instructions found above.

Jetson Hoverboard Troubleshooting

Check out our guide to troubleshoot the common issues with Jetson hoverboards. 

Jetson Hoverboards are a popular choice for a family-friendly hoverboard. With a maximum weight of 220 lbs and speeds up to 13 MPH, Jetson Hoverboards offer something for everyone. 

While charging time with the Jetson is a little on the longer side between 1 and 2 hours, once the battery is charged this hoverboard has staying power! One charge should let you roam about 13 miles. And the 8.5 inch wheels are easily able to withstand potholes and small debris. In addition, this hoverboard is water resistant and comes with a built-in bluetooth speaker and available smartphone app! There is lots to love in this family-friendly hoverboard. 

Yet, just like any model of hoverboard, things can go wrong. Below is our guide to troubleshooting some of the common issues associated with Jetson Hoverboards. 

Jetson V6 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with Powerful 700W Motor, LED Lights, Bluetooth Speaker and UL Certified Safe Battery
  • TWO OF A KIND – Dual hub motors unite to create 700 watts of pure electric power, pushing the V6 to speeds up to 10 mph.
  • PARTY ANIMAL – Play your music with the enhanced Bluetooth speaker, sync the LED lights to the beat, and keep the party going.
  • IT GOES ON AND ON – The powerful lithium-ion battery has a long lasting charge, keeping the V6 going for up to 15 miles.
  • EXTRA FEATURES- Get the free app to choose between 3 different ride modes, track travel time and distance, share your activity with friends, and more.

Why does my Jetson hoverboard keep beeping? 

Normally, your Jetson hoverboard will only beep to indicate a few messages to its user. Your Jetson hoverboard will beep to let you know you have reached your maximum speed. This beep is letting you know to slow down for your own safety. You can adjust your maximum speed on the Jeson smartphone app. 

Your Jetson hoverboard will also beep to let you know your battery is low or your sensor is unstable. To stop the beeping, you will need to charge your battery or recalibrate your hoverboard. 

How Do I Recalibrate my Jetson hoverboard? 

To recalibrate your Jetson hoverboard simply place your hoverboard on a flat surface where both sides are level. Next hold and press the power button for about three seconds. You will notice the lights begin to flash. You can use this method to recalibrate your Jetson hoverboard three times consecutively. If the problem persists, you should contact help@ridejetson.com for further assistance. 

What Does it mean when my Jetson Hoverboard won’t turn on? 

If your hoverboard will not turn on it is usually one of three reasons: an issue with the battery, an issue with the charger or an issue with the motherboard. Of course, the simplest explanation is that your hoverboard needs to be charged. However, if your hoverboard has been charging and you are still unable to turn the hoverboard on, it wards further investigation. 

Take a closer look at the charger. Does the unit light up like it is about to charge and then turn off? The issue could be with your charger. If you suspect the battery may be the issue you are able to check if the battery is charged by using a voltmeter. A fully charged battery will have between 36 and 42 volts. 

If the battery is fully charged, then the issue is likely with the motherboard or wiring. As with both cases, it is important to leave this type of repair up to the professionals. You can contact help@ridejetson.com for further assistance. 

Why is my Jetson hoverboard not balancing? 

When your Jetson hoverboard is not balancing, we recommended turning your unit completely off (not putting it in sleep mode) and restarting it. If your hoverboard is still not balancing properly, you can recalibrate it up to three times consecutively by pressing the power button until the red light starts flashing (about three seconds). But if the issue persists, you can contact help@ridejetson.com for further assistance.