Scooter Era Extreme

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A hoverboard is a board with two self-balancing wheels that can also be described as a battery powered scooter. The batteries used to power the scooter are rechargeable. The typical two-wheeled hoverboard wheels, are placed side by side and connected to two small platforms on which the driver will stand on. The joint feels bridge foot movements with a built-in gyroscopic pad. Electric hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooter can come with all kinds tech fittings including integrated Bluetooth, off-road tires, high speeds, battery life, as well as many other features. This is everything you will get when buying Scooter Era extreme.


  • Bluetooth connectivity – control your Hoverboard with a smartphone or tablet
  • Wireless Speakers – Play Music Directly From Your Aero Tab
  • ​Slim design with oversized wings
  • Fully charged in only 2.5 hours
  • ​15 km of autonomy with a full load
  • Terrestrial, pneumatic shock absorbers
  • ​8.5 “aluminum wheels
  • Two 400 W motors
  • Speed ​​limit 15 km / h
  • IP54 dustproof / waterproof
  • LED lights front and rear – provide lighting


  • This is certified by UL 2272 and has UL holographic label on the bottom of the product that will demonstrate it. Also listed in the UL Online Certification Directory. Talk of assurance then Scooter Era Extreme has ensured you get all that in one.
  • Prima case: The ScooterEra Extreme case is a decent model. It has a high quality pocket for easy and safe transportation. If you are beginner the Scooter Era Extreme is the best scooter to start with as it will ensure you have a great time as a beginner and you will be assured of better safety standards.
  • ​Has three reading modes for learning, standard and advanced, which allows you to start in any way that allows you to feel comfortable and move forward when you feel safe.
  • Improved Robustness as it is made weather resistant water will not affect its functionality. Meaning you can take it across the street, on the road and puddles without having to worry that it might stop functioning.
  • It has ScooterEra application which is versatile application that supports both iOS and Android, the app makes it easy and fun to follow your route, battery status, speed and more monitor. NO getting lost while you riding Scooter Era Extreme.
  • You can cover 15km on full charge this is great distance, as you will be able to probably go to work with it on full charge.
  • Its slim design is perfect as you will not need space for storage or to carry it, hence its portability is much easy.
  • Reduced charging time, compared to SE One which charges for 3 good hours the Scoot Era Extreme only takes two hours and 30 minutes to charge. Meaning you will take less time waiting for it to charge so you can embark on your journey.
  • ​It can cover up to 15 km per hour, again this is great improvement if you compare it with SE One which only cover 10 km per hour. So if you looking to travel fast on two wheels then Scooter Era Extreme is the one for you.
  • The motors are extra powerful compared to the SE One and they are double hence ensuring it maintains the performance for long.
  • ​It is strong and durable as it has aluminum wheels measuring 8.5 inches, this will ensure that you go through rough terrains with much more ease and faster.
  • Oversized wings designed to prevent water from splashing on the rider as you speed through potholes that might have water or during rainy season you won’t have to worry of water being splashed on you.
  • You can ride the Scooter Era Extreme at night as it has LED lights on both front and back for better visibility by other riders and the front lights also help you see where you are heading. This is a great tech that the SE One lacked.
  • You can ride it through rough terrain and you will not break it or feel uncomfortable as it has strong shock absorbers to neutralize all that vibration and ensure you have a smooth ride.


  • Still the charging time is a bit longer, which also will limit on how often you can use the Scooter Era Extreme. So if you want to charge faster at every stop you won’t be able as you will have to wait for good two and a half hours.
  • You can only cover 15 km on a single charge this is a setback compared to SE One which you could cover a distance of up to 20 km on single charge.
  • It is a bit costly as it goes for around $449.00. This expensive for most people and not everyone will be willing to spend that much on a hoverboard.


The ScooterEra Extreme is the Cadillac of hoverboards with Bluetooth connectivity, powerful, speed and robust feature set. Things like speed, size and weight, etc. are all the additional cost of this scooter and makes it one of the best scooters in the market today. Very few will be able to own the Scooter Era Extreme as it is a bit pricey. But at about $ 449.00, it is certainly still affordable if you value safety and performance. With all these amazing tech features such as IOS and Android support system, Bluetooth functionality and an excellent LED lights, it won’t be fair to just look solely to price, but try to look at its distinctive amazing tech features. For example very few scooter as of today have LED light that will allow you to roll the scooter at night and others times when there is poor visibility. Truly the Scooter Era Extreme is undoubtedly a great scooter to own and the best electric scooter for both on and off the road ride.

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