Scooter Era 1

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Hoverboards are transport devices and as such will be exposed to many other vibrations and shocks, it is recommended to choose from the best manufacturers who are certified by UL 2272 to ensure optimum safety while at the same time enjoying your ride. UL 2272 is the body that certifies all hoverboards. Any hoverboard that has a legitimate UL 2272 is absolutely secure. Therefore, I recommend only hoverboards that are UL2272 certified. SE One by the ScooterEra has UL2272 certification, so you will be sure that if you buy this product your safety is guranteed.


  • Has Lithium-ion which is UL 2272 certified, this battery will not explode on any circumstance, hence you are guaranteed of a safer ride and charge.
  • Fully charged in 3 hours. The Scooter Era 1 takes a short time to be charged if you just woke up in the morning and you want to go for a ride but you forgot to charge it all you need is to plug it on a power source by the time you done having your shower and breakfast the hoverboard will be fully charged.
  • ​The SE One can cover an Area of ​​20 km on full charge
  • ​Elegant design with chrome rims
  • ​6-inch wheels with rubber tires
  • 350W two motors
  • 10 km / h Maximum speed


  • UL Certified battery: If the battery is UL Certified then you do not need to worry of it exploding or losing its charge before you cover your distance. The certification ensures that you get a quality product and guaranteed ride for up to the recommended time.
  • Hoverboard weight is 22 pounds making it much easier carry. At 22 pounds even a 5 year old kid can carry it for you. If you own this scooter you will not need to worry about how to transport it or how to carry it with you as you can easily lift it up and walk with it for a great distance without you even noticing any difference. Carrying SE One is just like carrying your laptop.
  • ​Entire hoverboard is UL certified. It is not just some parts of the scooter that are certified but the entire scooter is UL certified, this guarantees you that if you buy this product you are buying a high quality scooter that will serve you without breaking in a short while.
  • ​UL certified charger. The charger of Scooter Era 1 is certified too, this means that the charging system will not have any default that will later lead to explosion of the battery or resulting to power loss in just a few minutes after charge.
  • ​Max. The weight capacity is 264 lbs. Compared to many hoverboards out there the SE One is among the best as it can carry much weight on it and still you will be able to ride it at a top speed.
  • It costs only $ 299.99. This is the cheapest scooter of all plus it has a superb functionality, at $ 299.99 you will not need to break the bank to buy it, almost anyone can afford it.
  • ​Has two motors system, this is a great feature given that the Scooter Era 1 can carry a weight of up to 264 Ibs then it is proper that it was fitted with this two motors so as to enable the hoverboard move faster.
  • ​The Scooter Era 1 has a great speed of up to 10km per hour. This is too fast for a two wheel ride, you will be able cover much distance on this scooter as compared to some of the scooters out there.
  • It has the sleekest design as it has chrome rims. This design makes you feel comfortable and you will be to attract more attention as you pass at any place as it is easily noticeable from a distance.
  • ​If you worry that the charge will be over before you reach your destination, then not with this scooter as the Scooter Era 1 can cover up to 20km on a single charge. 20km is a great deal of distance you will be probably be able to ride it to work or campus and back home without needing to recharge it.
  • It charges faster than most of the scooters on the market. The Scooter Era 1 will only take approximately 3 hours to be fully charged this is convenient especially if you will be covering great distance and you will only be stopping for a short break. Also 3 hours charging time is short enough to ensure that if you charging it at night you will not need to leave it to charge overnight as that might damage your battery.
  • ​Its six inches rubber tire are design to ensure the scooter Era 1 moves smoothly even on bumpy road or rough terrain you will not have any difficulty riding through.
  • The Scooter Era 1 is versatile as it can be used by bought adults and kids this has been made possible due to its light weight and strongest body that enable it to support much heavier riders.


  • Charging time is still much longer, 3 hours’ time of charging will limit you from using it much often as you will only be able to charge twice a day hence you will not be able to use as often as you might have wished.
  • You will not be able to ride it at night as it has no lights to enable you see the road at night properly or even to seen by others. So if you buy this scooter you will only use it during the day.


At such low price and the kind of performance you will be getting it is a good scooter if you are a beginner on two wheel ride experience plus the fact that it can support up to 264 Ibs, this means you can buy it for the use of everyone in your family and this will save on your spending as you will only buy one instead of buying for everyone in the family.

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