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Learning how to ride a self-balancing scooter starts by placing yourself next to something sturdy that you can hold to keep your balance for when you might fall.

You won’t, but better safe than sorry.

Some things that work well:

  • A car/truck
  • A handicap rail
  • A fence line.

If you have to, you can use a friend, but I wouldn’t recommend that.

Also, make sure that you have a clear path without any obstacles. The last thing you want is to hit something and wipe out.

To get on, put one foot on the spot on the board and then transfer your center of gravity from where it was when you were standing on the ground and lift yourself all the way on the scooter and put your other foot on the board.

It’s like stepping up to the next step on a staircase.

Chill. You’re Almost Done Learning to Ride a Hoverboard


Take a moment and visit the hoverboard blog.

You’re allowing your body to adjust to the fact that you’re not standing on the ground.

It takes your body about 30 seconds to change. I recommend just holding there for about a minute to adjust fully.

While you’re sitting there learning how to ride a self-balancing scooter think of how much fun this is going to be.

Oh, by the way. You paid your health insurance, right?

Mwa ha ha ha!

P.S. Also, you are wearing your proper safety gear?

Kids might be able to get away with falling and bouncing back up with no injuries. The rest of us are getting a bit older and might not be able to recover as easily.

See this link from the about scooter safety and here’s the proper safety gear for hoverboarding.

Learn How To Ride a Self Balancing Scooter

Baby steps first, then you can haul ass!


You Must Have Balance, Daniel-san if You’re Going to Learn How to Ride a Self-Balancing Scooter.

You’ve mastered standing in one spot hopefully by now, so it’s time to test yourself and move on to trying to move.

You’re going to need to slowly lean forward a bit while still holding on to your trusty source from step 1.

The board is going to move a bit; you’re just trying to move a couple of inches now, not zoom across the room.

Using your trusty sturdy object to support you get a feel for how it feels while you shift your balance.

Just kind of scoot yourself along your sturdy spot.


As you get comfortable with moving, you can gradually move away from your sturdy place. (Look at you, wearing those big boy pants.)

You may wobble a bit, but in my experience, it just takes one “Whoa” before you’ve got the hang of riding a hoverboard safely.


We don’t have all day, get a move on, I want to try riding it too. Shift your weight around a little more in the direction that you want to go. Try moving on the uneven ground and different surfaces.

That’s it; you’ve got this. You’re like a little bird, all grown up and flying out of the nest. Hope you have a good time. I’ll see you later. I’ve got to write an epic article.

What do you mean you want to get off of it? This is just a guide on learning how to ride a hoverboard.

If you promise to share this article on any of the social networks, I guess I can find it in my heart to teach you how to get off of it. Oh, dinner and a movie would help too.


Getting off a self-balancing scooter is pretty much the opposite of the way that you got on it. Now that you can zoom around, zoom back to your sturdy spot.

You’ll only need to do this for the first time. Grab hold of your sturdy spot, and slowly slide a foot off of the scooter and to the ground.  Be sure to step forward, not backwards.  Anecdotal reports have me teaching people to step forward; it seems to be much easier that way.

Remember, the way the scooter works is that it accelerates more the more it tilts off being level. So keep your weight centered and balanced and step down.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a hoverboard yet, why are you waiting? Our Guides page has helpful guides to scooters.

Hopefully, you have survived today’s death-defying adventure learning how to ride a self-balancing scooter.  I hope you were able to make it without hurting yourself or your hoverboard.

5 Ways To Ride a Self-balancing Scooter Like a Pro!

When things get really interesting, however, is right after you get comfortable with the normal way to ride a hands free segway. It is then that you start looking for tricks and new, innovative ways to ride. You need not look no further. In this article, we will present you 5 ways to ride a hands free segway that will drop your friends’ jaws to the floor with surprise. Let us get down to the specifics.


Everyone can learn to ride a hoverboard on their feet, but how many have you seen doing so on their knees? Our first recommendation is that you practice riding like that. Imagine your hoverboard is like Aladdin’s magic carpet and you’ve got the right idea. The basic position is that that you get down on your knees, using your shins and feet as anchor. Start raising your feet off one by one, until you are comfortable enough to lift them off completely, balancing solely on your knees. If you master this, you will look as if you are floating on the ground. Impressive, right?


This one is a little bit more difficult to master, but if you get it right you will be able to glide left and right gracefully, in a way that is nothing like you usually see. To get started, sit on one end of your hands free segway while counterbalancing your feet on the opposite side’s pad. You should bend your knees and keep them facing up. Pressing down with your heels, slowly lean backword and forwards. You will need to find your rhythm, but as soon as you do, your hoverboard will start gliding back and forth – but considering your stance, it will be as if you are going left and right.


It is relatively easy to learn the basics of hoverboard riding, but few people learn how to seamlessly implement spinning to their movement. Mastering this kind of maneuver will allow you to change direction easy and efficiently and pretty much improve your hands free segway game in all ways possible. After you’ve learned how to position yourself on your device and learned how to move around without falling, you are ready to learn spinning. The technique is easy, but you might need some practice at first. Essentially, what you need to do is position most of your body weight on one foot. The device will spin towards the direction: Press on your right foot, and you spin right. Press on the left, and you spin left.

A Girl Riding A Self Balancing Board Gyroscooter


There is a second way to spin on your hoverboard that is much more advanced and much more impressive than the basic one we just described. This is more of a trick to impress your friends than an inherently useful way to ride your segway, but we will mention it nonetheless. We know you want to look impressive after all. The movement starts the same: You press down on the footpad towards the direction you wish to spin. The difference is that this time your other foot won’t stay stationary. You will move it over the other foot while you are spinning, effectively commencing the so called one sided spin. This one is going to be hard to get right.


If you went this far, then we know you are a champion. This is not for the feint of heart. The goal is to basically ride your device with your hands, while your feet are balancing on the air. Think of it like a handstand, of sorts. We highly recommend that you build up to doing normal handstands on the ground first. You will find that there is a big strength component involved, let alone extreme levels of core strength and balance in this move. That being said, if you finally do manage to balance yourself on your hoverboard, while keeping your feet in the air as if in a handstand, well, you can put it into your CV: You are a master hands free segway rider. We salute you.


No matter what anyone tells you, you can get hurt when first getting started on your riding. In our every day lives, we do not usually work on our balance to the levels required to be a successful rider. It is only natural – but that doesn’t mean you should just go with it and injure yourself. We recommend that you invest in some elbow and knee pads, to protect you while you are still in the learning phase.

Our single best tip to get you started is to be bold. You will feel a lot of hesitation while starting to learn all these new ways we showed you. It will be hard and you might feel dumb as stone when you fail to do even some “basic” movements. The trick is to stay with it and be resilient. Try to be as smooth as possible, eliminate sharp movement and eventually you will improve.

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