HiBoy S2 Vs HiBoy Max Review, Battle Of The Titans

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The original and most popular electric scooter brand. We’re excited to welcome Hiboy e-scooters to our family! As a popular commuter and foldable e-scooter model, Hiboy electric scooters are now industry standards.

The Hiboy electric scooter collection consists of two best-selling versions, the Hiboy S2 electric scooter and the Hiboy Max electric scooter. With these long-range and high-speed e-scooter versions, Hiboy electric scooters have nailed their target audience, ensuring that your charge is appropriate for all commuter distances and that the scooter is foldable and lightweight enough to be taken on the go under supervision.

The Hiboy E-scooter is a top-selling commuter electric scooter that has also received the seal of approval from students. See why riders love the Hiboy e-scooter to commute to and from their destination, especially when it’s so much more cost-effective and at greater value! What’s not to adore? So here’s our review on the HiBoy S2 Vs HiBoy Max.

Hiboy S2

The S2 Pro is a very pleasant ride. You can engage in long-distance travel on this scooter for extended periods of time without feeling weary or worn out thanks to a dual-shock system. This is a feature that all electric scooters should have, but it isn’t available on all models.

The S2 Pro’s firm, resilient alloy springs are to thank for their comfort and support. And it’s due to this that riders who weigh up to 260 pounds can ride on this scooter. As a result, the S2 Pro is suitable for a wide range of people.

In addition to the excellent shock, Hiboy went for large, 10-inch solid tires. They have great traction on the road and never require air or replacement. Pneumatic tires are less reliable than solid ones because they are prone to puncture.

Another advantage of the S2 Pro is its battery life, which gives you plenty of riding time without requiring as often as other scooters to be charged. In fact, you may travel up to 30 miles before needing to plugin. Because there are so many electric scooters with comparable ranges, this is a significant benefit.

The S2 Pro’s 36-volt, 11.4Ah lithium-ion battery is the reason behind all of this power and speed. And it’s allowing to its massive 36V, 11.4 Ah lithium-ion battery. The S2 Pro needs just 6 hours to recharge once you’ve run out of juice and need to top up.

The S2 Pro’s battery life is 33 hours, which is about 6% longer than the 30-minute limit set by the MAX. However, you’ll get a lot greater range with the S2 Pro (more than twice as much), so it’s understandable. Then there’s the matter of power. The S2 Pro comes with a 350-Watt brushless motor, allowing you to drive at speeds of 19 miles per hour in town.

You’ll appreciate the S2 Pro’s contemporary amenities, which include cruise control, a digital display with a speedometer and battery life, two driving modes, and smartphone connectivity. You can also use the Hiboy app to control your electric scooter in tremendous detail. It allows you to lock, adjust brake response, alter speed settings, and more remotely. With a little creativity, it’s no surprise why the S2 Pro is such a popular scooter.

HiBoy Max

Hiboy Max scooter comes with numerous incredible functions that will astonish you. The Hiboy Max scooter is powered by a 350-watt strong motor, allowing you to enjoy riding at 18.6 mph top speed. The motor is powerful enough to propel the electric scooter up an incline of up to 15 degrees with ease.

The motor is powered by a long-range 270WH battery that allows you to ride for 17 miles before requiring a recharge. Absolutely perfect for city commuting.

The tires on HiBoy electric scooters are 8.5 inches in diameter. The nicest part about these tires is that they are anti-slip solid tires that give a smooth and jerk-free ride. The front shock absorbers on the tires provide a superior level of comfort to the driver.

This scooter is quite safe to ride. The scooter’s twin braking system helps make it very safe to use. On the right side of the steering, you’ll find a hand brake that makes the scooter slower. Twist grip brakes, on the other hand, are available on the right and will completely stop the electric scooter.

Let me go into further detail about this. You may connect your electric scooter to the official Hiboy using Bluetooth, which will tell you about your battery level, range, and speed. In reality, you can use this software to cycle between several riding modes.

These bikes are marketed as electric scooters for adults, so they have aspects intended for grown-ups such as a wide deck on which an adult rider may easily maintain their feet. Not only that, but the deck included an anti-slip surface to provide a solid grip to your feet.

Furthermore, it has three brilliant lighting systems that make you visible in low light. This way, you will be able to travel safely at night. There are two tail lights, one headlight, and one sidelight in the light collection area.

The ideal offering is small and lightweight. This one from HiBoy max has a size of 34 pounds when folded, making it easy to transport when the battery runs out. It also includes a one-click folding and unfolding mechanism. It may be readily stored in any tiny area once folded.

The Verdict

That’s the end of our review of the HiBoy S2 Vs HiBoy Max. The Hiboy S2 electric scooter is a great choice for a low-cost ride on an electric scooter with simple monitoring of basic parameters like speed. If you’re picky about the pedals and want to enjoy your trip, get the Hiboy MAX.

HiBoy S2 Vs HiBoy Max

The Hiboy S2 is the best option if you want greater assurance that the scooter can support your weight. If you’re on a budget, need more comfort while riding, or prefer an efficient folding mechanism and a light scooter, this is the way to go.

If you’re in a situation where you don’t have enough time to charge your Hiboy before riding, get the MAX. Or if you live in an area with few smooth roads and need to make up for it. But for an overall verdict, it has to be the S2 hands-down.


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