Best 10 Electric Scooters on Hills If You Live In A Particularly Hilly Area

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Slope, gradient, and incline are just a few of the many names for a hill. Climbing them may leave you in a sweaty and agitated state, no matter what you call them. Fortunately, with the help of electric scooters, you can easily navigate all sorts of hills without being sweaty or uptight.

The most important thing to consider for electric scooters and their hill-climbing capability is their power and torque. Some are designed to glide up little slopes easily, whereas others will devour any minor incline.

Electric Scooters on Hills

Before we get into the good stuff, it’s worth noting the words you’ll hear when researching about electric scooters and their ability to climb hills. When discussing hills, we use two terms: angle (degree) and grade (%). It’s a little boring, but you’ll definitely find it useful by the end of the article!

  • Angle (Degree): These are exactly what they imply. If you use a (very big) high school protractor to measure the angle of your hill, it will tell you how steep it is. It’s just like measuring a triangle.
  • Grade (%): It’s time to add some science to this. The rise of the hill (how high it is at its peak) is divided by the run (how far it goes on for), multiplied by 100, to arrive at a percentage. In the United States, most hills are measured in percentages.

Best Electric Scooters on Hills:

1. Turboant X7 Pro

The Turboant X7 Pro is a mid-range scooter with a high-end finish. It’s an excellent value for money, with nearly limitless range and a 20 mph top speed. It can climb slopes of up to 8.5 degrees (15 per cent gradient), making it ideal for everyday city commutes in cities without particularly steep hills.

The X7 Pro is an ideal commuter or adventure scooter for adults who live in cities and urban areas, thanks to its speed, compactness, and portability. The X7 Pro improves battery capacity and maximum range while maintaining the 350 W motor on the previous model. It also has larger tubed tires, unlike its predecessors’ tubeless tires. Because the 10-inch tyres are attached to a pneumatic tubed structure, they endure longer and offer better shock absorption, allowing you to tackle rough pavements, neglected roads, and other difficult terrains.

2. Nanrobot D4

The Nanrobot D4 Electric Scooter is a high-end, heavy-duty electric scooter with two 1000w engines for ample power in most riding conditions. It has a big lithium battery with a capacity of 10-12 hours of riding before recharging, as well as robust dual-spring steel front and rear suspension and pneumatic

With a top speed of 40 mph and twin high-horsepower engines, the D4 is exceptional at climbing hills and steep slopes. Its double-braking system, which employs both front and rear brakes, provides maximum safety for such terrain.

3. Turbo 1000 Watt Elite

The 1000 Watt Elite Turbine has a powerful engine and a top-of-the-line 36 V lithium battery for high performance on hill slopes. It has pneumatic tires for better traction, disk brakes on the front and rear wheels, a mono-shock suspension in the front and a dual shock suspension at the back for smoother rides, a robust steel body that makes it even more sturdy, as well as an easily removable seat.

Despite the fact that this scooter has so many features, the standout feature is its extremely strong battery, which accounts for much of its appeal. A 1000 Watt battery with a 3000 RPM drive-chain motor is incredible. It travels at a speed of 26 miles per hour. The scooter has a 12 Ah battery that is fully charged in 6-8 hours and has an 8-10 mile range when running. It can carry weights up to 250 pounds, which is ideal for both youngsters and adults.

The Turbo 1000 W Elite scooter’s foldable design makes it extremely portable, and the storage bag provided with the kit aids in its storage. The two operating modes of the Turbo 1000 W Elite scooter, which are known as economy mode and turbo mode, are one of the most distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from other scooters in its class.

4. Segway Ninebot ES2

The Segway Ninebot ES2 is a 300-watt electric scooter with a top speed of 15 mph and a travel range of up to 15 miles on a single charge. It includes Bluetooth, mobile security and navigation app connectivity, switchable cruise control, and both mechanical and electric anti-lock braking systems.

We liked the easy-to-read LED display for mileage, battery power, and speed, as well as its lightweight and foldability, which made it convenient to transport and store in a car trunk for trips. Its non-pneumatic airless tires provide pop-proof safety but aren’t suitable for rougher routes or streets.

However, it’s a fantastic bargain for a very up-to-date, full-featured electric scooter with enough power for hilly areas and moderate commutes. Another great choice is the best electric scooter for adults with a 500w engine.

5. Qiewa Q1 Hummer 2

The Qiewa Q1 Hummer is a great e-scooter, and it meets all of our prerequisites for selecting an e-scooter. The superior quality and the engine have put it on a different level than other scooters.

The motor is powered by a 2400 W Motor and 48 V 26 Ah lithium battery, which allows it to travel 65 miles on a single charge at 37 mph. It can carry up to 550 pounds of cargo, making it ideal for adults.

The scooter’s climbing angle is 35 degrees, which is greater than what one would want from a scooter when going up a hill. On hilly roads, the 10″ pneumatic tires and 45-degree double shock protection provide for smooth travel. Disk brakes on both front and rear wheels assist with additional stability while braking is applied.

6. Apollo Explore

The Apollo Explore is a bigger step up from an entry-level city commuter, capable of climbing gradients of up to 11.3 degrees (20 per cent grade). This is a more luxurious urban scooter that prioritizes rider convenience and comfort over all else.

The Explore scooter is renowned for its compact size and features three folding mechanisms, making it one of the most compact scooters in its class. Plus, any rider will be pleased to hear that the bike’s 10-inch pneumatic tires and spring suspension system can provide a smooth, pleasant riding experience. From safety to style, the Explore has it all. Its reliable stopping power is provided by its two high-performance disc brakes. And this is while its appealing Fast & Furious-inspired lighting system gives it the appearance of a street racing vehicle.

7. Glion Dolly

The Glion Dolly is a variable-power 250w electric scooter with a peak power output of 600w. It has a top speed of 15 mph and a range of 15 miles or 3.25 hours on each charge, and its airless, never-pop tires and rear anti-lock brakes are designed to keep you safe.

8. Dualtron II S

The Dualtron II S is a scooter with an ultra-powerful dual BLDC dual hub motor that generates 1800W and can propel you up hills at a speed of 30 miles per hour.

With triple auxiliary ports that are each connected to a power source when plugged in, the E300 can properly recharge its battery. It takes 8 hours to charge using the 2A port, 5 hours with the 4A and only 3 hours via the 6.5A connection for a total of 55 miles at once charging.

9. WideWheel Pro

The WideWheel Pro’s twin-motor powertrain can easily conquer 16.7-degree slopes (30% grade) owing to its two motors. This delivers significant power and torque for pushing you up those steeper slopes.

The Smart bike is known for its unusual floating ride sensation, which gives it a premium feel even though its top speed is modest for a scooter costing over $1,000. The twin motors, on the other hand, compensate with a rapid acceleration curve.

10. Xiaomi Mi Electric Foldable Bike

The Xiaomi Mi is a 250w, Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award-winning electric scooter with a foldable 26lb aluminum frame. It has a top speed of 15.5mph and can travel up to 18.5 miles under ideal conditions.

We liked the straightforward controls and Applecare-like repair program that customers are automatically enrolled in, which also offers outstanding customer service and technical support. Its twin disc brakes and eABS anti-lock brakes make it one of the safest models on the market for steep terrain.


In terrain-loaded, hilly roads, all of these electric scooters have performed admirably on hills. Each of them has its own selling proposition and has kept the promises it made.

Turboant X7 Pro is the e-scooter that stands head and shoulders above some of the most important elements that make a great e-scooter. When traveling through hilly areas, the NANROBOT D4 and Segway Ninebot ES2 are close competitors.

However, while choosing an e-scooter, you must consider your objectives; whether it is engine, mileage, or battery; the finest option is the one that best meets your demands.

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