Best 10 Electric Scooters For Your Teenager That You’ll Love 2021

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When kids reach puberty, they’re ecstatic to shed many things, including middle school, early wakeup times, and Happy Meals… There is a slew of benefits to growing up that are worth noting. With kids spending more time in front of screens today than ever before, it’s more vital than ever to encourage them to get out and about. What better way to keep them active than an electric scooter for your teenager?

Kids and teenagers will enjoy zipping around the neighborhood on their electric scooter, which may be the most difficult aspect for parents to manage. Before you know it, they’ll be spending more time outside of the home than inside of it, and sure, they may walk to meet their friends, but why walk when they can ride on an electric scooter?

Key Features When It Comes to Choosing An Electric Scooter For Teenagers


It is always preferable to ride a lightweight electric scooter. Teens will have no problem controlling these.

Easy handling

The scooter’s handle is easy to grasp, making for a pleasant and safe ride. It also lets you enjoy the experience. These are especially aimed at teenagers, who will be riding their first scooter. As a result, it must have simple command controls.


Manufacturers created the scooters in a variety of sizes and ages. However, not all scooters are appropriate for teenagers. So be sure that the electric scooter you’re buying is suitable for a teenager.

electric scooter for teenagers


The scooter has a long-range and high speed because of its excellent motor. The long mileage will allow you to go further, while the fast speed will allow you to arrive on time.


The padded seat and ample deck provide for maximum comfort. The large deck allows for seated or standing relaxation, while the cushioned seat adds more softness to the experience.


The safety issue is one of the most important factors to consider. Hand brakes and disc brakes in both wheels allow for safe driving, avoiding an accident.


Warranty indicates the manufacturers’ promise to the customer. The length of the warranty, from 90 days to a year, varies depending on the type of scooter.

electric scooter for teenagers

Best Options For An Electric Scooter For Teenagers

1) Turboant X7 Pro

The Turboant X7 Pro is an excellent scooter for older kids who want to go faster and further. Despite its low price, it boasts a number of premium features, such as pneumatic tires, a 30-mile range, and a triple braking system alongside a maximum speed of 20 mph. The X7 Pro is a superb value for money option since it delivers solid specs as well as great value.

How quickly can the X7 Pro travel? With a 350W motor, riders can reach a top speed of 20 mph in a matter of seconds. This acceleration also provides enough power to climb 15% slopes without breaking a sweat, making it one of the fastest electric scooters on this list.

Because of the higher speed, we suggest that only older teenagers use this model and that all riders always wear protective gear and a helmet. This is a fantastic option for those seeking a more exciting ride. However, just because this scooter is one of the quickest doesn’t imply it’s only for more experienced teenage riders. You can choose between a speed limit of 12.5 mph, 16 mph, or 20 mph by selecting the appropriate gear setting (beginner, eco, or sport).

One thing that all teenagers can agree on is that the X7 Pro has a fantastic aesthetic. Its black, minimalist exterior is fashionable enough to fit into any scenario, and the red highlights provide it with some personality. It has a capacity of up to 275 pounds is great for bigger teens, and the wide foot deck allows for more even riding. Its beefier construction makes the Pro more durable in a variety of situations, and its IPX4 waterproof rating indicates it can tolerate light rain.

If you’re a teenager wanting to give your friends or family a thrilling ride on your scooter or, as a parent, searching for an excellent present for your 17 or 18-year-old, the Turboant X7 Pro is a good choice. This scooter has a well-built frame, pneumatic tires, and a triple-braking mechanism, so you can be certain that even though the price is low, you’re receiving a high-quality bike.

2. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

The Razor E300 is a two-wheel electric scooter with an 18.5-inch aluminum alloy frame and 250 watts of power, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 15 mph. You can ride this scooter for approximately 40 minutes before the battery runs out.

The battery should be charged for 12 hours after that. It’s one of the best electric scooters for 13-year-olds or older, weighing less than 220 pounds. It has a twist throttle transmission, making it simple to use. The twist grip throttle on this Razor electric scooter allows you to change speeds by twisting the grip, making it suitable for anybody. The large deck and wide 10-inch tires provide a smooth and pleasant ride.

The breaks on this scooter are on the rear and activated with the handlebar brake. This scooter isn’t foldable, so we wouldn’t suggest it for someone who wants a scooter that can be carried around, such as for school. You may ride it like a regular kick scooter if the battery dies and you don’t want to carry it around!

3. Xiaomi Mijia m365 Electric Scooter

This electric scooter isn’t new to you, of course. The entire world is infatuated with them. The Xiaomi is one of the greatest electric scooters on the market. It’s built to endure and is suited for everyone from teenagers to adults, and even old people. It’s really simple to learn how to ride these, and they’re appropriate for riders of all skill levels. The price is a touch greater owing to the high-quality materials and components.

Consider this statistic: The Xiaomi m365 is adored by every electric scooter start-up. This may be the ideal option for you if you want to surprise your teenager with an electric scooter. It’s not too strong, and it’s not excessively pricey, so your teen will get used to it fast. You’ll understand why everyone is talking about this electric scooter after you buy it. Furthermore, this electric scooter is in the middle ground.

It’s not cheap, it’s not too powerful, it’s not overly expensive, and it isn’t fragile. It is precisely what the majority of people require. It is a cost-effective, high-quality electric vehicle that is ideal for last-mile transportation and reliability. It’s a comfortable journey that doesn’t involve the danger or waste of money. For us, it’s the ideal option for everyone.

4. Segway Ninebot Max

The Ninebot Max is one of the most sturdy and dependable scooters on this list, and it boasts an attractive design. It’s designed for older teens who want a more robust scooter but still desire to travel at a fast speed. The Ninebot Max is an electric scooter with a top speed of 16 miles per hour. It also has an extended range of 40.4 miles, which is ideal for high schoolers on the go. Equipped with Ninebot’s distinctive innovative features and Bluetooth software, the Max is a great buy.

When it comes to scooter brands, the best is undoubtedly Segway’s Ninebot. They’re well-known for their dependability and trustworthiness, so the Ninebot Max is one of our top recommendations for 17 and 18-year-olds. The Max’s good name is owed in part to its appearance. The gunmetal-grey and black body of the Max is a thing of beauty, which appeals to teenagers who value looking attractive.

Whether up or downhill, the Max bikes will keep you in control no matter which way you ride. With its no-nonsense, minimalist design, it channels an urban cool that’ll make riding along the bike path a pleasure. What makes the Max stand out is that not only does it look good; it also has durability and robustness. In reality, this scooter is considerably chunkier than other scooters in its price range, giving it a more substantial feel. Its IPX5 waterproofness also ensures that light rain will not deter you from riding.

It has a good top speed of 18.6 mph and reasonably quick acceleration, making it both durable and fast. It’s a kick-to-start scooter, which means you won’t be able to pull away at full throttle immediately, but it does make it safer for young riders.

The battery-powered electric scooter is a foldable electric scooter that comes with three riding modes (eco, standard, and sports) controlled through an LED dashboard to allow riders to select their own speed. The Max scooter from Ninebot, like other scooters from the company, has a technological advantage over comparable models due to its very user-friendly Bluetooth App. The Max is more expensive than other scooters in its class, however, it’s built to last and is thus a better investment than an overpriced extravagance.

5. E-TWOW GT Booster V

Coming from a renowned company like USCOOTERS, we expected the E-TWOW GT Booster V to be reliable and feature-packed with techy details – and we’re happy to say that it exceeded our expectations. This scooter is limited to 25 miles per hour and has a maximum range of 25 kilometers. The limited top speed and restricted riding range make it an excellent choice for youngsters who attend a local school or wish to see their friends.

USCOOTERS’s Smart Battery Management System ensures that you don’t have to worry about losing electricity while on your journey. The E-TWOW GT Booster V Electric Scooter’s large deck has a slip-resistant surface to provide your child’s feet with a solid basis as they ride. With a pair of robust shock-absorbent wheels, this skateboard boasts a smooth riding experience on rough terrain.

The eZike is a lightweight scooter that kids can use. Because it has a one-click folding mechanism, storage will not be an issue. It may also be easily carried by one hand because it weighs only about 24 pounds when folded. Its compact size allows it to readily fit in your car’s boot.

The E-TWOW GT Booster V Electric Scooter’s most notable feature is its twin braking system. It has a regenerative front brake and rear drum brake, assuring you that your kid is riding a scooter with efficient, dependable, and responsive stopping.

The E-TWOW GT Booster V is also highly customizable, with USCOOTERS adding that it may be configured to suit your teenager’s riding expertise. It includes a mobile app that allows you to keep track of your riding statistics, change cruise control settings, ride mode, and more. This ensures the safest and most enjoyable riding possible for your teenager.

6. Gotrax G4

When it comes to electric scooters for teenagers, this is an excellent choice. This electric scooter has a 350 Watt rechargeable battery with a 36-volt system that can travel 25 miles on one charge. It takes approximately 8 hours to fully charge the battery. To make charging this scooter easier, it comes with a battery charger. The rear and front 10-inch pneumatic air tires provide excellent traction while riding. Both the front and rear wheels are equipped with a disc brake for optimum safety of the young riders.

The Gotrax G4 has a noiseless hub motor that makes it quite quiet. It can travel at a speed of 20 mph, which is rather quick. It boasts one of the quickest speeds on our list owing to its powerful battery and performance electric motor! The seat of this electric scooter is very comfy, and the deck is big enough to sit on comfortably while navigating. This electric scooter has a 60-day guarantee and can support up to 220 pounds.

Overall, this is one of our top choices due to its high build quality and performance. This has all the makings of a fantastic engine with speed, power, and enormous load capacity.

7. Xprit Electric Scooter

If you’re looking for an inexpensive electric scooter for teenagers that won’t break the bank, this model is ideal. This scooter is available in black and has a modern design. It’s a recommended motorized scooter for 15-year-olds, but you should keep in mind that the weight capacity is limited to 200 pounds.

The scooter is built of aluminum making it both sturdy and long-lasting. The IP55 certification ensures that the scooter can withstand rain or other wet conditions, as it implies that it is drizzle-resistant. It is a lightweight scooter with a 250w motor that generates 12.4 mph. It can be ridden for approximately 8-13 miles, depending on many variables, and it requires about 5 hours to charge the battery after it has been depleted.

The scooter includes three gears, which is great for navigating the morning rush. When your youngster reaches his destination, he can fold the scooter and take it with him because it weighs only 25 pounds. The motorized scooter for teens comes with a big LED headlight in the front, so you won’t have to worry about nighttime excursions. Furthermore, there is a tiny LCD screen that displays the battery’s charge level and how long he can use the scooter before it has to be charged.

8. Hiboy S2 Pro

If you’re searching for a cool and less bulky electric scooter for teenagers and older children, the Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter is an excellent choice. The Hiboy S2 Pro boasts one of the most visually appealing scooters on this list, thanks to its elegant dark aluminum alloy construction.

It also has a very bright front headlight, rear lights, and lovely deck lights. This ensures that your youngster can easily find their way home after dark, even if it’s already late. The lightest weight is in the 36.3-pound Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter, which is due to its aluminum construction. Its lightweight frame allows it to carry people up to 260 pounds.

It’s very simple to transport since it’s lightweight and foldable. This electric scooter has a 350w motor and a 36V,11.4Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery that enables it to travel 19 miles per hour on a single charge. This enables it to cover a decent distance, about 25.6 miles when fully charged. It’s ideal for short excursions like grocery runs and simply playing outside.  

What we enjoy most about the Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter is how simple it is to operate. It has an LCD screen that shows how much battery power remains and the current speed. Users can change the motor’s speed with a simple push of a button, and they may swiftly switch between speed modes for a more controlled experience. We consider this to be the ideal electric scooter for a teenager seeking a robust and feature-rich scooter due to its basic design.

9. Apollo Air PRO

The versatility, looks, and features of the Apollo Air make it an appealing choice for first-time purchasers. This little package demonstrates how a tiny size can provide a lot of value. We liked the steadiness and ease of use of this scooter when we tested it, and it was really comfortable.

The Apollo Air is incredibly light, weighing only 35 pounds and carrying up to 220 pounds. The front end has shock-damping dual fork suspension, as well as 10-inch pneumatic tires. It has a 350W silent motor that can travel up to 18 miles per hour.

This scooter, on the other hand, can go for as far as 18 miles on a single charge thanks to its 36V/10.4aH rechargeable long-lasting battery. This scooter was designed primarily for teenagers who need to go a short distance to work or school on a regular basis. The Apollo Air is made of solid aluminum and is tiny and lightweight. The grip on the Apollo Air scooter is also nice. This IPX4-certified scooter’s rubberized wide deck allows it to maintain a good grip even on rainy days.

The Apollo Air scooter has a unique design that makes it ideal for traveling over uneven terrain. For further stability, you also get a lengthy and robust handlebar. As a result, your trip on Apollo Air becomes more convenient and safe. The front headlamp and tail light of the Apollo Air are also handy features. That’s how you’ll be able to see at night, as well as other people. If you want an entry-level scooter, this is a great choice.

10. Unagi Model One

The Model One is a top-of-the-line product. It has a sophisticated look and a futuristic vibe that gives it an instinctive modern feel. The color options are cosmic blue, matt black, sea salt, and scarlet red, but if those aren’t to your taste there are various premium patterned exteriors available for an extra cost.

The Unagi’s cockpit resembles something out of a science-fiction movie, and the sleek integrated display allows riders to check their riding statistics with a single glance. In addition, you’ll find the ergonomic thumb throttle, brake lever, and horn, as well as controls for the LED headlight and rear blinking tail light.

It’s not just a pretty face: This moped has a lot of capabilities and is sure to impress. The paint on the outside is anti-abrasive to resist wear and tear and prevent rusting. All around the world, various materials were used in its manufacture to give it great lightweight but also long-lasting durability. The magnesium alloy used in the handlebars is 33% lighter than aluminum, while the Japanese TORAY carbon fiber of the body is extremely durable. It’s identical to what Elon Musk uses on his Space-X rockets.

The Model One has a top speed of 17 miles per hour. Although the smaller 250W motor does not provide as much acceleration as other scooters with bigger motors, once the Model One gets going, it can easily keep up. The Model One’s hill-climbing capability is also affected. It can only manage hills of 6% gradient, which makes it more suited to riders who live in flat cities.


That concludes our comparison of the best electric scooter for teenagers. Consider what they’ll use it for before you buy a scooter, such as short errands or long trips. We’d like to thank you for taking the time to read our article on the best electric scooter for any teenager, and we hope that it was useful. In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our review of the numerous alternatives for the finest electric scooter for youngsters. Please come back and visit us again soon as we will continue to offer product evaluations.

And if you can’t purchase an electric scooter for your teenager, renting one from FriendWithA is a fantastic option.

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