Best 5 Locks To Keep Your Electric Scooter Safe

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The use of a heavy-duty padlock or shackle to secure your scooter is no longer required, since folding electric scooters can be taken anywhere.

That’s especially true for folding e-scooters like the Unagi Model One, which collapses in just one click and provides significant advantages over other bulkier motorized rides such as electric bikes, motorcycles, and mopeds.

However, in certain cases, you may not be able to fold your scooter and conceal it under your arm easily. If that’s the case, here are five common types of electric scooter locks—as well as some of their advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Locks For Electric Scooters

1. Chain Locks

electric scooter locks

Chain locks are superior to cable locks in terms of strength and security. They’re difficult to get rid of with regular wire cutters. Of course, bolt cutters and hacksaws may assist you, but they’ll take a long time to accomplish. To make your electric scooter easier to throw into a van, remember to lock it to something.

To deter pickpockets from pinching your scooter by sticking tools into the chain, keep it high off the ground. If your electric scooter has a seat, make sure you invest in a strong, hardened chain lock that can be easily installed in the top box or beneath the seat without difficulty.

Scooters with big wheels are difficult to transport, but they are more durable and will most certainly secure your scooter to a fixed object. Furthermore, because they need time to cut, the chance of a thief managing it is too low.

2. U-locks

U-locks are named for their distinctive “U” form, which is ideal for looping around objects as varied as mountain bike frames and bike chains to scooter deck kickstands.

They are popular, but they may also be used for a variety of purposes, such as electric scooters. Affix your electric scooter’s deck to a bike rack or similar secure location. Some U-locks come with disc locks, chain locks, or cable locks as part of the locking mechanism.

3. Chain Locks

Chimes are usually superior than cable locks since they are made up of interlinked hardened steel links. They’re kept safe with a cloth or plastic to minimize scratches on your electric scooter. The most interesting part about this lock is that it may be linked to a variety of immovable objects owing to its length and flexibility. Some utilize the traditional lock and key, while others are more contemporary and employ an in-built combination lock.

electric scooter locks

4. Disc Locks

Just as supermarkets outfit their shopping carts with anti-theft locking devices that lock the wheels when they go outside of the store parking lot—effectively immobilizing them—disc locks may keep your scooter from being stolen. Your scooter will not roll if you use wheel locks.

For additional protection, some high-quality disc locks are also available with built-in security alarms. Of course, securing the wheel so your scooter can’t be used does not ensure that it cannot be lifted and transported away by a prospective thief.

Chain locks and U-locks with integrated disc locks may be a superior option to standalone disc locks for individuals who travel with lightweight scooters that can be readily carried.

5. Grip locks

The best approach to safeguard your electric scooter from theft is to install a tracker. They are generally attached to the handlebar of your electric scooter and pull on the brakes, forcing your scooter to remain stationary. Don’t you think it’d be strange when a thief drags an electric scooter down the road? We believe so! But if your scooter is foldable and readily lifts, we wouldn’t advise relying only on this lock.

Best 5 Locks For Electric Scooters

1. New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

The New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is the most secure model, with the thickest and shortest shackle available. It’s also lighter than most other metal lockers we tested, making it easy to transport around. Note: Because of the shorter shackle, it will be more difficult to connect to a range of parking poles.

2. Dinoka Bike U Lock

For added protection, this 16mm heavy-duty lock includes a 4′ flexible cable. The lock is made of a steel shackle that is hardened and has the highest performance possible. This lock’s zinc alloy core and intricate serpentine key slot provide greater security than many other locks against a variety of theft methods. Your electric scooter will be protected even more when you combine the U-lock with the steel loop cable.

It features a waterproof silica gel covering on the core that protects it from scratches and rust. It includes two pure-copper keys, so if one goes lost, you’ll have a spare. The included high-quality mounting bracket makes it simple to take your lock with you wherever you go on your scooter.

Although there are drawbacks, this lock is rather affordable. The only consideration I would make with the Dinoka deadbolt cable setup is that if you lose both keys, there’s no way to order new ones from Dinoka. You might want to make your own backup spare keys in case you need them.

3. Segway-Ninebot 5-Digit Combination Scooter Lock

The Scooter Lock from Segway-Ninebot’s 20.40.0007.00 5-Digit Combination Scooter is a good place to start our list with its strong performance. In reality, the security depth of this lock is what stands out almost immediately.

This scooter lock is equipped with a 5-digit combination lock that has 100,000 possibilities. Unless the thief happens to be in front of you while trying to enter your combo, they won’t have much luck guessing it. Another thing that impressed us was the cable’s sturdy, braided steel construction. We tried our best to cut and saw through this wire as a test of its sturdiness. It didn’t move an inch and kept the scooter safe from thievery.

Because it offers such a high level of security for our scooters, we recommend this option. It’s also convenient to carry about since it comes with a mounting bracket that will attach the lock to your scooter while you’re riding. It’s a must-have for our needs because we definitely don’t want to haul a scooter on trips around town.

4. Kryptonite Kryptoflex Cable Bicycle Lock

The 10mm-diameter cable is made of braided steel and is extremely durable, making it difficult for criminals to cut through. The 4-digit combination lock can be reset to any combination you choose, and remembering a key is no longer necessary. The vinyl cover on the wire protects it against wear and tear in the long run.

When you order this product, you will be a member of the Combo Safe Program from Kryptonite, which will assist you in keeping your lock secure. The cable is 6′ long and 3/8″ wide.

The scooter is protected by this lock, which includes a lock and mounting bracket so you can readily transport it by attaching it to other things. The braid steel will not freeze in extremely chilly weather overnight, and there should be no damage to the cable as long as it is dry.

5. Ushake Combination U- Lock for Scooter

The U Lock for Scooter, by Shazam, is a single device with two locking methods. It took very little effort to use because of its 4-digit combination and U lock shape. Its simplicity may make it an appealing option for those unfamiliar with scooter locks.

In any case, this lock’s performance was remarkable. The hardened zinc construction handled all of the power I applied to it effectively. Even our buddy tried their hardest to shatter it, but he didn’t have much luck.

The paddle lock, too, has a PVC covering and is of high quality. As a result, it will not scratch easily, as several customers stated in their reviews. We anticipate that it will survive for many years without needing much upkeep or care. We didn’t find the paddle’s lock combination wheels to be uncomfortable, either. The dials were without a doubt smooth and moved easily. They also stayed put and didn’t shift about randomly.


Do not leave your electric scooter on the street without any security measures. Make sure it is always parked in a secure location and visible to you at all times. We hope this article has been useful. If you have any more suggestions for safeguarding electric scooters from theft, please let us know.

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