How to Customize Your Own Scooter?

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Most scooters in the market today come in a basic color with little to no design. But no need to worry, like skateboards, bicycles, and cars you easily customize your scooters too. You just need a bit of imagination and different items that can help you do that. We have some ideas you can use to customize your scooter and make it your own.


  • You can find numerous different shops online that allow you to create skins for your self-balancing scooters. They have skins that are pre-designed while also offer customers the option to design their own skin. The price of these skins range depending on what you are looking for but they can be done any way you want for any scooter model you have. Giving you the option to let your imagination go crazy.
  • Stickers are another way you add a bit of customization to your self-balancing scooter. You can stick any sticker you want to it and make it more aesthetically appealing. This is a cheaper option of buying a skin for the scooter.
  • If you are looking to completely customize the body designer duct tape is great. You can find a designer tape with a certain design and color and apply it on the scooter almost anywhere but the footpad. You can get quite a lot of funky and colorful designs in designer duct tape so find one that best suits you.
  • Paint it. This is a more expensive option and can be messy if you do it yourself. However, painting is another option that allows you to customize your scooter. You can even draw a design on it and paint it as you please. This allows you to be completely artistic with the design, however, it requires a lot of work and we only recommend it if you are familiar with painting. Otherwise, the job won’t be as nice as you imagined.

Customizing your scooter allows you to express yourself a bit more and definitely adds the element of style to your ride. It also protects it from scratches as with tape and skin, you add another layer to the scooter which guards it. So you can go all out and be crazy about designing and customizing your scooter.

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