Best 10 Cheap 50cc Scooters That You Can Purchase Right Now

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Imagine heading out on your driveway on a Friday morning to start your weekly commute on a new 50cc moped. It’s the sort of joy only moped owners are privileged to experience, and in today’s world, it’s a pleasure you can enjoy for a low price. Although not as prevalent as their larger counterparts, there is a thriving cheap 50cc scooter market where you may get on two wheels and hone your roadcraft for when the time comes, so you’re ready to go bigger.

And the best news is that it doesn’t even have to be expensive. In most situations, you can even receive a 50cc scooter for cheap to your home (Home delivery mopeds may need some assembly since the front wheels are not attached). You may sometimes pay a little extra to have your moped completely built.

Because most scooters fall in the $500 to $1,000 price range, it’s difficult for a customer to commit to such a costly purchase. After all, you’ll be riding this scooter constantly. Assuming that you’ll use it to go to work, shop for food, or see family and scooter-friendly individuals, picking a dependable product that will not leave you stranded is critical.

Is It A 50cc Moped Or A 50cc Scooter?

Good question. Some people like to call full-sized motor scooter machines “mopeds” – but that’s not the correct use of the word. By definition, a scooter is actually a “light two-wheeled open motor vehicle on which the driver sits over an enclosed engine with legs together and feet resting on a floorboard.” 

So any motorcycle that isn’t completely unlike a scooter or moped is ruled out. But, what’s the difference between a scooter and a moped? A quick look up in the dictionary provides the answer: “A gas moped is a low-powered, lightweight motorized bicycle with pedals.”

If you’ve been calling something that doesn’t have pedals a moped, you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. You may consider yourself forgiven since the words are used interchangeably to define small motorcycles with no clutches built on top of an underbone frame. Scooter, on the other hand, is the preferred trade term. However, most people often use the terms interchangeably.

The 50cc Scooter – A Worthy Purchase?

Let’s explore whether a cheap 50cc scooter is a good idea or not, following the previous discussion. They’re not as expensive as their bigger brothers, they’re incredibly fuel-efficient, small scooters are simple to ride, and they may be ridden with just a driving license. These are all excellent reasons to get a 50cc scooter!

Please note that the scooter is not self-balancing. Aside from this, there are no significant drawbacks to be considered before buying it. The 50cc gas moped scooters are sluggish and underpowered, which means they’re susceptible in comparison to normal road traffic; their slow speeds don’t make them the most practical transport in the world.

Ask yourself what you’ll use it for, where you’ll be riding it, and how tough the roads will be before deciding whether or not to get a cheap 50cc scooter. If you still believe a 50cc scooter is an excellent choice, let’s go shopping for the best cheap 50cc scooter in the United States – because there are many more than you can believe.

cheap 50 cc scooter

What to Look for When Purchasing a Cheap 50cc Scooter?

Buying a scooter may be daunting, especially if you’re purchasing one online! Modern scooters are increasingly expensive and tend to cost between $500 and $1,000. That’s a lot of money to spend at once, but you do save money on things like fuel efficiency.

The good news is that you’ll most likely be driving this car every day. As a result, you’ll need to invest in a trustworthy product that doesn’t let you down.

What should you know before purchasing a solid scooter? Here are the most important things to consider throughout your purchase and choice:

Engine Power

There are a number of different engine sizes available for scooters, and each one has a distinct function. The most common scooter engines in this article were 49cc and 50cc, so that’s what we’ll concentrate on. These two motor sizes are ideal for people who want to travel around the city freely and uncontested. They can keep up with the traffic too.

The names “49cc” and “50cc” are sometimes used interchangeably by manufacturers to promote their products. For marketing purposes, many companies swap the 49cc and 50cc engine sizes. Although anything above 50cc bikes and 50cc mopeds necessitates a license in some states, we cannot usually say this for the 50 cc size.

Scooters with these types of scooter engines can be purchased for around $1000, and if you choose a 49cc model, you won’t need a driver’s license. In the end, regardless of which size you select, a 49cc and a 50cc engine size are ideal for a motor scooter that is used to commute about town.


The smallest 50cc engine is no more powerful or faster than a 49cc gasoline-powered scooter (read this study). This is why they’re utilized for going around the flow of traffic, villages, narrow streets, and cities. The maximum speed of a 50cc bike or a gas-powered scooter with a 49 cc engine is usually about 45 mph.

The average cruising speed for a similar scooter is around 25-30 mph, which is well within the city speed limit. However, these figures are influenced by a variety of factors. The type of road you’re riding your scooter on, your weight, and the vehicle’s capacity to carry passengers are all major factors. The maximum capacity of most scooters is 270 pounds, making it ideal for picking up items on the way home.

If you’re searching for a scooter that will get you from one city to the next, 49cc and 50cc scooters are probably not what you’re looking for. These types of scooters are generally made to help people get to work, shop, meet up at businesses, and the like.


This isn’t something you can choose on your own. Every individual has their own tastes! Some scooters are long, thin, and slim, while others are robust and bulky. The color schemes differ as well; some only come in a default black color, whereas other companies offer up to 5 hues to pick from.

There are a number of businesses that can provide you with whatever you want, whether it’s a slick, Italian scooter or a fun, contemporary alternative.


Every scooter is unique, therefore it’s vital to figure out exactly what you want from the next edition. Some scooters have lockable trunks; others have two seats, and not everyone needs all of them.

For individuals who want to drive around scooter-friendly relatives or other people, double seats are ideal. Double seats are generally long and feature a unique distance between the front and back scooter riders, making the trip pleasant and secure.


The typical scooter on the market today has several safety features built-in. The most frequent safety systems are rear drum brakes, mirrors, electric and kick starts.

For those times when you find yourself far from home and the scooter’s battery has died, an electric and kick start can be useful. This function may help you get both the scooter and yourself back to your place of residence quickly, allowing you to troubleshoot the problem without risking injury.

Most businesses also provide scooter insurance and warranty papers with their vehicles. This helps guarantee that you’ll be able to get a defective motor scooter replaced if you’re in an accident. It also contributes to your safety and insurance protection in the event of an accident on the roadway. Of course, investing in a dependable scooter is essential for both your personal and professional safety. Especially before purchasing your initial scooter.

cheap 50cc scooter

What are The Benefits Of A Cheap 50 cc Motor Scooter?

50cc scooters are ideal for individuals who want to go about their city or community without being disturbed. Many people choose to purchase a scooter and get scooter insurance so that they don’t have to pay large automobile insurance rates, petrol expenses, or the burden of owning something as big as a car.

Scooters are tiny, have low speeds, and allow you to drive your vehicle with complete control. Depending on your state, you may be able to drive without a driver’s license!

Scooters are ideal for students attending university or college in a different city or state who need to get around efficiently while getting excellent fuel efficiency. Many couples that only possess one vehicle appreciate the convenience of scooters; when one is at work, the other does not have to wait for the other to come home before going somewhere.

How Fast Can 50cc Scooters Go?

On a clear road, 50cc vehicles can attain speeds of up to 45 mph.

How Much Will Insurance Cost?

Unfortunately, that is not an easy question to answer. There are a variety of things to consider while insuring your scooter, including the type of motor scooter you own, your age and riding experience, what you use it for, where you live, and where you store it.

The yearly insurance of your 50cc scooter may cost anything from 150 to 370 dollars on average.

Are They Legal?

Yes! However, it’s a good idea to double-check the product’s specifications in the description area.

Best 50cc Scooters That You can Purchase

1. TaoTao CY50-A Gas Powered Scooter

The latest model from TaoTao is the CY50. It’s one of TaoTao’s newest models, and it already has a lot of praise from clients all around the world. If you’re searching for a scooter that you can use on the road without drawing attention, the CY50 is an excellent choice.

The primary distinctions between the two scooters are the wheels and the overall design of the main body. The CY50 has a longer, more slender body with smaller, but bulkier tires than does the RY250. This allows the scooter rider to have greater control because they can drive around obstacles easier due to their tiny physique.

Both while in use and when it’s on standby, the large tires aid in ensuring that the scooter is stably on the ground. The CY50 has a long, thin design and has a layer of metallic blue paint. TaoTao did an excellent job mixing the white and blue items together. This adds to the scooter’s sporty appearance while also being appropriate for college students.

The TaoTao is capable of speeds up to 40 mph, which makes it one of the fastest mini bikes on the market. The cruise speed of the TaoTao is around 35 mph, with a top speed of 40 mph. If you’re in search of a comfortable way to get about town, look no further than this scooter.

The elongated design of the seat will help you feel more balanced and safe. The long seat can accommodate up to 270 pounds of weight, and there’s plenty of room for extra passengers (up to 2!). It’s simple to reach the breaks, which keeps your posture straight while riding.

The ‘TaoTao’ scooter has disc brakes, headlights, signal lights, and is street legal. The foot platform is large, allowing the rider to feel less congested. The CY50 is a cruise scooter with a 49cc engine capacity. Anyone seeking quick and powerful speed should look elsewhere. The CY50 is a small and compact scooter that will help you get around town.

2. Tao Tao Thunder 50 (Blade)

The best value moped in 2020, to be precise. From Tao Tao comes the Thunder 50 (also known as the Blade), a 50 cc motorbike that is street legal and ideal for town or city riding.

When it comes to comparing moped performance, three crucial elements must be considered: speed, handling, and fuel efficiency. The Thunder 50 excels in all areas except one: speed. The Tao Tao Thunder 50’s top speed of 25 mph makes it a moped, but it won’t be winning any street races. The Thunder 50’s excellent handling compensates for its lack of straight-line speed. The Thunder 50 is a riot to ride thanks to its seamless cornering abilities. 

One of its best features is its incredible fuel efficiency, which averages around 100 mpg, meaning you’ll continue to save money. So, in terms of performance, the Thunder 50 checks almost all of the three boxes. This budget scooter comes with a dazzling finish and a choice of stylish hues that look like they would cost twice as much.

Tao Tao is well-known for offering great deals on low-cost mopeds, and the Thunder 50 is no exception. When purchased over the internet, it may be delivered to your doorstep for less than $1,000. While ordering online may be the quickest method to acquire a new moped, some assembly will most likely be necessary, and you’ll need to deal with issues like registration and other legal requirements (state-dependent).

3. Honda Ruckus

The Honda Ruckus has made a big impression since its debut in 2002. The Ruckus, which bucks the trend of conventional scooters by having a hard and tough, practical, urban character rather than following the conventional design of plastic bodywork and streamlined angles, works well.

This is one of the most recognized 50cc moped models, thanks to its ultra-dependable 49cc engine with more than enough power to scoot you around town and its automated gearbox for an enjoyable ride. It is a simple machine built around a strong tubular steel frame that gets the job done without any frills. It’s simply no more and no less than that. Today, it’s a wonderful 50cc scooter for sale.

4. Tao Tao Titan EVO 50

In the fourth place and narrowly missing out on the top 3 spots is the Tao Tao Titan EVO 50, another 50cc budget moped that boasts a cool 4 stroke, air-cooled motor which is actually really quiet. The EVO 50’s slick automated gearbox makes riding it a pleasure. The Titan EVO 50 has a reported top speed of 25 mph, which is slower than the Tao Tao Thunder ’50s 36 mph, however, the two scooters are reasonably comparable in price.

The 50cc scooter appearance of the EVO 50 is loved by many EUE owners, but with a 150 cc scooter performance. The bigger build of the EVO 50 allows it to carry a passenger and has a total weight capacity of 300 pounds. The EVO 50 has excellent ride quality and is wonderfully capable of long commutes, according to owners. The EVO 50’s strong brakes are also famous, with one owner commenting that they can bring the moped from full speed to a complete stop in a short distance.

Blue, Jet Black, or Red are the options for the EVO 50. Despite its weight, the EVO 50 is very fuel-efficient, achieving 90-100 MPG on average. We must also mention that a few customers were dissatisfied or even shocked when their Amazon home-delivered EVO 50 mopeds were not completely built.

It’s true that, when purchasing a moped online, you’ll usually have to do some minor assembly. However, you don’t have to be a mechanic to do so. It’s really enjoyable.

The Tao Tao Titan EVO 50 is a bit heavy, but it still earns the top pick. Its unique design as a huge moped with a tiny engine appeals to many people. If you don’t want a fast moped but need something bigger that can carry taller, larger people with lots of comfort and legroom, go for the EVO 50.

5. TaoTao Zummer 50cc Sporty Scooter

The Zummer 50cc is one of TaoTao’s most attractive and dependable 50 cc scooters. The stunning appearance of this device will undoubtedly catch the attention of most people. The firm’s initial aim was to make this bike appear sporty and athletic, and they absolutely succeeded in doing so.

The scooter is compatible with synthetic oil and may be tough to assemble because of all of the additional parts and pieces that are included in the box. Customers warn newcomers to first drain out the engine’s existing oil before attempting to put it together.

The best way to keep your scooter clean and healthy is to change the factory oil with a high-grade, motor-engine oil designed for air-cooled scooter engines. You’ll also extend the life of your scooter because you’ll be treating it right from the start. Although, as one of the most essential elements when purchasing this scooter, it’s also critical to ensure that all of the disc brakes, headlights, and signal lights are in good functioning order.

The Zummer is available in five distinct hues: blue, black, red, green, and white. You’ll be able to discover a hue that suits you within this range regardless of your preference. The huge front light gives the Zummer a sporty aggressive appearance.

Its top speed is 35 miles per hour (56 kilometers per hour). Thanks to its lightweight, you will be able to feel it easily go down the bend and cemented streets. The Zummer is a 12-inch scooter that provides excellent value for the money. Rearview mirrors, a speedometer, and tail lights are included. The large handle rims make riding the scooter simple and stress-free.

The Zummer has a CVT belt drive automated gearbox, so you can effortlessly navigate traffic. This will allow you to have a quick, safe journey through all of the morning, afternoon, or evening as well as be able to accelerate out of danger in traffic that could be hazardous. The air-cooled engine will allow you to ride the motorbike for many years. It minimizes any risk of overheating while also encouraging safe driving at all speeds.

6. The Honda Metropolitan

If you want your scooters to have a more conventional look, Honda has another alternative for you: the Metropolitan. The Metropolitan may be a more practical choice than the Zummer because it was created with cities and sluggish moving, start-stop traffic in mind.

The Metropolitan is powered by a 49cc fuel-injected four-stroke engine that’s similar to the Zummer, and it offers classic scooter looks with curvaceous bodywork on top of its frame as well as adequate storage below the seat. It is a great option if you need something that’ll get you from point A to B while also allowing you to do some shopping on the way since it has lockable storage.

Naturally, the Metropolitan comes with all of the latest technology you would expect from a new Honda, including an electric start, a contemporary automatic “twist and go” gearbox and an efficient fuel economy.

7. TaoTao ATM-50A1 49cc Scooter

The TaoTao ATM50 motor scooter is the ideal choice for those looking for a cheap 50cc scooter. It’s in the middle of all of TaoTao’s other models, with a broad price range. The visible hard surface on this black matte finish scooter makes it seem strong and long-lasting. This scooter will get you where you need to go, no matter how steep the road or how high the hill. The engine is highly efficient and can achieve at least 100/110MPG. Apart from that, this scooter requires self-assembly, but all you’ll need to get started riding it is a registration card!

The ATM50’s automated features allow you to get where you need to go fast and simply. When purchasing this scooter, you will also need insurance since it is the same as any other car. Collision coverage is a type of insurance that protects you and your quality scooter in the event of an accident. Regardless, each state has different regulations for 49cc scooters, so it’s worth getting familiar with the topic before making a purchase! The twist throttle is quick and simple to use.

It is the all-black design of this scooter that makes it so popular. It’s not only a trustworthy, long-lasting product, but it also looks fantastic.

The ATM50’s top speed is around 35 mph, depending on the passenger/s and maximum capacity of the vehicle. This is simply the right pace to catch up to or surpass urban traffic. The ATM is a wonderful option if you’re searching for a scooter that can reach 40 miles per hour on a straight, clear road with no barriers.

The extra space in the rear of the car makes a fifth person possible. This is a fantastic time-saver for individuals who anticipate to travel with others. To ride this scooter safely, you’ll need a set of mirrors and a battery (about $50 in total). Aside from that, the high-quality scooter is robust, dependable, and the disc brakes are incredibly responsive to the scooter rider’s grip.

8. The Yamaha Zuma 50F & FX

The Yamaha Zuma 50 is available in two distinct versions to appeal to two distinct types of riders, but let’s take a look what they have in common before diving into their differences.

Both look fairly similar, with differences in terms of design and performance. The engine is exactly the same, powered by a 49cc liquid-cooled motor that offers an unexpectedly strong ride experience. An electric start is included in the standard as well. You also get a decent fuel efficiency of around 13 miles per gallon due to the cool fuel injection system.

Both come with essentially the same rolling structure, as well. The only significant difference is the bodywork, which is sportier on the FX than its more practical brother.

9. Aprilia SR Motard 50

Aprilia has a long and illustrious history in the world of motorbike racing, and their modest engine models are some of the best on the market. They wanted to incorporate some of its sports heritage into a tiny 50cc scooter, and they’ve done an excellent job.

The SR Motard 50 is a sporty commuter based on their Supermotard models, as you can see in the design. The SR Motard 50 has aggressive bodywork, smooth lines, and sports-oriented handlebars and controls for nimble agility, fast acceleration, and an exciting riding experience. Definitely a worthy contender for the best cheap 50cc scooter.

10. The Vespa Primavera 50

The Primavera model has a lengthy and illustrious history that dates back to its inception in 1968. When it arrived on the scene previously, it was already an icon, but this is now. The contemporary Primavera 50 features a sleek, compact 50cc liquid-cooled engine with low emissions and adequate power for such a tiny machine.

The bodywork, on the other hand, is a completely different story. The engine is one thing, but the bodywork is another matter entirely. Twinned with a sleek, modern design that evokes ancient yet futuristic style, the Vespa Primavera features minimal instrumentation to reflect retro but cutting-edge technology. The Vespa Primavera 50 is a really good 50cc scooter for sale with a top speed of 40 mph. However, it comes at a price, which makes it an expensive alternative but it’s still not that expensive, making it on this list of the best cheap 50cc scooter.


That concludes our comparison of the finest, cheap 50cc scooter that you can purchase. Consider what you’ll use it for before you buy a scooter: quick errands or extended trips. The 50cc engines on these scooters are not designed for highway use. This is as they can only reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our review of the different options for the best 50cc cheap scooter. Please come back and visit us again soon, as we will continue to provide product reviews on different rides. And if you can’t purchase one, you can always rent out a cheap 50cc scooter from FriendWithA.

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