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Top Electric Scooters for Sale

Electric kick scooters are fun to ride for both kids and adults, as they are convenient in that one does not have to worry about rising gas prices, packing space or even mobility in the crowded places. So before you buy the electric scooter there things you have to consider and these are:-

  • Commuting purposes: – you must be sure what the scooter will be used for in case you will be using it for commuting purposes then you will have to look for that electric scooter that will cover great distance without requiring a recharge. This is to avoid getting stack midway to your destination. Furthermore you will be needing an electric scooter that will last so as to serve you for long. In addition you will be looking for a scooter that is much easier to store, carry or fold and unfold.
  • Fun purposes: – then if you’re just buying one for fun maybe for your little kid or teen then you might just consider buying an electric scooter that doesn’t really have much power capability.
  • For an adult: – well if it is an adult age is a major factor so is weight, this translates that that specific kick scooter must be able to withstand an adult of certain weight. Let me clear any doubt that you might have. For example – if maximum weight indicated is 210 Ibs this does not mean that if your weight is above that the scooter won’t work. It will work but it will wear down much faster done if the weight requirement was observed. Also for an adult it will be better if you buy a scooter with a seat since most adults will be comfortable riding while sitting down as compared to kids who will have fun when standing.
  • For a younger kid or teen:- if you buying for a child below 13 years then consider buying an electric scooter that has a lower speed. But if it is teen then speed counts and also they will prefer that which has no seat unless your kid has special needs.
  • Safety: – well you won’t want to get hurt or having your kid return home in the evening all bruised, so I will advise that as you make consideration of all of the point a above you also take into account safety concerns so you make sure you buy all the protective gears that may be required for you or your child to stay safe.


1. RAZOR E-300

Razor E-300

Almost just by mentioning a kick scooter you can relate it to the razor company this guys are the top scooters manufacturers known worldwide. They have been making scooters for more than a decade hence their products are of quality. Razor E-300 is one of their best design so far. This electric scooter is for both adults, teens and kids below 13 years. Wait till you read the highlights below you will agree with me that this is the electric scooter you had a premonition about last night.


  • to a great degree calm chain system
  • high torque powertrain
  • ​delivers a speed of 15 mph
  • the charge that endures around 40 minutes if used ceaselessly
  • the body is a made of a good quality material
  • powered by a 24V lead acid battery
  • ​it is light yet solid strong- this comes handy when storing
  • can stand a couple bumps effortlessly
  • ​Additional wide 10-inch pneumatic tires and super-calm engine convey smooth ride
  • Battery charge time of 8 hours
  • Has a folding handlebar component for simple stockpiling and transport
  • ​Enormous estimated scooter to oblige two grown-ups effectively
  • Hand-operational rear brake
  • Can carry up to 220 pounds in terms of weight

This is a really a great machine without a doubt, its competitor is the Razor E-300s. The razor E-300s is a good electric scooter for much older adults like those in their 50’s and teens and kids with special needs. Example those that have problem with standing for long, also its features are good.


  • chain driven engine
  • Cushioned seat
  • ​is an exceptionally well-form machine
  • push start to spare battery
  • ​made of steel tubing
  • ​High torque
  • rear brake gives that component of security when required
  • has substantial Fixed Lead-acid batteries under the kickboard which is additional wide
  • air tires make sure you get a comfortable ride


Definitely this is no toy, this electric scooter is an update version of the old model of 2015 the Monorover R4. The previous model which is the R4 was portable, lighter and environmental friendly. But now the new upgrade which is the R4+ has even more cooler features as it has been made even lighter, portable, faster and durable.

The R4+ plus is specifically made for someone who wants an electric scooter for commuting and running his/her errands at a much more faster way through traffic and busy city environment as is easily maneuverable and where you can’t you have the option of just carrying. This electric scooter is really awesome imagine you only need four hours to fully charge it and can carry up to a weight limit of around 114 Kg, also it only weighs around 6.3Kg. Before you get satisfied by the few features I have mentioned take a look at its incredible highlights.


  • It has carbon fiber frame
  • Footprint with electric functionality: – this means easier moving up and down without a sweat.
  • ​Thin streamlined design: – this helps in terms of space it will take either in your office or home, as you can literally store it in the drawer.
  • Comfortable deck for riders: – doesn’t matter whether you’re right-handed or left-handed person it will just be perfect for you to get on top of the deck without any difficulty.
  • ​Easy to unfold for both older and young riders: – since it is much lighter even a child can lift it up with lots of ease and unfold it without complications.
  • It folds perfectly hence easy to store: – the thin streamlined body makes it easier to store in small spaces.
  • ​Perfect tire traction for even off-road riding example on the lawn
  • ​Rubber wheels- I hate having a flat tire but with this machine that is taken care of by making sure all tires are rubber made.
  • LCD screen: – so you can view speed you’re cruising, time and battery level life with R4+ is much easier.


You probably wondering who these guys are? I will give you a hint, remember they are the guys who fast introduced us to hoverboards, but they later changed their name due to some failures related to batteries. No one wants to be remembered for bad reasons so Swagtron presently do manufacture electric scooters that are certified so you don’t have to worry about safety and quality of the product by this guys. The controls on the scooter are put on the handlebar including the handbrake, throttle, and a display. It has 3 buttons beside the display which includes the power button, & up and down button to change gears. All alterations will appear on the display making it possible for you to see the present speed, the present gear, battery level, odometer, turn speed, and travelling time. Take note that the little wheels of this scooter are intended only for smooth and level streets so you ought to slow when riding on uneven road or when hitting street bumps or potholes.


This scooter highlights 5 gears with the most extreme speed of 5 mph for gear one 7.5mph, two, 10 mph three, 12.5 mph four and 15 mph for gear five. The engine is sufficiently powerful to go through small climbs. For extreme inclines, it won’t be a problem since it can get some lift from my feet.

  • 15 mph top speed:- ensuring you reach you destination on time.
  • To a great degree lightweight scooter
  • ​Carbon fiber edge and deck
  • ​Easy to store– The Swagger scooter creases down in a couple of straightforward snaps for simple transportation and storage when not being used
  • Environmental friendly– The eco-accommodating Swagger is 100% electric and produces zero discharges, sparing your wallet and nature


After looking at the top E-scooters now is up to you to decide which best suits you. I will recommend anyone to buy an E-scooter because they are cheap compared to cars or motor bikes. Having an E-scooter gives you more freedom and less stress when commuting you don’t have to rush for parking space as you can easily fold it ant carry to class or office. E-scooters also are eco-friendly hence having one is better than buying a car especially if you’re a short distance commuter and E- scooters cut across all age group as they are not made for specific people. Imagine one evening you and your son or daughter taking a ride on an E-scooter stopping for ice-cream, it’s really a must have machine. What machines are out their if not the E-scooters that you literally don’t need to be licensed to drive or even to be taught you just have to go through the manual and you are ready to have you first ride. Lastly your that person who doesn’t like giving people a ride or where your bus drops you is far from home then my advice to you is get an E-scooter.

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No matter where you live you have most likely seen those little scooters that kids ride around in, where they push off the ground to gather speed and try to do little tricks, and at one point thought that it would be neat to buy your kids one, heck even buy one for yourself.

Now the electric scooter is a little more advanced than the one you push to get it moving. Electric scooters actually have a motor so all you have to do is stand on it and get up to some pretty fast speeds. When using an electric scooter as a form of transportation you can sleep easy knowing that you are not leaving a carbon footprint behind like some other scooter that use gas as a form of energy. Another great thing about electric scooter are that they can be used by kids and adults, they cost relatively cheap and can even help reduce the cost of the public transportation that you might be paying for currently.

Below are 10 different electric scooters for sale that you can research to try and find the right one just for you and your family. All of them have differences that make each unique, so be sure to read carefully and do some additional research if you find one that you like.


E-Wheels In motion L6

The L6 electric scooter is able to travel around 15.5 miles per hour which is plenty fast, most people sprinting at their top speed can’t even go that fast. This electric scooter is also the number one on this list for the distance you can travel until you need to recharge your battery. You can go roughly 25 miles until needing a boost. The L6 comes with nice sized 8’’ rims that allows for a comfortable ride, and can even hold up to 220lbs. Most of the reviews on the L6 say that this scooter is actually one of the better looking scooters on the market, and with its cruise control ability you just have to steer while you drive to your destination.


Obviously just like all the other scooters in this list the Swagtron is powered by electricity. It has a carbon fiber frame, meaning this scooter is very durable but also light, weighing in at only 17 pounds. For a scooter that weighs so little you wouldn’t expect the Swagtron to be able to carry up to an amazing 300 pounds. And like the name suggests this scooter has swag with a backlit LED display so you can monitor your speed while you drive. This scooter like many of the others comes in a variety of colors to suit the needs of both boys and girls.


Glion Dolly

The Dolly scooter also features 8’’ tires, but these tires are specifically made to never get flat. This means you can drive long distances without fear of running over something sharp and end up being stranded on the side of the road. At speeds of 15 miles per hour it is right on par with the rest of the scooters on this list although its travel distance until it needs a charge is slightly low at about 15 miles.


Razor E100

Not much special about the E100, it’s primarily only for children seeing that the weight limit is 120 pounds. Now it does still travel at 10 miles per hour so if your child is riding the E100 we advise that they wear a helmet. The battery life in the E100 isn’t anything special either, running for about 40 minutes until it needs to recharge. Remember though this is for a child, not someone who is going to be traveling to work on a daily basis.


Razor Pocket Mod Euro

The Euro is a relatively cheap scooter  that you actually sit down in while you drive it. This scooter has more of an old school feel and design to it carrying weights of about 170 pounds this scooter is made for people over the age of 12. This scooter does have the largest wheel on this list at 12’’ which means if you are looking for a scooter with a very smooth drive then this is the one for you. The battery life isn’t the greatest but the scooter does travel at 15 miles per hour and a 40-minute charge. One unique item on this scooter is that the seat is also a storage device for anything you might be carrying.


Genesis Hornet

The hornet is the most waterproof of the scooters mentioned so far, this doesn’t mean you should be driving around in puddles or anything, but taking it out when there is a light rain should be okay. The whole entire scooter only weighs about 20 pounds which means it would be very easy to pick up and carry in crowded places. Just like most of the other scooters this travels at 15.5 miles per hour and can last up to 20-25 miles. For such a light scooter it’s still able to carry up to 220 pounds at a time.


Much like the E100 stated above the E300 can travel a bit faster, topping in at 15 miles per hour and being able to travel for 40 minutes before needing a charge. These scooters are chain driven scooters which allows you to be able to fix them easier should anything go wrong. The E100 could hold 120 pounds but the E300 is able to hold 220 pounds, almost twice as much.


Inmotion lively

The Inmotion scooter is another scooter that does well in the rain, again you don’t want to be driving this is puddles or hurricane season, but if it is raining outside a bit then this scooter should be good to go. At speeds of 15.5 miles per hour and a range of about 20-25 miles this scooter will get you from place to place without much trouble. The Inmotion is able to fold up which makes it easy to take with you if you end up needing to go up some stairs or a steep hill. This scooter also comes with 8’’ tires and cruise control. Another feature of this scooter is that it has Bluetooth attached to it, allowing you to sync it to your phone.


UberScoot 1000W Electric Scooter

The uberscoot is by far the fastest scooters on this list, and because of that it is meant for people 12 years and older. This scooter gets up to speeds of 26 Miles per hour, and you are advised to wear a helmet when riding. On a full charge you should be able to travel a distance of around 10 miles. The Uberscoot has a good weight limit as well, being able to carry 265 pounds. Because of its speed this scooter comes with fairly large 10’’ tires to make your ride as smooth as possible.


The Eco Reco M5 is one of the stronger scooters on the list, being able to carry a person weighing in at about 280 pounds. The M5 is also a pretty fat scooter and can travel 20 miles per hours and has a full battery life of 20 miles before you would need to recharge. Because it’s able to carry so much weight you probably won’t be folding it up and throwing it over your shoulders, The M5 weighs almost 50 pounds.


As you can see, there are many electric scooters to choose from. All of them have different designs, battery life, and travel distance. Looking more in depth at each of these scooter will give you a better idea of which one will be best for your needs. The huge benefit for some individuals is that you absolutely do not need a license to drive one. Cars can be very expensive and are actually a hassle and taking the public transit for some people can be an even bigger hassle, especially with how crowded busses and trains are lately. If you only work a short distance away, an electric scooter is a great investment to make.

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