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IO Hawk Board Can No Longer Be Sold in the US. Find Out Why in this Article.


Until This Even Happened

An IO Hawk Hoverboard found via our Hoverboard Reviews page


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One of the first companies to gain a name for their “Personalized Motor Transporters”, was IO Hawk. The company unveiled what many called a mini Segway, or a self-balancing skateboard/board to the delight of the technology loving crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan 6 – 9, 2015.

The company acted quickly after the show and began selling their self-balancing scooter in February of 2015. Unbeknownst to the people who were rushing to buy the $1800 personal transporter was that at the same time a man was rushing to halt the sale of the IO Hawk board

That man, Shane Chen, was the inventor and patent holder of the Hovertrax. But what is the Hovertrax? It’s the two-wheeled evolution of the Solotrax, Chen’s electric unicycle. At CES 2015 Chen saw the I O Hawk hoverboard and told them that they were infringing on his patent. Shortly after that, Chen was suing the parent company of IO Hawk.

“There were a few [knockoffs] in the beginning. Then last year, all of a sudden there were over a hundred,” he said. “Then there were 150 of them. Now they’re not even copying us — they’re copying the copies. And they’re selling them worldwide. – Shane Chen

Fast forward to Nov 20, 2015, and Shane Chen is a much happier man. He had just won the first of many lawsuits that he has against patent-infringing companies who had little regard for his creation. The company that lost? IO Hawk. Now, anyone who willingly and knowingly sells their devices will be subject to potential liabilities.



IO Hawk price is a little high, especially for a company who gets placed into the Hall of Shame for supplier/vendors who suck! You can get an awesome  Swagtron T1 for under $500.


With six cargo containers being seized, it might be difficult buying an electric scooter this Christmas. But, don’t worry, I know where you can still get an amazing self-balancing scooter.


With his win, Chen is ready to defend his patent. The plot twist? How he’s getting sued by Segway for infringing on their patents. What will happen next?

“There were different waves of counterfeiters. They’d just reverse engineer the thing,” he said. “They’d buy it, they’d disassemble it and then make their own version.”

– Kelvin Lo
(Managing Director at Invanti, Inventist’s Beijing subsidiary)


Balancing vehicles and methods for transporting individuals over ground.

In an exciting twist in this whole debacle, Segway has decided to enter the courtroom, serving papers of their own to Shane Chen and his company  Citing pre-existing patents over Segway’s unique travel methods, the company wants damages and a permanent injunction preventing the sale of any more Hovertrax.




This means that the supply has been drastically cut short, around Christmas, when demand for toys and gifts increases 10x. Watch for initial price drops as vendors try to liquidate their supply. Then dramatic price increases across the board as the demand increases. Here’s a comparison of 6 major hoverboard brands. See 7 Hoverboards Compared


Because of how this is one of the hottest items for Christmas 2015, there should be several news outlets that pick up the story. This will also increase the amount of demand for this and other two-wheel electric scooters.

  • Don’t be afraid to buy yours now. There might not be much time left before the ones available are more than $1000 a piece.
  • It’s on sale right now for half of what it usually sells for.
  • Overall, it’s not a bad product at all, in fact, it’s quite nice in that it has a weight limit of almost 300 lbs. If you have to get a hoverboard for anyone over 250, you should consider this. Otherwise, the IO Hawk price still goes for a premium price, typically $200- $300 more than other brands.
  • For these reasons above in this IO Hawk review, I rate it 3/5 stars.


For being the nation’s biggest scooter store, you would think Razor USA would have already had a product to market. This hasn’t been the case, though with them now licensing the patent, that should change.

Razor is now selling the Hovertrax. Their first self-balancing scooter may be just what you were wanting. Check it out by clicking on the RED button.  Tell Me About Razor Scooters


The Ultimate Mall Store has a huge online presence. Will this luxury goods retailer continue their sale success with similar products with this one as well?

The Hovertrax at Brookstone will retail for $999.00. It has all the standard features of other models.

  • Max rated speed: 5mph
  • Operating range: Up to 9.3 miles on horizontal surface
  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 20.5 x 5.9 inches
  • Device weight: 15 pounds
  • Max rider weight: 200 pounds
  • Standard charge time: 1 hour
  • Regenerative braking efficiency: 70%
  • Drive mode: Dual-wheel and 2-way direct drive
  • Motor power: 1000W


Watch just some of what you can do with this awesome device.




Visit their website at


You can visit our page of hoverboard reviews you’ll be able to see the products we recommend.


See my Where to Buy A Hoverboard guide to learn about the other various manufacturers of balance boards, smart wheels, and self-balancing electric scooters.

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The hoverboard of the stars, the Phunkee Duck

The PhunkeeDuck personal transportation device is the next era of transportation. Riding one of these will change your world. You’ve seen some of your favorite celebrities riding one. Now you can see some of the other hoverboards for sale: self-balancing scooter comparisonRazor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter, A Pink Hoverboard by Powerboard.

I recommend the Swagtron T1 hoverboard, see why I think it’s a top hoverboard to buy.


It’s the original personal transportation device that all the hottest names on Instagram and YouTube were seen riding this past summer.


Personal transportation device shall be deemed to include motorized foot scooters, motorized skateboards, pocket motorcycles and all other similar devices, but shall exclude motorized wheelchairs, motor driven cycles, mopeds, electric-assisted bicycles, motorcycles, and electronic personal assistive mobility devices. Source

What does all that mean?

In English: The PhunkeeDuck is the most fun you can have while rolling around with clothes on.

The white Phunkee Duck personal transporter

A White phunkeeduck personal tranporter

Ask Steve: Ride my PhunkeeDuck? || STEVE HARVEY

Steve Harvey tries a new gadget that celebs like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner are raving about. Subscribe now to the STEVE HARVEY YouTube channel:

Self Balancing Electric Scooter Review ( Hoverboard, IO Hawk, PhunkeeDuck, monorover r2 )

I check out a Self-Balancing two-wheeled Scooter that I got from Amazon. Unlike the FutureFoot, IO Hawk, Muzeli, PhunkeeDuck, and monorover r2


Riding it is as easy as standing in place. To use it, just stand on it with both feet (you might want something to hold; the first time, so you don’t accidentally fall). Then just lean forward a bit. The technology inside will sense that you are shifting your weight, and it will react.

Leaning forward, makes you move forward.

Leaning back causes you to travel backward.

Leaning to the left or right, makes you turn in the corresponding direction.

To stop just requires you to stand upright. It doesn’t get any easier than this.


The PhunkeeDuck Hoverboard weight limit is 300 lbs. That more than most other brands of hoverboard.

It has a 1-year warranty.

Don’t confuse the PhunkeeDuck with any of the cheap Chinese knockoff hoverboards that you can find elsewhere. Designed and built to a higher quality standard than other hoverboards. It has a higher top speed than many other models. It has a better battery, for a higher range over a longer period.


  • Curb Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Max Weight Limit: 300 lbs.
  • Battery Charge: 6-7 hrs.
  • Battery Capacity and Type: Lithium-ion battery 36V 4.4AH
  • Charge Time: 2-3 hrs.
  • Includes a remote control to to lock and unlock it.

You can Get a Phunkee Duck in these Colors:

  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Titanium
  • Black
  • White
  • Yellow
Your Personal Mobility Device

A red PhunkeeDuck Personal Mobility Device

The Phunkee Duck Personal Transporter

It’s one of the most searched and well-known hoverboard brands in the US. If you’re looking for the hoverboard that your favorite celebrities have, you don’t need to look any further. They have been out of stock for a few weeks on Amazon. On the official site though, they are beginning to have them in stock again.

Visit the Official Site (non-affiliate link)


The Phunkeeduck personal transporter was one of the first commercially available hoverboards sold in the US.

Their promotions team was very quick to use celebrities to help promote their product.

They needed all the extra help they could get to convince people to purchase one at $1500.

The market price for a hoverboard has dropped to $400-$600 range for most of the popular brands, yet the Phunkeeduck costs $1500.

I wish more hoverboards had a weight limit of 300 lbs, but that alone isn’t worth buying a Phunkeeduck.


Save your money. If you want to get a high-quality hoverboard, get one of the StreetSaws.

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If you’ve been to any major mall in the US in 2016 you’ve probably seen a kiosk selling hoverboards. The Powerboard by Hoverboard is one of the most common brands sold. In this review, I’ll cover the following topics, to help you decide if the Powerboard is the right hoverboard for you.

  • Confused by the many different brands of hoverboard that you can buy? Find out what some of the things that you should look for if you are buying a hoverboard.
  • Why should you buy a Powerboard? You’ll learn what makes this one of the best-selling hoverboards that you can buy.
  • Watch out for hoverboard prices that are too high, or too low. See how the Powerboard compares to other self-balancing scooter brands.
  • See the best hoverboard comparisons

I cover all these points and more inside this review of the Power board by Hoverboard.


The Powerboard by Hoverboard is an average performing self-balancing scooter that does little to differentiate itself from the competition. Yet, this hoverboard is sold at a great price and the company behind it has been quick to address any issues that have arisen. There may be a few hoverboards that are better than this performance wise, they can’t beat the price. You may also like the Swagtron T1 Smart Balance Hoverboard


Product Name: POWERBOARD BY HOVERBOARD 2 WHEEL SELF BALANCING SCOOTER WITH LED LIGHTSProduct Type: 2 Wheeled Self Balancing Electric ScooterPrice: $$$Summary: Initially it seems like this isn’t all that great of a hover board. But after looking at this in detail, it’s quickly becoming my preferred recommendation when people ask what hoverboards I recommend.

Rating: 88/100

the powerboard scooter comes in many colors

4 colors to choose from. Which color do you like best?


Samsung Battery
Fast charging Samsung/LG battery (Ed note: the safest batteries are from Samsung/LG)

UL-2272 Certified
The Powerboard has passed the rigorous UL-2272 safety standards for self-balancing scooter electrical systems. That means that this is one of the safest hoverboards available.

Dual Hub Electrical Motors
Included inside each wheel hub is a powerful motor. These smooth, and silent, motors allow the Powerboard to have amazing agility. You can turn on a dime with this thing!

Better Anti-Slip Foot Pads
Improved anti-slip foot pads let riders maintain their grip on the hoverboard while riding.

Four Colors Available
Find the perfect hoverboard color for you. Choose from: blue, red, black, and white.

a black hoverboard from Powerboard

Do you need a black hoverboard? Consider the Powerboard


A pink hoverboard is perfect for any girl

The Pink Hoverboard By Powerboard

Hoverboards are the newest craze to hit the country. Unless you were sleeping under a rock, you have seen a video or news article about them. (Probably about people falling or the smart boards catching on fire, or the massive recall of 500,000 hoverboards.)

Or maybe during your Christmas shopping this year, you saw the guy at the mall kiosk with Powerboards that he was trying to sell.

Being the savvy shopper that you are, you kept on walking.

Or did you? Maybe you stopped and checked them out, only to walk away because of the high price tag.

That’s what I did the first few times that I saw them at the mall. I just kept on walking. Then I happened to see a friend on one and thought it was pretty cool.  Fast forward a few months and suddenly I’m the guy trying to find one, but everywhere i looked i couldn’t find any reliable information.

Nobody knew anything about hoverboards. Heck, most of the people had no idea what I was talking about.

So I had to do a LOT of research trying to find one that was a good buy.

Here’s what I’ve learned:


Looking at the Power board for the first time, I wasn’t awestruck or overwhelmed by how cool it was. (I might have gone numb from all the different smart boards I’ve looked at.)

It’s that same design as the Leray, the Swagway X1, the Razor Hovertrax and many other generic smart boards.

With the new certification standards, the different brands are beginning to show some differences between them, but this is still the basic hoverboard model.


The Power board Scooter is like most of the other smart boards that you can buy now. But, it seems to have a better build quality than other brands. Additionally, the battery inside seems to have more power and stamina.

For example, the Hovertrax from Razor looks and feels exactly the same to the naked eye. Who would win if you were to have a race with the Hovertrax vs. the Powerboard?

I’d say that the Hovertrax would lose. The Hovertrax has one of the shortest battery lifes. Compare the Powerboard’s 6-hours vs. the Hovertrax’s 60 minutes.

The safe bet, and my money would be on the Power board.

Now if you had to race the Powerboard vs. Swagtron T1? I’d throw my Swagtron on to charge first. But then it would be a close race to see who would win. The Swagtron and the Powerboard are very similar,  so a race would be fun to see.

Caution: your mileage may vary. A balance board’s top speed, range, and battery life all depend on several factors. Things like the weight of the rider, the terrain you’re riding on, and even the temperature can affect your scooter’s performance.

If your hoverboard doesn’t get the same performance as what the vendor promises, keep in mind that the specs they quote are for using it in an controlled lab environment.

the powerboard scooter comes in many colors

4 colors to choose from. Which color do you like best?



  • Comes in several different colors.
  • It’s got a great battery life. At 6 hrs. of charge and 60 minutes to recharge, there’s few other brands that can compete.
  • The 8 MPH is fast enough to be exhilarating, but not quite suicidal speed demon fast.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • UL-2272 Certified Hoverboard
  • US-based company, shipping from Arizona.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Most of the brands look exactly like this.
  • The chassis shows wear and tear easily.
  • Shipping time of approximately 5 days.

What I don’t like about the Powerboard is pretty minor. The Power Board looks like it’s peers. That’s not really a bad thing, but it would be nice if there was a bit more setting it apart.

Also, as with every other brand of self balancing scooter, the underside of the chassis easily scratches. This affects every single brand I’ve reviewed so far, though there are some methods to protect it from scratching.


The six-hour battery life is one of the best features of the Powerboard self-balancing scooter. Why is this one of the best?

The Powerboard battery life of 6 hours is about 25% more than it’s competitors. That means you can keep on using your hoverboard while other brands would have to stop and recharge their batteries.

Other features of the Powerboard Scooter are standard for most hoverboards.

For example, if you were to compare the Powerboards specs vs. the Swagtron, you’d see that they are very similar. This is also why the two products are usually the #1 and #2 best-selling hoverboards on Amazon. Both of them are quality hoverboards. You’d expect nothing less from two products that were topping the Amazon sales charts for self-balancing scooters.


Here’s an analogy that I think fits the situation. Are you looking for the hoverboard equivalent of a sports car? Something that is popular and goes fast? Or are you the type of person who goes for the luxury sedan that isn’t as fast as the sports car, but it is the better driving experience?

The Powerboard is like that sedan. It might not be as well-known as Swagway/Swagtron, yet it was attractive enough to be the #1 self-balancing scooter on Amazon.

Indeed, in my eyes, the Powerboard provides a safer riding experience because it doesn’t go 10 MPH. Pairing that slower speed with a longer battery life and shorter charging cycle was an excellent design choice. You’ll have an hour minimum longer to ride your self-balancing scooter than someone with a T1. (Or more, the Hovertrax from Razor only has 60 minutes of battery life. )

I’ve looked at hoverboards day after day for the past year. In all my online travels, I have yet to find another hoverboard that finds a balancing point between my criteria that I rate them with. This is why I recommend the Powerboard most often to people. It’s got a decent price, great battery life, pretty good speed, and seems to have a decent company behind it.


Here’s a few of the questions other people had on Amazon. I’ll leave off the more retarded questions that I saw. I hope that was just people trolling. Otherwise, we might be doomed as a race.


The max weight load it can hold is 220 lbs. or 100 kg. If you’re over that you might be able to use it, but you do run the risk of breaking it.


The tires are about 6.5-7 inches. (It depends on how you measure them). They are solid and without an inner tube.


No, the Power board doesn’t include Bluetooth speakers or a remote control.


The UL certification shows that the lithium batteries were tested and that they are safe for consumers and shouldn’t catch fire or explode.


The Powerboard scooter uses a Samsung lithium-ion battery. They leave the factory with a minimal first charge. To make sure that your battery performs as designed, you MUST fully charge the battery before using. Otherwise, your battery life will SUCK. Also, never drain the battery completely, as this too also causes damage to the battery life.


As a UL-2272 certified self-balancing scooter, the Powerboard hoverboard is safe and won’t explode.


Yes, the Powerboard was included in the July 2016 hoverboard recall. If you have a Powerboard from before March of 2016, you may be eligible for a replacement/repair of your self-balancing scooter. Visit for more details.


You can find the Powerboard for sale at many local malls. Also, carries them, and you can also buy a powerboard on  Currently, Amazon has the lowest Powerboard price.


The Powerboard price is usually under $400.


Company Website:

Info Email Address:

Tech Support/Service Email:

Tel: 480-535-4985


I’m going to keep this area updated with troubleshooting tips and tricks for the Powerboard. If you’re having issues with yours, try some of these out first. It might save you a warranty call.

Speaking of warranty calls, if you get a power board from Amazon, I recommend their Squaretrade Protection Plan. It extends your warranty for 2 years after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. There’s no deductible, and no shipping fees to send it in. For $50 or less, you get an extended warranty for a self balancing scooter. That’s a pretty sweet deal.



The Powerboard 2.0 appears to be essentially the same as the original Powerboard. However, it is now a UL-2272 certified hoverboard, which means that it has passed the required safety testing.

As you saw, the Hoverboard Powerboard has decent speed, excellent battery life, and moderate weight. Basically, this is a smart balance board that sits in the middle of the pack when compared to others.

However, what sets this one over and above its competitors are the US-based support, the four colors it comes in, and the extra fast shipping. (Amazon could have one to me tomorrow if I wanted.) The UL certification is not a plus; it should be considered a requirement of all brands. Having said that, it is nice not to have to worry that your smart board is going to catch on fire.

The Powerboard price is excellent, coming in at under $400 at the time of publishing this article.

If you’re looking for a hoverboard to get your kids for Christmas, the Powerboard may be an excellent option for you.


If you need a performance hoverboard (I don’t think they make them, yet) then you might not want to get a Powerboard. This is the standard hoverboard. It is better than a generic hoverboard off Ebay or some other deals site because Hoverboard LLC, (the company selling the Powerboard) has become established as one of the top 3 hoverboard companies in the US.


The Powerboard by Hoverboard is an average performing self-balancing scooter that does little to differentiate itself from the competition. This hoverboard is sold at a great price, and the company behind it has been quick to address any issues that have arisen.

There may be a few hoverboards that are better than this performance wise; they can’t beat the price.

While currently out of stock on Amazon, you can find them via the official Powerboard scooter site. The Razor Hovertrax is another good alternative.

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Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Scooter


Hover-1 Ultra Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

Hover-1 makes light yet high on performance hoverboards which make traveling exciting and easy. The Hover-1 Ultra has a modern design with numerous features that will please most riders. That is exactly why the hoverboard is considered to top of the line.


The Hover-1 Ultra provides hoverboard enthusiasts with a reliable and speedy hoverboard. While most hoverboards have maximum speed of 8 mph, the Hover-1 Ultra tops out at 10 mph. The 2 mph won’t seem like a whole lot on paper, however, when you get on this board compared to slower ones, you will immediately notice a difference. The hoverboard is lightweight, so that also adds to speed. Its aerodynamic design allows air to easily go under and above the hoverboard for better speed and road balance.

The self-balancing mechanism on the Hover-1 Ultra is as good as any other hoverboard. Once you get your balance, it should be hard for you to fall off, no matter what speed you are going at. The battery life is on par with other hoverboard in its class with the Hover-1 Ultra lasting up to 12 miles. It can take a max load of up to 220 lbs, making it useful for children and adults. You will also find two LED lights on the front so riding in the night won’t be a problem.


The Hover-1 Ultra is a reliable and durable hoverboard. For its price, it offers more than you would expect. It packs power with maximum speed of 10 mph and the self-balancing mechanism works well. In terms of safety, it has all the certifications you would expect and is fairly safe. Which makes the Hover-1 Ultra a great buy for anyone looking for a mid-range hoverboard.

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Best Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboards

One of the most important features you should look for in a hoverboard is whether it has self-balancing features or not. The most common accidents that occur with hoverboards is due to the fact that riders are not able to balance it properly, prompting them to fall. While the self-balancing feature doesn’t completely protect riders from falling, it does make balancing a lot easier for them. So we have a list of hoverboards with amazing self-balancing features for you to consider.

SWAGTRON T580                   


Our rating:

  Cost: $$$$

The Swagtron T580 comes with a ton of features that make it a great choice for riders. One of it’s best feature is the self-balancing functionality. If you are a beginner and just learning to get on a hoverboard then this one is a wonderful option. It will allow you to get used to being on a hoverboard and balancing yourself while going around. It also has Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your favorite songs. For beginners and intermediate riders, it has plenty of power with speed up to 7.5 mph. Making this a great buy for most hoverboard lovers.



Our rating:

  Cost: $$$$

Swagtron has practically perfected its self-balancing feature, which is why our top 2 picks are Swagtron. The T5 is slightly less powerful and doesn’t pack the same amount of features as the T580 but it is on par with the T580 when it comes to the self-balancing feature. This hoverboard is perfect for beginners with speed of up to 7 mph and a 200-watt motor. You won’t find yourself falling off this hoverboard much.

GOTRAX HOVERFLY ECO                      


Our rating:

  Cost: $$$$

The GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO is a great hoverboard for all types of riders. It really makes you feel like you are hovering when you actually aren’t. The machine comes with dual 250-watt motors that allow it to go to speeds of up to 7.4 mph. You can also ride it around for longer rides as the battery lasts for up to a 12 miles ride. The self-balancing technology is as good as any other you will find so you rest assured that you will be safe on the hoverboard for the most part.



Our rating:

  Cost: $$$$

The MegaWheels Hoverboard allows beginner rider perfect their skills and become pro in no time. Thanks to the self-balancing feature with non-slip foot pads which allow you to ride with ease. It comes with an overall power of 500 watts which gives it top speeds of 7.5 mph. It is a decent option for hoverboard if you are a beginner that is learning to ride hoverboards.

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Top 4 Fastest Hoverboards

One of the most common questions you may ask yourself on your quest for a hoverboard is, which of the many hoverboards is the fastest? Hoverboards are designed to make transportation slightly easier, however, since they aren’t safe for actual roads and used on sidewalks, you can’t really expect them to be fast and furious. The average hoverboard speed is around 7-8 mph. So we have a list of hoverboards that exceed the average speed.

EPIKGO SPORT+                  


The Epikgo Sport+ is the most expensive hoverboard on our list and for good reason too since it is the fastest. It packs quite the power allowing riders to go up to speeds of 12 mph, which may not seem like a lot but when you are on it, you will feel the thrill. It also has a lot of battery power as it has the capacity to last for up to 12 miles. The tires on the hoverboard are great and provide plenty of traction and grip so you can go at higher speeds and easily maneuver it. If you are looking for speed and have money to spend then this is the ultimate hoverboard.



With speed of up to 10 mph, the Halo Rover Racer Edition is a great hoverboard that comes with numerous functionalities. It is more expensive than the basic models out in the market but if you truly want a reliable and powerful hoverboard then this is it. It has an 800-watt power motor and can last up to 10 miles per charge. The recharge time of the batter is about 2.5 hour which is understandable since it packs a lot of power. This is a great hoverboard for anyone that goes out on adventures on a hoverboard.



If you want a hoverboard that provides speed and exceptional control then the Segway miniPro is a great option. It comes with 10.5-inch tires which is the biggest in the class of hoverboards so you get exceptional traction, control over the hoverboard. It doesn’t lag behind in terms of power either as it can go up to speeds of 10 mph and you can ride it for up to 12 miles. Its build and design is also top quality so it is one of the most reliable hoverboards you can find.

JETSON V8 ALL TERRAIN                 


Another hoverboard that packs an 800-watt motor, the Jetson V8 All Terrain can go up to speeds of 12 mph. Even though when we tested it, the hoverboard felt slightly less powerful when compared to the Epikgo Sport+. But it was definitely faster than your average hoverboard. We didn’t really enjoy the control at higher speeds but had no accidents. Overall, the Jetson V8 All Terrain is a decent hoverboard that is superior to your average options.

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Sky Walker Hoverboard Review

Skywalker is an electric personal transportation manufacturer based in Australia. They have three distinct product lines which offer environmentally-friendly ways of getting around: Sky Carts, Sky Boards or mini segways, and E-Bikes. Their most popular product line is by far the Sky walker Sky Boards. This company is one of the safest self-balancing scooters manufacturers coming out of Australia. They use only the best quality materials and offer a nationwide warranty for domestic customers. Their products don’t only offer great performance but also quick speeds to increase the thrill of riding.

Sky Walker Hoverboard Reviews

Very little is known about this Australian tech company, which is surprising since several technologically-advanced devices and electronics have originated from the country. However, Skywalker itself seems to be doing moderately well as a hoverboard manufacturer as their various boards are used worldwide.

Looking at their hoverboards, there’s very little that needs to be said. Not just because there’s very little downside to purchasing a Skywalker Sky Board, but because most of the boards on the company’s online store are just different color choices of the same product. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t do well in what they make. In fact, with recent advances in hoverboard technology, Skywalker is proud to present their all-terrain line of hoverboards which the company boasts can be used anywhere at any time.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the different hoverboard models that Skywalk produces in their labs down under.



  • 56 x 18 x 18 cm
  • 12 kg unit weight
  • 110 kg maximum weight capacity
  • 20 km travel distance on a single charge
  • 20 km/h maximum travel speed
  • Certified Waterproof and Dustproof Level (IP-54)
  • Lithium-ion 36v 4.4AH battery
  • 2-3 charging hours from empty to full battery
  • 1-year warranty

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This appears to be this company’s motto for their hoverboard product line. Looking at the specs, there’s very little that differentiates this product from the thousands of American and Chinese hoverboards that already saturate the market.

The 6.5” tires on this hoverboard are pretty much standard size for lightweight, not-so heavy duty boards. They can get you from place to place over smooth surfaces, but that’s basically all it can do.

What’s kind of impressive about this unit is its 110 kg (240 lbs) maximum weight capacity. For a board that’s only 12 kg (26.5 lbs) heavy, being able to carry more than 9-times its weight is definitely a plus. This just shows that Skywalker doesn’t skimp out on materials for constructing their hoverboards.

Swagtron T6

However, this is still far from the strongest of hoverboard than can carry more than 350 lbs (158.7 kg) but it should still bear the weight of even the heaviest of potential hoverboard riders wanting to take this thing for a spin.

The maximum travel speed of 20 kph (15 mph) is about the industry average so there’s nothing unique here. Even the maximum travel distance on a full charge is slightly underwhelming (20 km or 12.4 miles) compared to similarly-priced Chinese- or American-made boards. It can definitely get you around and be used as a way of short-distance commutes, so there’s that.

Lastly, there’s not even a Bluetooth speaker to pump your jams on! Not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s always a nice feature to have.



  • 800W dual motor
  • Lithium-ion 36v 4.4AH battery
  • 20 km travel distance on a single charge
  • 2-3 charging hours from empty to full
  • 14 kg unit weight
  • 120 kg maximum weight capacity
  • 70 x 22 x 23 cm
  • 1-year warranty
  • 8.5” shock absorbent tires

Now, this is what we want to see. Recent developments in hoverboard technology have made these boards more effective in operating on top of gravelly roads and wet roads. At least we see that Skywalker has harnessed the technology and implemented it into one of their products.

The Skywalker X Road features 8.5” tires that are the perfect size and shape for running n any terrain. These are definitely not the biggest tires that a hoverboard can use, but they are among the biggest. With these 8.5” tires, there’s very little you can’t run on. Making them adequately able to absorb shocks is a definite plus when it comes to running on rough surfaces.

This 14 kg-device is able to carry up to a remarkable 120 kg (264.6 lbs). Kudos to whoever designs and produces their sturdy line of hoverboards. This is also quite far from becoming one of strongest hoverboards out there, but at least is suprasses the 250 lbs threshold used to measure hoverboard durability.

Travel distance is the same as their 6.5” model, which is kind of surprising seeing as how they both use the same battery but this unit’s tare weight is heavier. We probably would’ve loved to see more power in their off road hoverboard but safety is this company’s number one priority.

Once again, we see no Bluetooth option. Shame…


So these are the two most prominent hoverboards that Skywalker has to offer. This Australian company doesn’t make much, but what they make, they make well. Performance is guaranteed with their 6.5” and 8.5” models, and you can expect to use these products for many years before replacing with a newer model.

Speed-wise, there’s nothing that separates this Australian brand’s hoverboards from the Chinese and US products that dominate the market. However, there’s no point of traveling quickly if you can’t do it safely, and this Australian-certified company doesn’t skimp on safety. Distance-wise, again there’s nothing that impressive coming from this Australian-based tech company.

However, to end on a positive note for the company, Skywalker’s online website does not exclusively boast about high-quality Sky Boards. In fact, they are prouder of their electric bike/scooter product line, and seeing as how both their scooters are currently out of stock there’s no reason to believe that this company doesn’t take electronic short-distance travel devices seriously.

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Top 8 Hoverboards for Girls

When we think of hoverboards, we generally associate the technology when boys. However, the craze of hoverboards transcends gender and is liked by both boys and girls. Keeping this in mind, we have reviewed the top 8 hoverboards that have caught the eyes of girls.


Razor Hovertrax 2.0

​Razor has been one of the top brands in terms of scooters and now hoverboard developers. The Hovertrax 2.0 has really caught the attention of girls due to is innovative design. The body is a little bulky and sturdy which may put girls off, however, it comes in numerous different colors including red, pink, and white which have been very popular with girls. Not to mention, it also comes with a cool-blue LED display. With great speed and handle, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has become the darling of hoverboards for girls.


Swagtron T5

The name says it all, who doesn’t like a little “swag.” Looking at the design, you wouldn’t think that the Swagtron T5 would appeal to girls, it’s bulky, sporty, and a little heavy. However, the hoverboard is one of the top selling ones with girls because it is just the right speed, a maximum speed of 8 mph and the battery on full charge lasts for about an hour and a half. The ride on the Swagtron T5 is smooth, turns are easy and it really grips the road which is why it is a favorite for both boys and girls alike.


Epikgo Self-Balancing Scooter b

Weighing in at 31 lbs, you would think the Epikgo would be something only men ride on. But the design and functionalities of the hoverboard have caught a lot of girls eyes. This is more for the heavy duty girl that really like to go a little off-road with their hoverboard. It comes with all-terrain tires that are 8.5 inches so works well on off-road tracks also. It is both dirt and water resistant and goes up to 10 mph. It also has a funky design which has appealed to girls, coming in a few different colors.


Hoverzon XLS Self-balancing Hoverboard

Jamming to music has never been easier than with Hoverzon XLS. The hoverboard comes with speakers that employ Bluetooth for connection. So listening to music while on a ride has never been easier. Making this a wonderful selling point to girls that like to jam while going out and about. It doesn’t lack power either with ride time up to an hour and speeds of up to 8 mph. This hoverboard is definitely one that girls prefer, plus the bright colors help it stand out.


A simple yet elegant design, the Powerboard is the perfect hoverboard for girls that are on the go. It weighs 26 lbs which may be heavy for a few but comes in 4 different colors. It is a wonderful hoverboard to start off on as it has a maximum speed of just 6 mph and a battery life of up to a whopping 6 hours. So for girls that need to go from one place to another and another can really benefit from the long battery life. Plus, it doesn’t go too fast so it is easy to steer and maintain a balance on.


Skque X1

If you are looking for a sleek and catchy design then the Skque X1 is it for you. The hoverboard has smooth handling with speeds of up to 8 mph. The battery allows it to go up to 12 miles per charge. It comes with Bluetooth speakers which make listening to music easy on longer rides. This hoverboard is perfect for the casual rider that doesn’t require a heavy duty hoverboard yet one with a sleek design.


Xtremepower US Self-Balancing Scooter Electric Hoverboard

The Xtremepower hoverboard is a wonderful board for girls as it weighs only 20 lbs. As a light-weight hoverboard, it is easy for them to take anywhere and it has the capacity to withstand the weight of up to 200 lbs. This overboard has been popular with teens as it provides a smooth ride that is not too fast. It complies with all the safety standards and a favorite for parents also.


HX 6.5” Hoverboard

The HX takes a similar design approach as the Skque X1 and is very sleek, coming in two colors (black and white). It is easy to steer and provides a decent ride with speeds of up to 7 mph. It can go up to 12 miles on a single charge and has a charge time of up to 2 hours. It is easy to use and therefore a hit with girls.

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GalaxyBoard Hoverboard Review


  • ​Sturdy design, withstand weight of up to 240 lbs
  • ​Not overly priced
  • ​Exceptional control on rides
  • LED in front and back


  • ​While it claims to go to 12 mph we felt that it wasn’t much faster than the average hoverboard that goes to 10 mph

​Self-balancing hoverboards are no longer a thing of the future. With kids and adults alike drawing an interest, the sales and popularity of hoverboards have really gone through the roof. There are a wide variety of hoverboards to choose from with different functionalities. GalaxyBoard has really made a wonderful hoverboard which doesn’t blow you away but provides a smooth and easy ride, allowing you to get from one place to the other.

From the moment, you open the box of the GalaxyBoard, you will not be disappointed. It is built well with exceptional self-balancing technology which makes going for a ride on it a lot easier than the average hoverboard. We start our review with the design of the GalaxyBoard.


Like other hoverboards, the control of the GalaxyBoard is at your feet. You can guide it to go forward or backward. It comes equipped with LED lights on both sides so you can ride it out into the dark. However, the lights aren’t as powerful so we recommend you take precautions if you plan on using the hoverboard with low lighting. The build of the hoverboard is great, it can withstand a weight of up to 240 lbs. which makes it wonderful for both kids and adults. The design is more aimed towards kids with flashy colors.

The hoverboard itself isn’t too heavy at 25 lbs. The plastic material on the body seems quite durable, we had no issues during our test drive and use.


When it comes to hoverboards, the ride is the main element that should concern users. We truly enjoyed the ride of the GalaxyBoard. The board has the capacity to go up to 12 mph, which is slightly faster than the average hoverboard which peaks at about 10 mph. Many consider this to be a speed demon, however, we felt it was just slightly above as far as speed goes than average hoverboards. But the tires on the board ensure a smooth ride even at higher speeds which is why the ride was so great. It comes with reinforced wheels and tires that really grip the road allowing you to get a better handle when turning or going at higher speeds.

The board comes equipped with a 36V/4.4 AH Samsung Li-on battery, which allows it to ride for roughly 15 miles. So you can easily take it with you out on a trip and not have a need to recharge it. The charge time of the battery is quite fast with just up to 2 hours for full charge.


Overall, GalaxyBoard is definitely a hoverboard we recommend. It is sturdy, packs power, and provides smooth rides making it a smart buy for those that love hoverboards. Plus, it isn’t too expensive, priced just $70 more than the lower end hoverboard. Which make the GalaxyBoard a smart investment for those looking for a decent hoverboard.

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Best Off Road Electric Scooters

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Off Road Electric Scooters

Off Road Electric Scooters

Cruising the streets on an electric scooter or hoverboard is not only fun, but it allows you to get from one point to another without exerting too much energy. Using a standard electric scooter or hoverboard can be a nuisance if you have to go through different terrains, going from a smooth pavement to dirt road. Tires and build on standard hoverboards aren’t the best for that. That is where off-road electric scooters/hoverboards come in to save the day.

Off-road electric scooters come equipped with heavy-duty tires that can easily adapt to tough terrains allowing people to feel little to no difference. The tires are generally bigger and manufactured so they make the transition smooth from one terrain to another. When it comes to deciding the right electric scooter/hoverboard you should consider the following:

  • Size of the tires: the bigger the tire the more durable and better suited they would be for off-roading. So tired above 8.5 inches are great. If you plan on going off-roading for longer periods to roads that are rougher than you can consider getting one with bigger tires.
  • Build: Going off-roading can easily put a lot of wear on the scooter/hoverboard. You need to get one that is durable and designed to last, so be sure to consider the materials used to construct the scooter/hoverboard. The more weight the scooter/hoverboard can handle the better build it has.
  • Battery: You don’t want your scooter/hoverboard to run out of juice while you go on your favorite trail. You should definitely consider how much power the battery can supply and for how long the scooter/hoverboard can last on a charge.

Don’t worry, we have already done all the hard work for you. We have picked out the two most reliable and fun off-road electric scooter/hoverboard for you. You just have to decide which one of the two you think is more suitable for you.


Segway miniPRO


  • ​10-12 mph max speed
  • ​800W motor
  • ​28 lbs.
  • 14 mile travel distance on a full charge
  • 4 hours charging time
  • Adjustable height from 3’11” to 6’6”
  • Water resistant
  • 10.5” tires
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Remote control

This hoverboard is essentially a miniature version of the classic Segway that mall cops use, but is clearly different from the other hoverboards. Some argue that this is technically not a hoverboard due to its steering column and smaller knee bars for precision steering, but in the end of the day, this Segway is steered with your legs when the height is set to its shortest.

The miniPRO is extremely responsive to body movements, making it a highly manageable device to move around in. even the slightest backwards lean can trigger a reduction in speed and eventual full stop. The parking brake is also a handy brake-feature for stopping all functions. This is especially useful when stopping on an incline.

The miniPRO also comes with a handy remote control for controlling movements. The hoverboard can be driven using the RC, which is both useful and fun to use.

If you’ve ever had a hoverboard swiped while it was charging, then you’ll definitely appreciate the beeping alarm which is triggered when moved without the owner’s permission. The alarm is set with the same parking brake feature which prevents further movement.

This commuter-friendly hoverboard has a maximum travel distance of 10-12 miles per full charge. This is definitely the device you want if you intend on traveling moderate distances using a compact, personal transportation device.


Swagtron T6


  • ​Dual 350W motors
  • ​10” tires
  • ​10-12 mile range
  • 30.55 lbs
  • 380 lbs max weight load
  • 12 mph max speed
  • 2-3 hour charging time
  • LED Lights
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • iOS and Android app

The Swagtron T6 boasts features that make it unique among all average-sized hoverboards. Better yet, its size makes it compatible for users from 8 years old to adults.

First of all, the T6 has 10” wheels powered by two 350W motors, making it a bigger and more powerful machine than most of what’s out there. Its tubeless tires allow for smooth, bump-free rides on all sorts of surfaces. The nylon-infused tires feature a rugged pattern and shoulder blocks for extra traction. The T6 is even able to take riders up and down steep 30° inclines with no issues.

The T6’s major selling point is definitely the maximum weight capacity of 380 lbs and the only board suitable for people weight over 270 lbs. New hoverboard users may find it difficult to navigate at first, but the three rider modes of varying difficulty levels helps them ease into the process of mounting and controlling this beast.

You can also use a downloadable app for your iPhone or Android which controls the board’s three modes (learning, standard and pro). At the moment, this is one of the more affordable boards out there.


Epikgo Hoverboard


  • ​8.5” tires
  • ​26 lbs
  • ​260 lbs max weight capacity
  • 400W dual motors
  • Waterproof certified (IP56)
  • 10 mph max speed
  • 1-2 hours charging times
  • 10-12 mile range on a full charge
  • LED Lights
  • Constructed with aluminum alloy for extra strength and durability
  • No Bluetooth integration
  • UL 2272 certified

There aren’t any empty promises when it comes to the Epikgo Hoverboard. Its moderate weight, sturdy build, and large rubber tires are all proof of Epikgo’s deserving place in the hoverboard manufacturer’s hall of fame. The company also has a non-outsourced, high quality customer service to help you with any and every problem and question you might have regarding their product. They offer excellent pre- and post-purchase services to make you feel as comfortable as possible with their device.

The weight may be an issue to some people, but you’ll definitely appreciate the extra strength and ruggedness that it brings. You’ll need the extra weight to lift and support users of all sizes (up to 260 lbs weight capacity), and to take you on bump-free rides through rocky terrain.

One downside of this product is that it doesn’t come with Bluetooth speakers. For your neighbors and passersby, this can be a good thing since blaring music at odd hours of the day or in public areas can be extremely annoying, but now you’ll have to pump your music the old fashioned way: from your smartphone or shoulder-mounted beatbox.



  • ​10 mph max speed
  • ​2.5 hours charging time
  • ​10 mile range on a single charge
  • 32 lbs
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • LED lights
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Beginner, Standard and Advanced user configurations
  • 260 lbs max weight load
  • Water resistant (IPX4)

The title of best overall hoverboard rightfully belongs to the Halo Rover Hoverboard. The Halo Rover is a prominent hoverboard that can go up to 10 mph and travel for 10 miles on a single fully-charged battery.

Its 8.5-inch tires are more than capable of handling any rough terrain you navigate the hoverboard onto. Amazingly, this board can take its riders up and down inclines of up to 20°!

It’s also a water-resistant board so you won’t have any issues with small- to medium-sized ponds of accumulated water when it rains.

This device uses LED lights to effectively light dark paths up ahead and to alert other hoverboarders and motorists of your presence.

Owners of the Halo Rover Hoverboard will have access to the app (iOS and Android compatible) which lets them monitor the battery power, speed, and total distance traveled. The app is also used to configure maximum speed, steering sensitivity, and drivability for users of all levels (beginner, standard and pro).

Despite the numerous compliments that this device garners from consumers and hoverboard fans, the Halo Rover Hoverboard will cost you upwards of US$100 more than other boards on the market. But one thing is for certain: its performance is definitely worth the higher price tag.


Having an electric scooter/hoverboard doesn’t mean you can’t go off-roading. Like with cars there is a thrill when you go off-roading on a scooter/hoverboard which adds to the overall riding experience. Scooter/hoverboard manufacturers having taken that into consideration as more and more scooters and hoverboards have started to employ tires that allow people to easily use them no matter what the terrain. Both the Swagtron T6 and Epikgo Sport are great for off-roading and will provide users with a smooth and fun ride.

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