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Your hoverboard has a red blinking light that flashes and won’t let you use it.

Maybe whenever you ride your hoverboard, it turns to one side slower than the other. That would be great if this were NASCAR. Make sure you wear a helmet when riding.

Unfortunately, this is your brand new hoverboard. Don’t worry; this is a common problem, and I’ll teach you how to fix it in a couple of minutes.

Before I get into that, though, I’d like to introduce you to the what I hope will become a resource for anyone looking to troubleshoot a hoverboard.

Since they are such a new product, little information has been created with a step-by-step guide to troubleshooting and repairing self-balancing scooters.

This article is the first post in a series: Hoverboard Troubleshooting 101: Recalibrating Your Hoverboard.

Stay tuned for more in this series. If you’ve got a different problem that is affecting your hoverboard and you can’t find an answer, send me a comment in the form below, and I’ll help you figure a solution out.

Now, let’s figure out what’s wrong with your hoverboard.

You don’t know what happened to your hoverboard. It was working fine last time you used it.

Today, when you tried turning it on it began beeping and had a red led in the center flashing.

Attempting to ride it was pointless because one side went faster than the other, or it vibrated and shook while riding.


Somehow your hoverboard has an imbalance in gyroscopic sensors that it uses to control itself.

The fix is easy, and will only take you a few minutes to recalibrate your hoverboard.

It’s so easy you won’t even need any tools. Just use a flat surface that is level.


There are more steps involved to troubleshooting more advanced issues. Check the Scooter repairs page to see the latest articles on repairing your hoverboard.

If you need to get a replacement part for your scooter, you’ll find the most common one’s people need to fix their hoverboards here.

Are you just wanting to make your hoverboard custom or maybe you need some scooter accessories?



Find yourself a flat area to work on your hoverboard. Place your hoverboard down in the work area and check to make sure that it is level. This means:

  • Both sides of the hoverboard are even and completely matched up.
  • The left, and right sides are level and at the same height.
  • You’re just double checking your board to make sure that it level.
Self-balancing scooter calibration - step 1 - level surface

Hoverboard Calibration – Step 1 – Place your self-balancing scooter on a level surface.


After your hoverboard is on the level surface, press the power button once to turn your hoverboard on.

Self-balancing scooter calibration - Step 2 - Power hoverboard on.

Your hoverboard’s LEDs blink 4x in a row.


High rating Hoverboard on customer satisfaction!Click Here


Locate the power button and press and hold it for 5-10 seconds.

The whole time the battery LED and the red LED should be flashing.

Hold the power button until the two lights change the pattern of how they are blinking.

As soon as they change the pattern, let go of the power button.

Self-balancing scooter calibration - Step 3 - press and hold power button till lights flash

Hoverboard calibration – Step 3 – Press and hold down the power button until the lights flash


Now that you’ve let go of the power button push it in again and turn off your hoverboard.

That’s it; your hoverboard should be recalibrated. I told you that it was an easy fix.

Try powering your self-balancing scooter back up and see if the recalibration has helped. It should be as good as new.


Some quick points:

  • Make sure that your hoverboard is level when you recalibrate it. If you try to calibrate it when it isn’t level, you will make the situation worse. It needs
    to be level and not moving when calibrating so the sensors recenter themselves correctly.
  • You will have to recalibrate your hoverboard every few weeks as you notice the alignment begins to get out of sync.

See that was quick and painless, and this should be your first step when you need to troubleshoot a problem with your hoverboard


Do the lights on your hoverboard keep flashing at you? Do the LEDs blink whenever you turn on your hoverboard? Maybe it was working fine, and then after a quick stop you went to turn it on, and now the lights keep turning on and off?

Sound familiar? It’s like the Red Ring of Death wanted to go for a hoverboard ride with you.

Don’t worry, though; there’s some easy troubleshooting that can be done, and most likely you’ll be able to fix the issue yourself.

Maybe you should have gotten an extended protection plan for your self-balancing scooter.

In this article, I show how to diagnose problems your hoverboard has and the parts you’ll need to fix it.

First, you need to try recalibrating your hoverboard. Calibration should become your first step whenever it starts acting weird.


  1. Power off your hoverboard and place it on the ground in a level spot.
  2. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds let go of the power.
  3. Try turning your hoverboard on.

When you turn the power on there the LED lights will flash in a specific pattern. That will let you know the next steps that you need to do.

Multiple reminders on the DIY repair articles that read something like:  “Only attempt to repair your own hoverboard if you feel comfortable performing all of the required steps, and have some technical experience.  If your hoverboard is broken beyond a simple fix, why not consider a brand-new UL certified hoverboard from ScooterEra?  Click here to see our hoverboards



There’s a loose cable or connection inside the scooter. Find a comfortable area to work on your hoverboard. You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver. There should be 18 screws holes on the bottom of the scooter that you’ll need to undo. Be careful when you open it up, some models have a cable that’s connected to the part you are removing.


TIP: keep two containers handy to put the screws into while you are working. There’s 10 for the outer edges of the chassis, and then 4 in the center and 4 in the corners.

After it’s opened, you’ll see the electrical cables. To make life easy on yourself, start at one corner of the hoverboard and systematically work your way around the inside. Disconnect and then reconnect any of the connections you see. After that’s done, you can tuck everything back in and replace the shell. Screw in all the screws and try powering it up.

If all goes well, you’ve fixed your hoverboard.

there are 18 screws you have to undo to open your hoverboard

First you’ll have to unscrew the 18 screws around the edge of the case.


Flashing 2-3x ‘s hard to determine what’s wrong with your hoverboard. Is it a white/yellow light? It is often more of a problem if it is a red light that is blinking. The diagnostic is showing that there is an internal circuit error and will require testing and troubleshooting. It’s fixable, but there’re too many things that it could be for me to explain it here.  If this happens to you, shoot me a message and I’ll try to help. This can sometimes happen after riding it for hours before its broken in.

The diagnostic is showing that there is an internal circuit error and will require testing and troubleshooting. It’s fixable, but there’re too many things that it could be for me to explain it here.  If this happens to you, shoot me a message and I’ll try to help.

It’s fixable, but there’re too many things that it could be for me to explain it here.  If this happens to you, shoot me a message and I’ll try to help diagnose the problem.

Self-balancing scooter calibration - Step 2 - Power hoverboard on.

Your hoverboard’s LEDs blink 4x in a row.


If the LEDs blink four times:

Whatever have you been doing to your poor hoverboard?

You’ve managed to break one of the wheels, and you’ll need to replace it.

The blink pattern means that the wheel that’s NOT on the battery side is the damaged one.

You’ll need to order a replacement. Here’re the best replacement wheels for hoverboards.


UL Certified 8.5″ Rugged HoverboardClick Here to Buy


This is a replacement hoverboard wheel for any 6.5″ self-balancing scooter or hoverboard. This should fit most hoverboards.

It’s easy and quick to replace your hoverboards wheel, all it takes is a screwdriver and about 15 minutes.

– Size: 17 * 5.7cm
– Cable length: 26cm
– Motor Power 350w, brushless
– Electric braking system
– Rated voltage 36V
– Rated speed 800rpm
– Loading weight 240 lb

This is only a single replacement wheel for your hoverboard. You’ll need to replace the wheel if the motor on one side isn’t working.

replacement wheel for 6.5" hoverboard

Shop on Amazon



A replacement wheel for any 8″ self-balancing scooter. You can use this on most 8″ hoverboards. Be sure that you use wheels of matching sizes and that you are getting the correct size wheel for your hoverboard.

– Size: 20.5 * 7cm
– Cable length: 30cm
– Motor Power 350w
– Electric braking system
– Rated voltage 36V
– Rated speed 800rpm
– Maximum speed of 15km / h (according to user weight decision)

Installing a new wheel and motor for your self-balancing scooter is extremely easy and should only take about ten minutes.Shop on Amazon


The standard replacement wheel for any 10″ hoverboard, this should fit most models.

To install:

  • open your hoverboard case
  • disconnect the wires to the wheel
  • unscrew the old hoverboard wheel and motor mount
  • mount your new wheel and screw into place
  • reconnect the wiring
  • close the hoverboard case

Buy it on eBay

a new 10" hoverboard wheel



Perfect for having fun and impressing your friends!

  • Sleek design with chrome rims
  • 6-inch wheels with rubber tires
  • Dual 350 W motors
  • 10 km/h top speed
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Fully charged in 3 hours
  • 20 km range with full charge*

*Range under ideal riding conditions (flat, even terrain)Buy It Here



Run!!!!!!! Just kidding, but it’s not a good idea to go max speed.

If it’s blinking red, the wheel/motor on the side with the battery is damaged.  You can use the same wheels that I just listed above; there’s no difference between a left and right wheel.

Replacing the wheel isn’t difficult and only takes a screwdriver and a few minutes.


You’ve got a bad battery, my friend. Battery life is kaput.

It’s easy to fix. You will have to make a decision about what battery you want to replace the defective one with.

I recommend getting a quality battery since they are safer and better performing than a cheap, generic battery.


A SentryShield battery pack from SwagTron will keep hoverboards from exploding

The SentryShield battery is the safest hoverboard battery that you can buy. Encased inside of the SentryShield the Samsung battery is protected from accidental damage or exposure.

  • Specially designed fire-proof aluminum chamber.
  • Fits the Swagway X1, Swagtron T1, and T3.
  • Should fit other hoverboard brands as well.
  • UL-2272 Certified

Shop on


the streetsaw replacement battery for hoverboards and self-balancing scooters.

The StreetSaw hoverboard replacement battery is either a Samsung or LG battery.

This means that you are getting a battery that has the best durability and is the longest lasting.

It’s great for anyone with a hoverboard, with endurance for long distance trips and performance for when you’re playing around.

Hoverboard Battery Type: Samsung & LG
Technology: Lithium-Ion Battery
Voltage: Hoverboard battery 36V
Capacity: 4.4Ah  Power: 158W
Cut-off voltage: 26V
Maximum Voltage: 42V
Max. discharging current: 30amp
Max Continuous Discharging Amperage: 20 Amps
Rated Discharging Amperage: 15 Amps
Charging Current: <5 Amps
Charging Voltage: 43.2 Volts
Dimensions: 133mm x 60mm x 85mm
Net Weight: 970g
Run time: 12-15miles (Depends on weight and road condition)
Lifecycle: > 95% capacity after 1000 cycles.

Shop on


Your self-balancing scooter is more like a “good luck keeping your balance” scooter.

One of the balancing circuits inside has malfunctioned.

As with the second and third blinking patterns, it’s difficult to know what is causing the failure. This is a good value replacement circuit board kit for a hoverboard. Use this to replace all of the circuits in your hoverboard.

While you can just replace the balancing sensor circuit boards I don’t recommend you do so.


One of the circuit boards failed inside your hoverboard, which means somewhere inside of the electrical system there’s been a short circuit. If you don’t replace the whole system, there’s a very strong chance that you’ll cause the same damage to the new board that you install.

If you don’t replace the whole system, there’s a very strong chance that you’ll cause the same damage to the new board that you install.Additionally, there’s the compatibility of the old system and new part. Without inspecting your hoverboard, I can only make a general suggestion. The parts I recommend should be compatible, but they may not. By replacing all the circuit boards at one time, you can ensure that all the pieces work together.


Hoverboard balance circuit replacement

This replacement circuit/sensor is used to fix a broken self-balancing scooter which has one or both sides that fail to move.

Installing couldn’t be easier. Unscrew and unplug the old sensor and then connect this in its place.

  • Best-selling hoverboard replacement part on Amazon.

Shop on Swagtron


Self-balancing scooter replacement kit

Completely replace the components inside your hoverboard or self-balancing scooter with this set of parts. You’ll find all the parts you need in order to fix any electrical problems your hoverboard may be experiencing,

Included with this kit:

  • 1 High Quality Non-Bluetooth Main Control Hoverboard Motherboard
  • 2 Gyro Sensor Boards (3 Female Interface Connections)
  • 2 Front Headlight LED Boards and 2 Top Indicator LED Boards
  • 1 Standard Charger Port and 1 Power Switch with Panel Nuts

Shop on Amazon


All the parts and components you need to replace the parts inside any hoverboard or self-balancing scooter. You’ll be able to install all these parts in no time flat. You can also use this kit to add Bluetooth to any hoverboard.

Included with this kit:

  • 1 Bluetooth Motherboard
  • 2 Gyro Sensor Boards
  • 1 Bluetooth Module
  • 1 Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1 Bluetooth Remote
  • 2 Front LED Headlights
  • 2 Top Indicator LEDs
  • 1 Power Button Cable
  • 1 Charging Portal Cable

Shop on Amazon

You could use the Bluetooth circuit board kit to completely customize your hoverboard and add Bluetooth to it if you wanted to.


Are you wearing the proper hoverboard safety gear? What are you doing testing your hoverboard while it’s upside-down? Turn it over and try the test again.

Turn it over and try the test again.

If the LEDs flash nine times in a row the hoverboard is reporting that it is upside down. You’ll have to return it to the normal upright position and try the process all over again.

That’s all the different status codes that are displayed by most of the current models of hoverboards.

If you follow the steps listed above you should be able to figure out what you need to do to be able to fix your hoverboard yourself.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send me a message, and I’ll see what I can do to help you out.

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A hoverboard weight limit?  Are they implying something?

My good friend Freddie hit me up the other day and asked me this:

You know I’m a big guy and I was wondering is there a weight limit for hoverboard riders? What I mean is: will I break a hoverboard?  You know I weigh more than 300 lbs, can you tell me where to find hoverboard that I can use and not break?

I was stumped by this question. When you’re shopping for the best hoverboard for a person who weighs 100 lbs., the last thing you’re thinking about is how much weight a hoverboard could support.

I was used to questions like where to easily buy hoverboards, or even how to ride a hoverboard, but this one had me confused at first.

Back to the story.

So my buddy is a big dude. He’s big enough that if he doesn’t want to budge, he’s not going to budge. He had been at work, and someone had brought in a mini-Segway. He loved it. But he was afraid that the mini-Segway couldn’t support him, and he wanted my help. He needed help to find the hoverboard / segway weight limit

This is what I do.
Capt. Save-a-ho Hoverboard to the rescue.

Honestly, when he first asked me the question, I didn’t know what the hoverboard max weight limit even was, or why it even mattered.  I image you could exceed the posted weight limit on hoverboard specs, but you probably wouldn’t want to. But was it that important? It was probably some crazy number anyway.

Off to the internet, I went, doing some research and reading all of the fine print that I could find.  I had to visit some unsavory sites; I even ended up on one site promising the “good smart electric hoverboar”  (that’s how they had it spelled).

You would not believe some of the things I saw.  Can you believe that someone has made hoverboard porn videos?  Whether hoverboard sex is your thing or not, you have to give them credit for the agility and planning that’s involved.  But there, in those deep and dark places, I found what I was looking for… (it wasn’t hoverboard porn.  Jeez, some people)

If you weigh more than 300 lbs, you run the risk of possibly seriously hurting yourself in a fall.

Yes, a 100 lb. a person could hurt themselves, but the 300 lbs. person is likely to be more injured.

A kid can ride, slip, fall and bounce right back. I would hate to hear you fell and hurt yourself. If you decide to go for a ride, make sure that you find out what the hoverboard weight restrictions are.

Typically you can find the on the vendor’s website or the box that it came in. Any quality page will have it listed in the specs. (Like this one does. =)

If you are sitting there on your side of the computer screen right now, cursing me for saying something like this, I do apologize.

If you decide that you’re going to do whatever you feel like doing, then by all means, don’t let me stop you.

I’ll go back to working on my self-balancing scooter blog. Take 5 minutes and read this page on how to ride a hoverboard.

It might save you from being on one of those YouTube videos of people wiping out horribly.


Discovering max load is done by the manufacturer during the testing phase of product development, theoretically. Though any hoverboards that are UL-2272 certified have to report the weight

With many of the current issues people are having with cheap hoverboards exploding or catching on fire, I doubt they underwent much testing.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has launched several investigations into the safety of self-balancing scooters.  Interestingly enough, they are also looking into a self-balancing scooter rider’s weight and if the programming compensates for the wide range of weights for American riders have.




My Top Pick for Best Hoverboard


Get the Best Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers & IPhone App


Multiple reminders on the DIY repair articles that read something like:  “Only attempt to repair your own hoverboard if you feel comfortable performing all of the required steps, and have some technical experience.  If your hoverboard is broken beyond a simple fix, why not consider a brand-new UL certified hoverboard from BestEride?  Click here to see our hoverboards


The weight limit for a hoverboard varies by model, but these are the typical values:

  • A 4.5″ hoverboard weight limit is 120 lbs. (55 KG.)
  • The 6.5″ hoverboard has a suggested weight limit of 220 lbs. (100 KG.)
  • An 8″ hoverboard has a recommended weight limit of up to 265 lbs. (120 KG.)
  • 10″ hoverboards have a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs. (150KG.)

These are just a rough estimate; every brand has a slightly different scale, but these numbers work great as a place to start shopping.  I haven’t found a hoverboard that has a payload capacity of more than 330 lbs, though I am looking.


The SE Extreme weight limit is 265 lbs. For this small gadget, that is a great amount with a smooth ride.

This popular hoverboard guarantees a great ride and is very durable. Known as the hoverboard for those looking for adventure, it features:

  • All-terrain, shock-absorbent tires
  • 8.5″ alloy rims
  • Dual 400w motors
  • 15 km/h top speed
  • IP54 dust-proof / waterproof
  • Front and rear LED lights – provide illumination
  • Bluetooth connectivity – control your hoverboard using a smartphone or tablet
  • Wireless speaker – play music right from your hoverboard!
  • Sleek design with over-sized mudguards
  • Fully charged in just 2.5 hours
  • 15 km range with full charge*

*Range under ideal riding conditions (flat, even terrain)


The Segway weight limit for the miniPRO hoverboard is 220 lbs. I was rather surprised at that because the construction of the Segway MiniPro looks much more rugged than many of the other Amazon hoverboards.

It just shows that you can’t judge a hoverboard by its looks alone. If you’re going to buy a hoverboard, you have to take a few minutes and look at the different performance specs. Many of the hoverboards that you can buy look almost the same. And they probably are the same on the exterior. However, there can be vast differences between two hoverboard brands internal components.


The Phunkeeduck vs. the IO Hawk? The Phunkee duck can hold a heavier rider.


One of the most popular self-balancing scooters available, the PhunkeeDuck also boasts one of the highest build qualities, with a more solid feeling device than many other models. This self-balancing board’s weight limit is a heavy-duty 300 lbs. In the off-chance that something happens and your board breaks, you have a one-year warranty to get the damage fixed.


The IO Hawk is one of the first self-balancing scooters that sold in the US. Being one of the first hoverboards sold in the US meant that the IO Hawk might have been over-engineered.

That design allowed the IO Hawk weight limit to reach 280 lbs. If only that engineering didn’t also come with a heftier price tag. 


Skque hoverboards come in several different styles and sizes. What’s even better… all of them have a max load capacity of 264 lbs. (120 kg.)

A new brand of hoverboard that is beginning to get noticed is the Skque brand hoverboard. It boasts some pretty impressive stats and features.

  • Comes in 3 sizes with 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ wheels
  • It’ll support a rider of up to 264 lbs.
  • Remote control and this is a hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers.

See what I mean? Pretty impressive.

Coupling those features with a low price makes the Skque hoverboards an excellent choice if you need a hoverboard that can support more than 220 lbs.


Recently announced as the exclusive brand of, the Jetson V6 was known as the Glyro Turbo Hoverboard from Jetson Electric Bike Co. I thought the Glyro/Jetson Electric brands had gone out of business. I was wrong, however, and Jetson is now the in-house brand.

A closer look:

  • 6.5″ smart self-balancing scooter
  • Ten mph top speed.
  • Estimated range approx. 15 mi. on a 2-hr. charge time.
  • Includes the free Jetson RIDE READY-APP
  • Bluetooth Speakers and LED lights
  • Three modes of operation, allowing you to adjust speed and sensitivity to rider’s skill level.
  • It’ll support a rider of up to 300 lbs.

The Jetson V6 hoverboard is very impressive. Built with Samsung components, this is a hoverboard that should perform very nicely.  It includes Bluetooth speakers, LED lights. Several modes of operation, a hoverboard app for iOS and Android (once I get a download link, I’ll include it here).  It’s also one of the only hoverboards with a weight limit of 300 lbs.


StreetSaw has several nice looking hoverboards, and this brand is becoming more popular all the time. The max loads the StreetSaw hoverboards support make them look even better. Like the Skque hoverboards, the lowest max rider weight is 265 lbs.

Then there’s the 8″ AlienSaw.  This hoverboard can carry some of the heaviest riders, with a rated capacity of 280 pounds (127 kg.) But wait there’s more.  Some of the features of the AlienSaw 8″ hoverboard:

  • Maximum load capacity: 280 lbs.
  • Top speed: 10.5 mph.
  • Max Range: 12.5 mi.
  • Special features: includes Bluetooth speakers and LED light show
  • Aviation magnesium alloy frame.
  • 8″ hoverboard wheels, allow you to that this hoverboard off-road. (Not quite all the way, but this can drive over a lot of terrain that a 6.5″ hoverboard wouldn’t be able to.

If you’re looking for a big and tall hoverboard, or at least one that can handle a rider that’s more than 250 lbs. than look no further, this is your hoverboard.

StreetSaw is currently out of stock on the Future Pro Hoverboards.  Those have a rider weight capacity of 300 lbs.  Hopefully, they get more in soon.


Here are the maximum loads for several models. If you can’t find it, check your hoverboard user manual.  Be sure to check each model before riding. Some of the models listed may be out of stock currently.  The hoverboard with the highest weight capacity that is currently available is the StreetSaw AlienSaw or the new Jetson V6.

BrandModelHoverboard Weight LimitHoverboard Weight
LerayHoverboard220 lbs.26 lbs.
MonoroverR2 6.5″ personal rover220 lbs.
PowerboardHoverboard220 lbs.26 lbs.
RazorHovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard220 lbs.27 lbs.
SegwaySegway MiniPro Smart Self-balancing Personal Transporter220 lbs.28 lbs.
SwagtronT1 Hands-Free Two Wheel Self-balance Scooter220 lbs.25 lbs.
SwagtronT3 Hands-Free Smart Balance Scooter220 lbs.25 lbs.
SwagwayX1 Hands-Free Smart Balance Board220 lbs.27 lbs.
Ultra HoverboardBLACK LAMBORGHINI HOVERBOARD220 lbs.27 lbs.
Skque6.5″ Smart Self Balancing Scooter264 lbs.29 lbs.
Skque10″ Hoverboard with Bluetooth264 lbs.30 lbs.
HovercreationsHoverCreations Self Balancing Board265 lbs.25 lbs.
Skque8″ Hoverboard with Bluetooth265 lbs.30 lbs.
StreetSawCoolSaw 6.5″ Self-balancing electric scooter265 lbs.25 lbs.
StreetSawDailySaw 6.5″ Hoverboard265 lbs.25 lbs.
StreetSawStabilitySaw Hoverboard 10=inch265 lbs.30 lbs.
Zippyboard10 inch Bluetooth Two Wheel Smart Self Balancing Scooter265 lbs.22 lbs.
Zippyboard6.5 inch Two Wheel Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter265 lbs.22 lbs.
Zippyboard8 inch Bluetooth Two Wheel Smart Self Balancing Scooter265 lbs.22 lbs.
IO HawkI O Hawk280 lbs.28 lbs.
PhunkeeduckPersonal Transporter280 lbs.27 lbs.
StreetSawAlienSaw 8″ Bluetooth Hoverboard280 lbs.25 lbs.
StreetSawFutureSaw 6.5″ Hoverboard with Bluetooth285 lbs.25 lbs.
Jetson ElectricV6 Hoverboard300 lbs.22 lbs.
StreetSawFutureSaw 8″ Hoverboard with Bluetooth300 lbs.25 lbs.
StreetSawNow Accepting Pre-orders – RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard300 lbs.


Most hoverboards weigh about 25 lbs. It can vary from as low as 22 lbs. to as much as 30 lbs. The weight of a hoverboard doesn’t have any effect on a hoverboard’s weight limit.

What DOES have an effect on the weight limit is anything a rider might carry while using the self-balancing scooter. A good example might be a backpack or other hoverboard accessories. Be sure to add that weight to any calculations.


I get asked this question fairly frequently. Here’s what I usually tell people. Just as with any piece of machinery, the rated capacity is what the vendor says the device can support under normal use. Sure, if you’re only a few pounds over your hoverboard’s weight limit you can probably use it and not have any issues.


It could work perfectly fine until  you hit a slight bump that causes you to bounce a little on your self-balancing scooter. And since you’ve overloaded it, that little bounce causes too much stress on the middle part of your hoverboard.

In a split second, your perfectly working hoverboard becomes nothing more than a hunk of junk.

Yes, you can use your hoverboard even if you weigh more than the recommended maximum rider weight. Just be aware that if you hit a bump, you just might break it in half.


Don’t worry, if you have a hoverboard that’s broken like the one in the picture, you can purchase a replacement frame and rebuild your hoverboard.  I should have a guide up soon on how to do that. If you need help before then, just send me a message and I’ll explain how to fix it. Also, have you tried calibrating your self-balancing scooter?


If you’re over 300 lbs, I don’t recommend any hoverboards currently.  Thought the Jetson V6 is REALLY, REALLY close to changing my mind. There’s not really any that are designed to withstand that heavy of a load while being used.  This may change, and it I find any hoverboard maximum weight capacity that can support a rider who weighs more than 300 lbs, I’ll update this article.

Like I mentioned before in the article, if you are going to ride on a smart balancing board, be sure to find the safe hoverboard maximum weight it can hold before you begin to ride. The last thing that you would want to happen is for the scooter to break or crack an axle and you to fall and hurt yourself.

Finishing up my story about my buddy…

I did all this research, (it was a good bit of a couple of days) trying to find the best one for him. I hit him up, to tell him what I had found, and he was all “Who cares, YOLO!!!!!!!” He had decided to just buy the one from the girl that had shown it to him for the first time. He broke it the next night. I figure it was probably overloaded by at least 150 lbs.

If you know of a hoverboard max weight more than 275 lbs, please use the comment form at the bottom of the page to tell me about the unit.

I hope this has shown you the answer to “How Much Weight Can a Hoverboard Hold.”


UL Certification ensures hoverbaords have been rigorously testedClick Here


Check it out, I made an infographic. It shows some of the different weight limits for hoverboards, along with their rated capacities. If you have more hoverboard questions, I’d love to hear them.


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Visitors to the site ask this question most often.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of them by now.


Stories of their rising popularity among people of all levels and walks of life.

If you have not heard about them, yet here’s some of the basics. They are self-balancing electric scooters that start to move when you step on them. They can be a little tricky at first, but once you learn how to operate one, you will probably become a fan.

Recently, the story of hoverboards has changed from the new cool gadgets on the streets to a home-burning, random fire starting, and embarrassing falls causing dangerous contraption.

Indeed, several reports on the news have led the broadcast with lurid tales of the numerous fires resulting from exploding hoverboards.


All these precautions and actions seem to have had little effect on the demand for hoverboards. All in all, it seems like hoverboards are here to stay.

That is, in spite of the reports that have been streaming in left and right of the latest fire or incident involving hoverboards.

Honestly, they seem to be getting more and more publicity regardless of whatever hoverboard story is running on the news. Because of this increasing popularity, numerous companies have ventured into the business of manufacturing hoverboards.

Among the retailers are major stores including Amazon,, and even Sears.

Yes, you can get a Sears hoverboard. (I wonder if it has a Craftsman warranty…)

All jokes aside, (this means you, Sears hoverboard) more and more retailers are stocking these devices to join the profitable industry.

Today, all sorts of companies from various locations around the globe are dealing with hoverboards. It is difficult to know what stores sell hoverboards.

This is because many stores might sell items regionally, on online only. For example, BestBuy sells the Swagtron T1, but online only.

Although you can find hoverboards in many places today, few retailers are like Amazon.

Their step of removing hoverboards from the site in December 2015 only made people more determined to find somewhere that was selling hoverboards. The secondary marketplaces people bought hoverboards popped up as soon as they saw an opportunity.

One of my friends bought a smart balance wheel from some guy at a gas station. People were desperate, allowing them to sell any and all makes of hoverboards, some of them even counterfeit.


How do you sell a counterfeit hoverboard? The “safest” hoverboards are the ones that have Samsung batteries inside.

Resellers with hoverboards without the tell-tale blue Samsung batteries quickly realized that they needed to have blue battery cells inside to make the sale. These self-balancing scooters were bought by people thinking they now were safe from any hoverboard accidents.

Imagine their surprise when they left their hoverboard charging overnight, only to be woken in the morning by the sound of fire alarms.


Other sellers sold counterfeit hoverboards by copying the styles of the better know self-balancing scooter brands. Brands like: Swagway, Monorover, and IO Hawk were imitated and impersonated to make the sale once more.

Those customers who bought a counterfeit hoverboard only found out when it came time to have a warranty repair on their scooter. Imagine having bought something for $1000 only to have reseller tell you that the item was fake. Ouch!

Most times it’s hard to tell which device is safe, especially if you are a first-time buyer. That’s why you should research your purchases first. (This is what brought you to the site, right?) The first place to start when you are looking to get a real hoverboard: an established and reliable retailer.

Consider an Amazon Hoverboard. Though It’s Not Really a Hoverboard Amazon Made

What’s the most established retailer and seller of everything from A to Z? of course. One quick search for hoverboards on Amazon and you can find many brands of two-wheel self-balancing electric scooters on sale. This includes these hoverboard brands:

  • Swagtron T1
  • Powerboard by Hoverboard
  • Razor Hovertrax
  • Funace Smart Balance Wheel and many more

Looking beyond an Amazon hoverboard to other major retailers like eBay, Target, and Walmart reveals a variety of the devices too. Even buying a hoverboard from Sears gives you the security of being a credible store as opposed to purchasing from other places.


Through the powers of modern technology, and with a splash of convenience you can now have your hoverboard in as little as 48 hours. Granted you will probably have to pay a little bit extra for shipping that quick.

I recommend skipping the vendor and buying your hoverboard from Amazon.


Let me Explain:


Self-balancing scooters are still too new to know how long they will last before they break or suffer complete mechanical failure.

Here’s the Number 1 reason why I recommend Amazon as the place to buy a self-balancing scooter.


You can purchase a 2-year extended warranty for a hoverboard for about 8% of the total cost. A smart balance board that costs $400 can get ann extra warranty for roughly $32.

From then on, you essentially have no extra costs and if you’ve got a scooter with the standard 1-year warranty, you can then get three full years of protection for your hoverboard.

Read more about hoverboard warranties to see the complete details.


Shopping online saves you precious time that you can put to other use. You can find self-balancing scooters for sale at several types online sites.

Everything from overseas importers to niche boutique stores and even websites that look like a huge hoverboard seller awaits your beck and call.

How do you know which places are legit? Because of this, you are safer buying an Amazon hoverboard.

Though a quick google can show you who sells hoverboards in your area to check out.

Like these tips and tricks? Visit the blog page to read more.

Amazon has made the buying process so easy and streamlined. You can purchase a hoverboard in under 60 seconds. In two days the UPS will be knocking at your door with your brand new smart balance wheel.

Today, stores like Amazon have virtually everything you could imagine. In the case of hoverboards, chances are you will find a hoverboard that will hold 300lbs or more.

Need help finding the best hoverboard to buy? See my hoverboard comparison review, you’ll be sure the find the perfect hoverboard.

Try walking into your local mall and doing the same thing. Now, imagine being able to skip the fight for a parking space at the mall.


Over time, online stores like Amazon have become a reliable and trusted place to buy. You know that your information and money is safe with them and that you will be buying a genuine hoverboard.

With so many reasons to buy a hoverboard from well-known retailers, the most important issue of safety is pretty covered as well.

Do you know what comes with an Amazon hoverboard? A peace of mind that you have purchased a genuine hoverboard and that the hoverboard Amazon just delivered is safe.

Recently, the cause of many of the hoverboard fires has been identified as battery issues.

Did you know that Amazon recently told buyers to return their hoverboards for a full refund?

A retailer who’s looking out for their customers, can you believe it? Just one more reason that you should buy a hoverboard from Amazon.  

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Hoverboard user manuals , who needs one?

All you do is turn it on and go, right?

Most of the time, that’s the case no big deal, nothing too difficult.

But what does that red blinky light mean?


These are all issues that are covered in the different user manuals below.

I’ve tried to include as many of them as I can find.

If you find that you need a specific manual that I don’t have included below, shoot me a message and I’ll try to find it.


The user operations manual for the Swagway X1. It wasn’t too difficult to find, though there’s not a link to it from the page on Amazon (when it’s listed there), the official page , or the page (where it’s also sold.)

From the user manual:

  • When the low battery indicator turns on, get off your Swagway X1. The Swagway will not balance and you will fall.
  • Max slope of 30 degrees. Other places say that the max slope is only 10-15 degrees.
  • Does your Swagway pull to the left or right? You might need to recalibrate it. Inside are the instructions on How to Recalibrate the Swagway X1.

Download the Swagway X1 Owners Manual

The Swagway X1 Hands Free Self Balancing Smart Board

See what I thought of the X1 from Swagway.


The Powerboard hoverboard user manual is actually easy to find. While it may not be on their Amazon listing, it is listed on the official site:

From the instruction manual:

  • When the Powerboard battery drops below 10%, it will beep to remind you to charge it immediately.
  • The range decreases if you travel up/down slopes frequently.
  • The Powerboard user manual says that the top speed of the Powerboard is 6.5 MPH. Most other places say that it is 8 MPH.

Download the Powerboard User’s Manual

The Power board self Balancing Electric Scooter

Read my Powerboard review and share what you think.


Another user manual that was easy to find, the Razor Hovertrax. You can find the Hovertrax at multiple retailers, though many have it only in their
online stores, Amazon, and also on the official Hovertrax page on the Razor site.

From the instructions:

  • You can tell that Razor has had to deal with a few lawsuits before. The manual is full of warnings and disclaimers. I’m sure they’ve had to
    deal with people who suffer from P.E.B.K.A.C (Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair). You can hurt yourself, be careful.
  • The Hovertrax will shake when the battery is below 5%. Charge it immediately. Draining the battery completely may damage the
  • You should charge your Hovertrax immediately after riding, but for no more than 6 hours.

Download the Razor Hovertrax Instruction Guidebook

Do you wonder why your Hovertrax shakes sometimes while riding?

See the Razor Hovertrax Review


The Solowheel Hovertrax is the original self-balancing electric scooter. This is the version invented by the CEO, Shane Chen. He
then licensed the hoverboard patent to Razor scooters. This is the Solowheel user manual. You can buy a Solowheel Hovertrax from Brookstone.

Tips from the guidebook:

  • Fully charge your hoverboard before using for the first time.
  • The Solowheel Hovertrax is for indoor use only.
  • Do not turn your hoverboard on while it is in mid air.

Download the Solowheel/Brookstone Hovertrax Manual

The Solowheel Hovertrax, the first hoverboard


One of the original self-balancing scooters that you could buy was the IO Hawk. Now it seems that you can find a hoverboard at every store, they were
one of the first companies to realize the potential that hoverboards had.

From the manual:

  • The Battery LED turns RED at 10% or less battery left.
  • See the picture on the right to see where you should place your foot when learning to ride a hoverboard.
  • Probably even more important than knowing how to mount your hoverboard is how to dismount it. Don’t step forward when getting off a hoverboard.
    Instead, step backwards. Stepping forwards causes the board to want to go forwards.

Get a Copy of the IO Hawk Owners Instructional Guide

Step carefully with a single foot onto the hoverboard, then step up with the second foot

Learn More in My IO Hawk Review

What happens next?


I’m going to be adding to this page whenever I find other hoverboard user manuals to post on here. These next links, while not true user manuals are
all the documentation that some hoverboards have. They’re shared here as both an archive and to be a convenience for people who own one of these

All of these guides are saved as PDFs. You can just right click on the link and then choose “Save As…” or you can click on the link and then in the PDF you right click and hit “Save As…”

If your hoverboard is acting funny, visit the hoverboard troubleshooting page, or maybe you
know what’s wrong and you just need to find some hoverboard replacement parts .

That’s it for this article. If you need a manual, or if you have one that I don’t have included on this page, contact me below and let me know.
Or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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Are Hoverboards Safe

Over the holiday season, and during summer, hoverboards are some of the most utilized sporting accessories. It is because this is one of the most liked outdoor activities. You will find lots of people enjoying their time on the roads, city pavements, walkways, and every other space they find. However, as you enjoy your time, it is important to understand that safety is something that you cannot take lightly. According to the Consumer Safety Commission, serious injuries can occur due to lack of precautionary measures. If you are planning to hit the road with your hoverboards, you need to understand some of the tricks and hacks that will keep you safe throughout the sessions. Here are some hoverboard safety tips for you.

What exactly is a hoverboard?

The term ‘hoverboard’ was first mentioned in the film ‘Back to the future’ in 1985. It was represented as an artificially levitating transportation board that would float a few feet above the ground. The modern iteration of the hoverboard, however, is a misnomer. The actual device being discussed is actually called the ‘self-balancing scooter’ which uses wheels to “float” itself. A self-balancing scooter consists of a lateral arrangement of two wheels connected by a board, on which the rider stands, and steers or navigates. The acceleration, deceleration and turning are controlled by two pressure sensitive pads underneath the rider’s feet. In this article, the terms hoverboard and self-balancing scooter will be used interchangeably.

Hoverboard dangers

The hoverboard can be broadly described as a self-balancing scooter  which is powered by li-ion battery packs, which pose a potential safety hazard. There have been instances of faulty batteries, which have exploded, caught fire or short circuited. Case of spontaneous combustion during charging have led to extensive damage to homes as well.

The most obvious cause of harm originating from this device is the extremely high danger of falling over or colliding into objects, which is a frequent occurrence for inexperienced or amatuer riders. The vehicle can reach speeds of up to 10 mph (16 km/h), so significant damage could be inflicted in case of a fall at high speeds. As is the case with all modes of transportation, traffic accidents are also likely when using the hoverboard, so using proper safety equipment, such as a helmet, knee-pads and gloves is of paramount importance. According to a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, hoverboard-related combustions caused more than $2 million in property damages around the US.


The most common issue with hoverboards seems to lie with the batteries used in hoverboards. The batteries used are the lithium ion batteries, which are often used in cell phones and laptops as well. However, the liquid contained inside these batteries is highly flammable, which poses a threat. Hoverboards that are currently available on the market have been produced in various nameless Chinese factories and, since these factories often do not adhere to any international safety standards pertaining to such devices, these hoverboards can become potentially dangerous.

Another reason why these batteries are causing hoverboards to be dangerous and highly flammable is the fact that these batteries have a tendency to explode if they are bumped around a lot. Any individual, unless extremely skilled at hoverboarding, is likely to bash into walls and other objects. Because driving thee devices takes a significant amount of practice, amateurs often bump these devices around, increasing the risk of such an accident.

Most fires have been reported to occur while these hoverboards are charging. This is specifically because Lithium ion batteries do not accept overcharging, while people may tend to overcharge them. Chargers for hoverboards include a feature of a cut-off mechanism that detects when the battery have been fully charged and then automatically stops the charging, in order to prevent any damage to the batteries or fire. Unfortunately, defects in the cut-off mechanism are leading to batteries getting overcharged and catching fire. These defects usually occur because these products are usually not tested or inspected fully, to adhere to international standard, and thus can cause damages.


If you already have a hoverboard, you must take a few precautionary measures to try to prevent it from catching fire. According to CPSC, it is wise to allow the toy an hour to cool down after use before plugging it in for charging. It takes approximately two hours to charge fully. It is best not to leave the toy unattended while it’s charging. Monitor the charging at least while charging the smart balance wheel for the first time. You should never charge the hoverboard overnight or longer than is stated in the manual. It is best to keep the toy away from flammable objects and to unplug its charger from the board as well as the outlet as soon as it’s fully charged.

If you wish to invest in a good quality charger, it is a good idea to opt for the external universal charger. This will not prevent the hoverboard catching fire due to damage to its battery but it would help to avoid destructive fires, the kind that result from overcharging.

Another important precautionary measure is to minimize the impact of the toy in order to try to reduce the chances of the battery getting damaged. It is best to avoid riding it near hard or rough surfaces such as rocks or walls. It is important to be careful while carrying the hoverboard as dropping it could lead to its battery getting damaged as well. Dropping it or bumping into hard surfaces or sharp objects damage the battery pack’s separator sheets, which in turn causes the fire. Though fires usually result from overcharging and not by colliding into something or dropping your hoverboard but if it’s best to be careful especially if the board’s construction does not seem that solid.


For several months, it looked like self-balancing scooters were doomed to be a one-time fad, like so many other products. Places like Amazon were telling people to “throw their hoverboards away.” Retailers removed them from their shelves. Left and right you began to see new articles about the latest place to ban them from being used.

Many assumed that the hoverboard fad was over…

Soon after the CPSC published the safety advisory recommending that people not purchase hoverboards, it released a set of safety standards for hoverboards. UL2272 is the new standard for Self Balancing Scooters Electrical Systems. Some of the things covered by these standards include:

  • The construction:
    • Metallic and non-metallic parts
    • Enclosures
    • Wiring
    • Insulation and Protective circuits
  • Electrical tests
    • Short Circuit test
    • Temperature test
    • Overcharge test
  • Mechanical tests
    • Vibration tests
    • Shock tests
    • Crush tests
    • Overload tests
  • Environmental tests
    • Water exposure tests
    • Thermal cycling tests

This is just a short list of some of the items in the standards, for a complete overview of the testing, see the UL Hoverboard page. Prior to these standards being released, anyone could throw together a piece of plastic for you to stand on, attach a couple of wheels, throw in motor and a battery, and then try to sell it as the greatest hoverboard in the world. And many people did exactly that.

Hoverboard safety tips


Take the necessary time to determine the hoverboard’s authenticity – It can be extremely hard to determine a genuine hoverboard from a fake one. Fake products often look identical to unsuspecting buyers. (It’s even worse with hoverboards since so many brands are visually identical, but component-wise entirely different models.)

You want to avoid fake hoverboards because lower quality self-balancing scooters usually have batteries that are also lower quality. The primary cause of self-balancing scooter fires were faulty batteries that failed and experienced rapid discharge.

Unless you take the time to open a hoverboards case, you’ll never be positive that you’ve gotten a quality battery. If the vendor doesn’t mention the brand, chances are it’s inferior. Samsung and LG are both considered excellent batteries and have had very few failures.

So how do you get the best hoverboard with a battery that’s safe?

You want to buy your hoverboard from reputable brands and marketplaces. While Fred the Fence may be able to get you a “sweet deal” for a hoverboard, he’s trying to score big bucks off of you.

Some of the most notable safe hoverboard brands are Swagtron, the Powerboard, Razor Hovertrax, StreetSaw, and Jetson to name but a few. If you make your purchase from giant online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, make sure that the product is sold directly by its maker and not a 3rd party seller.


It may not seem all that earth shattering of a revelation, but the manufacturer’s instructions are there to help you to use their product safely. For kids, this is especially important because they often lack the experience to know that they could become severely injured in an accident.

One of the critical things to supervise with your children and hoverboards is recharging and storing the hoverboard. It’s during the charge cycle that a majority of the battery malfunctions occur. Make sure to keep the hoverboard away from any flammable materials.

Also when charging your hoverboard, do so immediately after using is and for only a few hours at a time.

DO NOT leave it to charge for more than 4 hours. After a lithium-ion battery is fully charged, there is a slightly higher likelihood of an accident occurring. Always use the charger that you received when you bought your hoverboard. Other chargers may seem identical, but there’s no guarantee, and they might just be different enough to cause an accident.


Use the proper safety gear when riding a hoverboard. Have you seen the videos from last Christmas when hoverboards were the newest craze, and everybody was desperate to own one? Did you also see the hoverboard videos where people fell off of the not-so-self-balancing scooter and required a trip to the Emergency Room? There were hundreds of hoverboard accident videos on YouTube to watch and be glad that it wasn’t happening to you.

If only they had taken the time to learn how to ride a hoverboard

Granted most of the accident victims were products of their unpreparedness blended with beginner hoverboard-riding skills; you can lose your balance in a second. Save a trip to the ER, and use the proper personal protective gear for riding hoverboards. At a minimum, you should have a decent helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads. You may also want to consider wearing wrist guards and booty pads. Older riders should watch out since they are more likely to hurt their wrists trying to stop yourself from falling.

At a minimum, you should have a decent helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads. You may also want to consider wearing wrist guards and booty pads. Older riders should watch out since they are more likely to injure themselves when attempting to stop a fall than children or teenagers. The last thing you want is to break a bone or injure yourself in some other manner.


Most hoverboards like long walks to watch the sunset, followed by ice cream and a good movie.

Just seeing if you were awake.

Like any piece of equipment, if you take care of it, it will take care of you, and hoverboards are no exception. Hold on a second, actually; hoverboards are an exception. Remember earlier where I mentioned that the batteries were one of the biggest causes of hoverboard fires? There were several cases where superficial damage to the hoverboard’s outer case caused fires. What wasn’t apparent, was that the damage to the case had also damaged the battery.  At some point, the damage caused the chemicals inside the battery to become exposed to oxygen, starting a fire.

Remember earlier where I mentioned that the batteries were one of the biggest causes of hoverboard fires? There were several cases where what appeared to be superficial damage to the hoverboard’s outer case, was actually much more substantial and was believed fo be the cause of several fires. At some point, the battery was damaged, causing chemicals inside the battery to become exposed to oxygen, starting a fire.

In this video, a guy takes a knife and stabs it into the battery. While the battery he is using is a cell phone battery, it’s the same type of battery as the one inside a hoverboard. Only a hoverboard has 18 cells in its battery.  A single battery failing catches the remaining cells on fire. When that happens it almost sounds like firecrackers exploding, only the shooting flames are much more vigorous and have caught multiple homes on fire.

Imagine a fire eighteen times bigger than the one in the video.


We have become accustomed to charging our electronic devices overnight while we sleep.  Why not? It works out awesome that way. We both get recharged.

Don’t do this with your hoverboard.

Generally, most of these products usually require about 2 to 4 hours for their batteries to be fully charged. As it nears a full charge, the battery reduces the amount of energy it absorbs to a trickle. It stays at a nearly full charge until it’s almost full when it suddenly begins absorbing lots of energy again. Reaching the critical threshold, the battery overcharges. It attempts to shed the excess energy it consumed and returned to its full state.

Want to guess how it reduces its energy level?

Did you say rapid discharge?

Make sure your child understands the need to remove the hoverboard from the charger after a few hours. The CPSC also recommends that you recharge your hoverboard immediately after use. Doing so will make it more stable when it’s not in use.

Also, try to be aware of the hoverboard’s surroundings when charging. You don’t want to have it next to anything flammable.


Calibrate your hoverboard every two or three uses. Calibration only takes a second, and it will make your hoverboard ride smoother and steadier. It should be the first step anytime your hoverboard is performing poorly.

It can also help stop the hoverboard shaking uncontrollably, or where one side turns, but the other doesn’t, or if the LEDs on your hoverboard blink all the time.

All you need is a level surface and powering it on and off, and you’ll be ready to go again in no time. Just follow this link if you’d like to learn more about calibration.

If your child is under 50 lbs. hoverboards may not work properly for them.  Most hoverboards are designed to work for riders between 50-220lbs. They may not weigh enough to control it properly.


Get on and off your hoverboard in the proper way. It’s a little counter-intuitive, but you want to step forward onto your hoverboard when mounting it.

Place one foot in the middle of it and then assume as wide a stance as you can on the foot pads. You want your feet to be centered front-to-back with equal amounts of toe and heel hanging off.

When it is time to get off your hoverboards, don’t dismount by stepping forward. You’ll shift your weight and instead of stepping off, you’ll cause your hoverboard to propel itself forward, right underneath where you’re trying to step.

Instead, step off the hoverboard backwards, like you were stepping down from a ladder or stepstool. This will prevent any hoverboard accidents from happening.


Choosing where to ride

Everyone knows that there are no designated places where you can use a hoverboard. You can try them at the parking, neighborhoods, or any other place where you can use skateboards and ride a bike. Some cities have laws that regulate where you can go riding. For instance, in New York City, and salt lake city, using these items on busy streets has been banned. However, many people can still be spotted on the sidewalks and even on major streets even with the ban in place.

The main reason why you should be careful when choosing where to ride is because some locations pose a higher risk than others. For instance, if you are sliding through places with heavy motor vehicle traffic, you need to consider the risk of getting hit by a car, or crashing into stationary objects. Just like when riding a self balancing scooter, you could injure yourself by ramming into a tree, a wall, a fence, or any other object. Professionals know how to avoid such objects and therefore, they may be after when enjoying their time at such locations. For learners and amateurs, it is better to choose a location that requires less skills to avoid these dangerous objects.


Before you hit the road, practice

You may be excited to hit the sidewalks and try out your new skateboards. However, studies have shown that it is not a good idea to do that even before you understand the safety standards, and get the right safety gear. If you are new to this sport, the best thing you can do is to start by learning the basics. You can not learn the basics by going straight to the most dangerous locations. Instead of that, find some space at home and learn to balance, move, turn, and every other task that is related to it. As time goes by, you will notice that you have begun mastering the tricks and so, you will be much safer when you get out.

The body parts that do not go well with concrete surfaces when using a hoverboard include the head, elbows, and knees. This is the reason you need to wear the right protective safety gear before you head out. However, in case you are not in a position to wear such gear, you have to stay within your practice sessions until you are accomplished enough to go out. Those skillful and experienced people you see on the streets did not start where they are. They had to grow gradually in the sport and that is the reason they have stayed away from injuries.


What to do when riding at night

Although a hoverboard has lights, they are not as visible as those of a vehicle or motor bike. These lights are low and dim. Sometimes, it might be difficult for someone to notice them unless they are keenly watching. This is the reason you should be more cautious when riding at night. Just because you have switched the lights on, and you can see where you are going does not mean that you are completely safe. Experts often ask people to wear whites if they have to ride on their hoverboards at night.

In addition to that, you should wear a helmet, and light up shoes. The reason you need such shoes is that they have small lithium ion batteries to power them throughout the ride. These batteries are safer than any other option that you are likely to find out there because they similar to the ones found on mobile phones and computers. After charging the battery, it not only lights up the shoe but it also illuminates the sole which keeps flashing and changing colors to attract more attention than those shoes that only use one color.


Desist from charging hoverboards overnight

You may be so eager to use your hoverboards on Saturday and so, you think that charging them throughout on a Friday night is the best way to ensure that you have enough energy. However, experts have pointed out that this is not a good idea. One thing that you need to know is that if they charge under such conditions, it only means that nobody is monitoring the process. Since most of them require just four hours to fully charge, there is likely to be a fire outbreak if you leave them plugged in for long. The National Fire Protection Association has confirmed that many fire accidents have been caused by this.

To avoid fire and explosions, it is important to ensure that the hoverboards only charge during the time when you can adequately monitor them. Some people also prefer to charge these items even before the current charge is exhausted just to ensure that there is enough energy for the next use. It is the same thing that they do with their mobile phones and computers.

Which Hoverboards are safe?

Apart from taking all these safety precautions, you should also ensure that you buy the right hoverboards.

When looking to purchase a hoverboard, it is ideal that you purchase it from a retail shop you know and fully trust. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has advised against purchasing hoverboards from unknown websites, online stores or mall Kiosks as none of these seem to know much about the product itself and mere retailers of the product. When buying the hoverboard, think if you’ll be able to get in contact with the seller if a problem was to occur with the board. If you believe that the seller won’t be available or difficult to get in touch with, it is better not to buy from them. In cases where you feel the retailer seems a bit sketchy, it’s better to trust your gut and move on to a different retailer.

While purchasing this device, be sure to check for the certification labels present on the packaging. If ETL or UL is emblem on the package, product or on the user’s manual, it is an indication of the fact that the product has been inspected thoroughly by an independent 3rd party or laboratory and has passed the safety test. However, there are a few sketchy manufacturers who try to get a fake emblem. These fakes sometimes produce emblems that do not actually exist, or may be representation of an internal, self-monitored inspection which is usually biased. This is rare as UL is currently working closely with interpol, US Customs and others in order to try to try to catch these fakes before they reach the consumers.

It is essential for the consumers to keep in mind that the appearance of the certification label or an emblem does not mean that the product completely rules out counterfeits, and is perfectly safe with zero risk of malfunction, but the absence of these certification labels indicates that the manufacturer is not concerned with the safety of the consumer.

Target and Amazon have started selling hoverboards that have the certification for the charger and the batteries but this does not mean that the entire hoverboard is also under certification. In fact, up till now there has not been a single entire product that has been certified by UI. It was also revealed that certain factories say they make use of Samsung batteries but these batteries actually are fake.

No hoverboard is completely safe. Like every electronic device, these come with a risk as well. However, the risk of owning and operating these hoverboards is much higher than other electronic devices. People need to take into these risks before making their decision of purchasing a hoverboard.


No technology is free from risk and same is the case with Hoverboards. However, we see a dramatic difference in the Hoverboards that were first introduced in 2015 and the ones that are being introduced this year. If you were to look back over this article, it seems like hoverboard accidents and injuries are just waiting to happen. That’s not the case at all. Follow the steps I mentioned above, and both you and your child will be able to enjoy hoverboards accident-free for a long time.

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