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Remember when people used to be happy when they stomped their feet and lights flashed for a few seconds, illuminating the ground as they walk on it? Oh the good old nineties fashion. Well, the nineties are long gone, and so are those shoes, unless, of course, you’re two years old.

Here to take their place in the adult world are the new LED light up sneakers, also known as the hoverboard shoe.

Hoverboarding is quickly becoming the new go-to activity for kids and adults. You know what that means: Bring on the hoverboarding accessories, just like these shoes!

But what makes a “hoverboard shoe” different from other shoes? You may not be the only one wondering this very question.

The soles of these shoes are completely surrounded with LED lights that stay on, change color, and light up in different patterns depending on your settings and personal preferences.

How? There is a tiny, hidden switch found inside the hem of the shoe that is up to you to control. But, like everything else in life, these shoes are always evolving. New models respond to changes with just a few taps on your smartphone screen. There is even a new project called Blinky shoes that responds to the to the movement of your feet.

Simply put, these hoverboard shoes make stepping into the new wave of the future a breeze. But the spot for the best hoverboard shoes is reserved for one shoe, and one shoe only. That shoe is the:


Rated a four out of five stars on Amazon by hundreds of users, these sneakers are at the tip top for many reasons, but the following list showcases just a few of the biggest ones. These shoes:

  • Can fit men, women, or couples;
  • Come in four different color combinations including black and white, gold and white, silver and white, and all white;
  • Are made from leather with a rubber sole and a comfy cotton inner lining;
  • Have eight different color options including red, blue, green, purple, sky blue, yellow, steady white, and twinkling white;
  • Have a slow auto-change mode, a fast auto-change mode, and a twinkle and auto-change mode for whichever mood you may be in;
  • Sell for an affordable $36 on Amazon!

If you’re anything like me, you may be wondering if you have to buy a package of batteries every week to keep these shoes going. I’m here to tell you not to worry. These babies are rechargeable through a USB port. Plug them into your laptop for two to three hours and you’re good to go for another eight to ten hours!

And don’t worry, you won’t look like you have a computer attached to your foot with all the electronic accessories they come with. The USB port, LED lights, and power button are all well hidden.

Pros: rechargeable, fashionable, customizable, fun, eye catching, LED lights match the hoverboard lights

Cons: may be slightly uncomfortable with the charging port, LED lights sometimes stop working

Final Thoughts: For the price you’re paying and the fun you’re getting, they are totally worth it. Even if the lights stop working, they are stylish enough to wear without any lights flashing.


Bart gave them a 5 out of 5 stars. He says, “I got these for my daughter and she really likes them. She has worn them to school a couple of days and hasn’t complained about them hurting her feet. There has been a lot of reviews where people talk about the lights not working after a while. But for these shoes being so cheap I really don’t care if the lights die after a couple of weeks, they will still be okay shoes with or with out lights… I was very surprised with how bright these shoes lit up, almost am worried if my daughter has the lights on during class they might consider them a distraction. Other people have mentioned in reviews that that button for the lights rubbed some people wrong. I think the button is nicely placed above the tongue of the shoe so it is out of the way. Not once did my daughter complain about the button rubbing her wrong.”

Lee gave them a 4 out of 5 stars. She says, “The shoes are very cool and were a big hit at the club. The LEDs are quite bright, and will substantially light up the dance floor underneath you. The batteries kept the lights bright for the 3-4 hours I was dancing… The biggest caveat is that these shoes may give you dance cred you can’t cash! I was asked to shuffle by at least 3 different people throughout the night, and the truth is, I’m just not so great at shuffling (and worse after a few drinks). For the most out of your money, get the right size and improve your moves!”


You can buy your own pair here on Amazon for around $36.

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