Best Hoverboard Games

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Hoverboards are in. They are the newest, coolest link between old school skateboarding and new age technology, and anyone who owns one couldn’t be more excited to have free time on their hands.

Just five minutes with a hoverboard can turn your boredom into pure bliss. It’s exciting! It’s fun! And it’s easy!

But there are only so many times you can “hover” around the block. There are only so many times you can get up on that hands-free board and make figure eights around the driveway. There are only so many times you can glide down the hallway on those two perfectly balanced wheels. Before long, boredom sets in. Am I right?

You want something a little more exciting to break up to monotony. But hoverboarding is a relatively new activity, so there isn’t much out there for users to go by. What new activities should you try? What are the best hoverboard games you should try to make things interesting again?

We’ve got you covered. Take a look below to find out what all the kids are doing with their hoverboards. But don’t worry, we aren’t leaving the adults out. Lots of fun can be had by kids and adults alike. Just channel your inner child to get the most out of these games!


Before you get too far into these five games, you should really make sure that you can stand your own on a hoverboard first, so you have a good chance at winning. The first time you get on your hoverboard, you should steady yourself against a solid surface so that you can keep your balance.

Next, make sure there are no obstacles that can get in your way and cause you to trip up and fall. Slowly get both feet on the hoverboard and take a few seconds to get the feel of balancing on top of it. This gives your body a bit of time to adjust. Then, once you are brave enough, you can start riding your hoverboard!

Remember, adjustment time is important; don’t think that once you get the hang of standing on it that you can go ahead and attempt a bunch of hoverboard stunts. Ummm. No. Be safe. Imagine a hands-free Segway, and we all know how hard those are to control.


This takes an old favorite and cranks it up a few notches. The rules are still the same for all players. One of the players is dubbed the “it” person. Whoever is “it” must catch another participant and yell “tag!” That tagged person becomes the next “it” person and the cycle starts all over again until someone (a) gets tired, (b) breaks the rules, or (c) gets called home for dinner.

So how is this game played differently? Get to a clear open space and turn off the lights, so only the lights on the hoverboard are showing the way. There are two ways to approach the actual tagging part. The “it” person can be the only one on a hoverboard, making it more like a game of hide and seek.

Or everyone can be on a hoverboard and must run from the “it” person making it more like a game of tag. Either way, fun is sure to be had, and you’ll soon understand why its first on our list of the best hoverboard games.


This game is almost like playing chicken in the pool. You know, you get on your friends’ shoulders and go up against another team. Whoever can get the opposite team to fall over first wins!

With this game, you only need one hoverboard to be the base for both people. Both people must pick a side to have both feet placed. Since neither person has all the control of the hoverboard, that makes this game pretty challenging. You have to use your body and your feet to try to throw the other person off balance, making them fall off the board.

Bring on the laughs and possibly some bruises!


I think this one has to be a personal favorite of all the really competitive people out there. Spice up the traditional on-foot race by getting as many hoverboards as there are racers. Set up a beginner, moderate, or advanced obstacle course depending on who will be racing and see who can make it to the end first without falling off.

Who knows? This may become the hoverboard version of that Japanese TV show “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge,” hopefully with less pain, but just as many laughs.


Ready for some silly fun? And yes, this can be done by males or females, so I guess it should also be called the Hoverboard Barber Shop Game, too. You just need to keep an open mind.

Makeup and hair are hard enough to do while on two stable feet that are planted firmly on stable ground. Add in a wiggly hoverboard, and it becomes near impossible to make yourself look presentable. So, hop on a hoverboard and do your friend’s makeup. Then, let them do yours.

In the end, see whose is worse. This one is sure to get the laughs rolling.


Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters, so you don’t need to have an impeccable sense of balance for this game, but if you remember your childhood days on the merry go round and seeing who could last the longest- this hoverboard game might interest you. However, if you get dizzy easily, we highly recommend that you pass this one up.

All you have to do is get on the hoverboard and go in circles. The challenge is to see who can go around the most times and can last the longest without getting dizzy and falling off or giving up.


If it’s fun you’re looking for; hoverboarding is where it’s at. But if you’re like most people and want more out of your hard-earned money and more out of your hoverboard, then you’re in the right place to find the best games with the best hoverboard stunts to try out.

These five games are the best hoverboard games we could find, and they are sure to make you and your friends laugh until your bellies hurt. Adult or kid, it doesn’t matter.

Best Hoverboard Tricks

Hoverboard tricks have a really high skill ceiling. The things you can do – if you know what you are doing – can really drop people’s mouths to the floor with amazement. A simple search around the web reveals some mind bogglingly impressive people, like this guy. Obviously, he is not your average yogi – not by a big margin – and it probably took him years to build this sort of balance and core strength.

It would be naive to assume you can replicate feats of this caliber if you are just starting to learn hoverboard tricks. It might be naive, even if you are a seasoned veteran. Whatever your skill level currently rests, however, you can always improve. And this article is going to teach how you to get there.


Before you set out in your journey to master a variety of hoverboard tricks, it is imperative that you first purchase a quality hoverboard. The million dollar question is, well, “”Which is the best hoverboard?””. The answer to this seemingly straightforward question would push us well beyond the scope of the current article.

To make it as narrow and short as possible, we can sum up the five top features and criteria you should keep in mind when looking to get a new hoverboard, from most to least important: Safety features, easy of use, maximum speed, how long it takes to fully recharge the battery and the maximum distance it can travel before its battery dies out.

As soon as your hoverboard passes the aforementioned criteria and sports the aforementioned features, you are, in all likelihood, good to go. So let us get to the tricks.


Before you learn how to fly, you first need to learn how to talk. In this section, we will give you ample ideas for introducing yourself to some basic and simple hoverboard tricks. Don’t be fooled. These ain’t as easy as they may first sound.

  • The Stork“: This requires some basic balance, so do not attempt it until you are comfortable with basic hoverboard movements. The point is to put one foot over to the other side, gently resting it on the board’s bumper. You are going to start spinning a bit, so make sure you don’t panic. Start by taking a foot off the board and trying to keep yourself floating, a few seconds at a time until you get the hang of it.  
  • “The Magic Carpet”: Ever wish you could fly on a magic carpet? This trick will simulate that feeling effectively. Pop your shins on top of the footpads, while making sure your feet lay flat behind you. Lean a bit forward until you balance on your knees. Practice balance on your knees until you feel ready enough to lift your feet off the ground and start moving like that. Pro tip: Make sure you have a large enough space with nothing breakable nearby – it will take a while until you get the hang of this.


  • “The One Sided Spin”: This move builds up on the “The Stork”, essentially being a more advanced variation of the aforementioned beginner level trick. Instead of statically placing one feet at the other side to spin that way, you do so fluidly, exchanging your spin direction as you alternate your feet position. The end result will look very impressive, and once the trick is mastered you are sure to get those claps of admiration from your friends.
  • “The One Armed Spin”: In order to progress, you need to challenge yourself. And this variation is even more challenging, testing your balance more than all the previous tricks combined. You basically want to crouch down on your hoverboard, replacing a foot with a hand on one of your pads – left foot with left hand, for example – and press down with your hand while keeping your raised feet behind you, in order to cause the board to spin.


A word of caution: The following hoverboard tricks are highly advanced and definitely NOT for the faint of heart. They take for granted that you have spent a considerable number of hours practicing and have developed elite balance, excellent body coordination and motor skills. Do not even begin to think you ready to attempt them before having mastered all the previous advanced and beginner tricks.

  • “The One-Eighty Jump Spin”: Make sure you are in a safe setting while practicing this trick with friends and family readily available to help you, should you happen to hurt yourself. The trick goes as follows: You start as normal on your hoverboard, your body and muscles completely relaxed. You will then bend your knees, twist your feet to make the hoverboard spin and simultaneously, you will peform a small jump. If you get it right, your board will spin 180-degrees, and you will land back on your footpad. Obviously, there is also a substantial timing component in learning this trick. This will take patience and effort.
  • “The Handstand”: If you have managed to accomplish the aforementioned jump spin, we salute you. Your coordination and balance are off the charts. But what will happen if we are to add a strength component as well? Ever heard of handstands? You place your hands on the floor and you stand upside down, your feel elevated to the ceiling. Only this time, you are going to try doing it with your hands resting on your hoverboard pads. Be smart: Practice doing normal handstands before even attempting this beast.


As is hopefully clear by now, hoverboard tricks have an impressively high skill ceilling. Some of the aforementioned tricks are the real deal – they take practice, effort, sweat and even a few bruises before you get them right. Use this article as a reference point to gauge your current skill level. Remember, without challenge, without struggle, there can be no improvement. Do your due dilligence and you will definitely improve over time.

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