5 Best Electric Scooter for Adults

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Which are the 5 best electric scooters for adults? This is the question every person that’s looking for convenient mode of commuting will ask themselves once in a while. The electric scooters are not only very light but also environmentally friendly mode of commuting. Understanding the different scooter makes will help you in choosing the best scooter for your needs. Below is a review of the 5 best electric scooters for adults. Take a look.


Razor E-300

With a speed of 15 miles per hour, the Razor E-300 is one of the best scooter models for adults. It has a large deck, tires and frame that are big enough to host teens or adults. No thrill surpasses the feel of the electric power pulling the Razor E-300 into racing mode.

Specifications of Razor E-300

WeightThe maximum weight of the scooter is 220 pounds.
Recommended AgeThe Razor E-300 should be ridden by a 13 year-old or older.
Dimensions41 inches by 17 inches by 42 inches.
PowerThe scooter has two 12-volts rechargeable batteries.
Battery accessoriesThe battery listed above comes with a charger.
Other requirementsYou will need to do some assembly yourself. Specifications and decorations can be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice.
SpeedThe scooter can achieve a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour.
Continuous useYou can use the scooter for up to 40 minutes. The electric battery lasts that long
SizeThe scooter comes with a supersized frame and deck.
MotorThe motor on the scooter is chain driven, high torque.
AccelerationThe scooter comes with a twist grip acceleration control
BrakesIt has a rear operated rear brake
KickstandThe scooter comes with a retractable kickstand.


The Monorover R4+ is an improved version of the kick scooter that was very popular with scooter lovers in the days gone by. The Monorover R4+ will bring back fond memories and its speed runs up to 15 miles per hour.

PriceThe approximate price of the Monorover R4 is $599.99
Average speed15 miles per hour
SizeThe scooter is small, light and portable.
LightIt comes with LED headlights that are button operated. The light will guide you when riding at night.
Ride TimeDepending on your weight and riding style, the Monorover R4+ can go continuously for 2 hours or an equivalent of 15 miles.
TerrainThe scooter is best used indoors, on pavement, light rain, and light gravel roads
Ease of UseIt is very easy to use this scooter. All you need to do is kick start it and get going.
ThrottleIt features a button-controlled throttle to control the speed of the scooter.
WarrantyYou will get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.
AgeThe scooter is recommended for children aged 10 and above. It can also be used by adults.
WeightIt has a maximum weight of 250 pounds.
Wheel sizeThe scooter has a wheel of 5 by 2 inches.
Type of WheelThe scooter comes with an airless rubber treaded non-pneumatic wheel
BrakesThe scooter has two types of brakes: a thumb controlled electronic brake; and a manually operated friction brake on the rear wheel.
Material of ManufactureThe scooter is made with a carbon fiber frame
TemperatureThe scooter works best with in 40-100° F temperatures
BatteryThe scooter is operated with a 36 volts battery
ChargeThe battery is powered by an AC 100-340 volts charger that can charges for about 120 minutes.


The Swagtron is an eco-friendly scooter that is completely motorized using a 24 volts 3800 mAh lithium battery. The scooter has a 3 speed 250 watt motor which can achieve a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour.

The scooter makes commuting fun. It is also a different way of getting around. You will not get all sweaty getting to the bus stop. You will effortlessly commute to work or school with a big smile. Among the specifications of the Swagtron Swagger include;

Weight250 pounds
Maximum speed15 MPH
Battery24 volts, 3800 mAh lithium battery.
Motor3-speed 250-watt
Maximum range4-15 miles
Frame makeThe scooter comes with a carbon fiber frame that weighs 17 pounds.
Ease of TransportationThe swagger can fold in one touch of a button for easier storage and transportation.
LED DisplayThe LED allows you to see your speed, control your cruise, see the battery life, and the cycle gear you are using.
LED HeadlightIf you want to go on an adventure at night, you can do so using the Swagger because the headlight will illuminate the path


You’ll need no registration, no gas and no license.How would you love to ride in a scooter that requires no license, registration and gas? Well, try Gigabyke Groove which requires none of this since its maximum speed is 20 miles per hour. In many states, this is the maximum speed.
HydraulicsThis scooter has hydraulic retrofitted front disc braking system. You won’t find any wired brakes anywhere…fun…huh?
The feel good effectThe scooter comes with a leather padded seat that makes commuting to school, work or to your favorite restaurant a lot of joy. Customized to achieve maximum height, foot rest and hip position. You will ride the scooter in an upright position that allows you to commute without backaches.
VisibilityYou will want other motorists to see you coming as you will want to see where you are going at night. The scooter has LED head lights and turn signals. Tell you what; this is the only scooter in the E-class on the market that has LED lights.
LCD Instrument DisplayThe scooter features a high visibility LCD display unit that helps you determine your speed and the battery levels. It also shows you where your turn signals indicator as well as an odometer to calculate the distance travelled.
The SuspensionThe scooter comes with a dual-suspension system on the front and rear wheels. You will feel the wind beating against your face but you won’t feel the bumps.
Superb Ergonomic ControlsComfort with the handlebars allow you to ride longer and further. The scooter has retrofitted wide 32 inches handle bars that also feature the ergonomic handle grips.
Slim, low profile design.This scooter has been specifically designed to be light and slim. Its frame is made this way to allow you to run in a tight road or narrow streets.
You can even go off-gridSince no regulatory details are required for your scooter, you can travel all over. Even from state to state.
Safety and ComfortWith the presence of the hydraulic brake discs and LED signals and lights, you can be sure that your commute will be safer and more comfortable than any traditional banks extra cushy seat on the bike to allow you to ride for long without getting backside pains.
A smart designThe profile design of this scooter is one that catches attention everywhere you go. It comes with extra-wide bars and thus no matter how far you will be pedaling, you will do so in comfort.
The range and power of the scooterThe scooter gets its powers from a 750 watts motor and a 48 volts 14Ah battery. This power allows your scooter to accelerate up to 35 miles with a single charge.


If you are a long distance commuter, then you will do yourself a favor by getting the Uberscoot 1000W. The scooter has one of the best long range electric batteries in the market. It is compact and sturdy and weighs just 34 kilograms. It is also easy to fold up and store as it features a folding system that’s operated by just one button.

Among the standard features on the Uberscoot 1000W is its ergonomically customized sat that is removable, the 90/60 street tyres, the fine-tuned suspension to ensure smooth rides and the SLA gel 36 volts batteries that can allow you to ride continuously up to 18 miles. Another feature of the scooter is that the batteries can be upgraded to 36 volts lithium batteries that can cover over 40 kilometers. This can substantially reduce the weight of the scooter.

BrakesThe scooter features 140 mm ventilated discs on both the rear and front wheels.
Water resistanceThe scooter also features an electronic display that is water resistant. It also have multifunction speedometer that is customized for specific regions.
BatteryThe scooter allows one-touch battery that can be exchanged or upgraded.
InstallationYou can easily install the seat or remove the seat on the scooter using the quick release button.
FoldingYou can easily fold the scooter using the one-touch folding button.
COG (Centre of Gravity)The bikes tires are low to lower the center of gravity to increase the stability.
StorageThe scooter features a storage box right below the seat.
BatteryThe scooter’s battery is a 36 volt lithium battery.
MotorIt will come with an upgraded controller and motor made for sports vehicles.
BrakeGet to use an awesome hydraulic-brake kit.
LightingThe lighting for the scooter is road legal.
TiresRoad tyres
SeatsLeather seat
SafetyHand guards
Available Models/ColorsGreen Uber Scoot 1000W Black Uber Scoot 1000W White Uber Scoot 1000W
Shock AbsorberYou will be using a rear shock absorber that is powered by lithium battery that can be upgraded as well as a colored shock absorber.
SpeedometerHow would you love to work with a calipers digital speedometer? It will also have quick release set of mirrors.
Lever GuardsThe scooter has lever guards in different colors.
Battery1000W 36 volts
Maximum SpeedThe scooter can achieve a maximum speed of 34 kilometers per hour
ChargerThe scooter comes with a 36 volts 12AH (110V – 240V) charger.
Charge RangeThe charge range on the battery is 18km or 45 minutes of continuous riding.
Charge TimeIt takes between 4 and 6 hours to charge the battery.
Charge CycleYou can charge up to 400 times
Final TransmissionThe scooter’s transmission is chain
Starting SystemThe scooter is started with a key switch
BrakesIt is equipped with both front and rear discs.
Tyre SizeYou can either opt for the 9 inches or 12 inches for your scooter.
Suspension FrontThe front wheel suspension is cam link.
Suspension RearThe rear wheel suspension is dual shock.
Handlebar SetupThe handlebar has a motocross style handle bar.
LightingYou have optional LED rear or front lights as well as braking lights.
LengthThe scooter measures 1,250 x 250 x 1,100mm
Seat HeightYou will get a maximum height of 760mm.
WheelbaseThe scooter has a wheel base of 980mm
Ground ClearanceThe minimum ground clearance for the scooter is 150mm
WeightTotal weight with the battery pack and seat is 34 kilograms
Max Rider WeightThe scooter can take on riders with weight of 120 kilograms or below.
Recommended AgeYou must be 12 years and above to be allowed to ride this scooter.
Rider LevelAll levels of riders can use this scooter
ApplicationYou can use the scooter for recreational activities.

Getting a scooter for both your commuting and recreational functions cannot be hard if you know what you are looking for. In short, look for;

  • Longevity – Ask yourself how long the scooter will serve you
  • Utility – Where are you going to use the scooter? Can it be used in your neighborhood? If it can be used, how often will you be using it?
  • Warranty – If the manufacturer is offering a 3-year warranty, it means they have confidence in their scooter. If not, you need to do some due diligence why.
  • Range – How far can the electric battery take you? Is there a scooter in the market that can serve your commuting needs better?
  • Price – Is the cost of the scooter realistic? Can you be served better by another mode of commute that is also cheaper? Is the cost worth the service the scooter will give you?
  • ​Safety – Does the scooter have LED lights, display units, good ground clearance and ergonomic seats and handlebars?
  • Availability of Spares – In case of breakage, do you have somewhere you can get spares to repair your scooter? How expensive are these spares? Are they quality spares from the manufacturers of scooters?

Once you ask yourself the above questions, it should be easy to arrive on a scooter make that best suits your needs.

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